Friday, September 18, 2009

Adrian Dutchin 'Finally' Releases an album

small_Adrian Dutchin.JPG

Adrian Dutchin the three times soca monarch has released an 17 track album appropriately titled "Finally."

According to, this is a "collection of some of his work he compiled in response to public demand." It features a mixture of soca, chutney and a hint of RnB coming from Promises remix.

The album features collaborations with Peter Ram (For Me), Terry Gadraj (Rum Drinkers) and De Hitman

Also reported on, Dutchin said he's very ready and feeling happy and excited about his fans having an original copy of the album in their hands and is also excited about being nominated for the 2009 Accolade awards in several categories.

Additionally, next year he might be back to regain his crown in the 2010 Soca Monarch competition. Good Luck.


Razmami (pussy name) said...

What you mean by 'Finally'? Timeka or nun o them aint gat a proper album...

RazMami said...

what is it that you are really trying to say?