Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spotlight: Jessica Xavier

I heard her song Don't Cry and I like the vibes. She has Tessanne Chin kinda feel.

I have limited info on her...

Jessica Xavier is 24 years old former student St. Roses/Bishops’ High student.

Jessica stated that her inspiration is derived from so many things and as such depending on the mood and the circumstance, inspiration for her, is possible at anytime. Jessica truly believes that music has a profound effect on people when they listen to it and her ultimate goal is to try and create a positive vibe and sound that people can relate to when they listen to her songs.
Apart from singing, Jessica also writes the majority of her songs as well as work along with Danley Major, CEO of KF Record Productions and Mr. Brian Cummerbatch. Regarding her popular single “Don’t Cry”, Jessica noted that she wrote this song two years ago for a relative and this song tells a story of a young woman losing her love, and the only comfort she finds is in his memory, his things.
From Guyanalime.

Dont Cry - Jessica Xavier

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