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Soca Monarch 2013: Miracle - Guyana it is

Ansa McAl kicks off Carib Soca Monarch competition

Ansa McAl kicks off Carib Soca Monarch competition January 10, 2013 | By KNews | Filed Under News Beverage giant, Ansa McAl, yesterday launched its ninth edition of the “Carib Soca Monarch”. This year’s competition will see some 22 contestants trying to get their hands on that $1.5M cash price. Organizers of the event also disclosed, yesterday, that they are seriously considering adding a motorcar as another prize for the winner. Ansa McAl’s Marketing Manager, Troy Cadogan, said that the reason they keep the competition is because they have realized that music is the life of carnival festival. He said that in the formative years of the Soca monarchy the music was not at a particular level. Cadogan said that after sponsoring for a few years, the company recognized that although the impetus was there (prize money) one would still hear foreign music on Mash Day. He said that contestants were treated to a music workshop with renowned artistes from around the Caribbean. He said that they have had the highest number of entries, 33. He explained that those entries were shortlisted to 22. Cadogan further noted that this year’s competition will return with the quarterfinal leg. He said that the last time the quarterfinal was held was way back in 2007. This according to the organizers will no doubt augur well for the future of the competition and the further development of both the artiste and the local music industry since it allows for more participation and wider reach. From a total of 33 entries, which matched last year’s record, the in-house judging team has selected 22 for the quarterfinal which is scheduled for February 2, 2013 at the Mackenzie Sports Club Ground in Linden. Of the 22 quarterfinalists, 12 are first time entrants to the competition. This stage of the competition will see five contestants being eliminated. Those remaining will advance to the semifinal on February 9, 2013 at the Area H Ground, Rose Hall, Corentyne where a further five will be dropped. The remaining 12 will be joined by the reigning monarch, Jumo Primo, for the grand finale at the National Park on February 16, 2013. It was explained that the submitted entries were judged on the following components- lyrics, melody, rendition, diction and musical arrangement/party appeal.

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Calypso Monarch 2013: Yuh Bauxite Dust - Diana Chapman

Brazil, Suriname, Trinidad interested in Mash 2013

Brazil, Suriname, Trinidad interested in Mash 2013 January 9, 2013 | By KNews | Filed Under News Brazil, Suriname and Trinidad have shown an interest in participating in Mashramani 2013, according to the Ministry of Tourism. Minister with the portfolio, Irfaan Ali, said that one of the main initiatives is the launch of a visitor plan for 2013 for the Mashramani celebrations in February. The programme will be designed to target the needs of all visitors, particularly those from Brazil, Suriname and Trinidad. He explained, “One of the main initiatives is the launch of a visitor plan for 2013, you will know that we have a lot of Guyanese returning home for Mashramani but we have not, in a structured way, been able to target the potential of our neighbours.” In this regard, the Ministry will focus its energies on attracting the participation of a 30-member Brazilian Samba Band, which has the potential to attract as much as 400 ‘followers’ to Guyana. “This will be utilised as the vehicle through which we can attract an average of 400 tourists. We are working with the state of Roraima and tourism agencies within the State to promote and sell packages,” Minister Ali explained. In addition, there is also strong interest from a Surinamese delegation from the Aptijt (pronounced Uptake) Band , which is one of the leading Bands in that country with a following of at least 500 persons. Alluding to the benefits of these and other interests, Ali said, “We are already working to make this happen. In addition to this, there is also strong interest from Trinidad, where persons will also be celebrating Carnival close to Mashramani. We want to target that population and offer Guyana as the potential destination that they can visit. We are going to promote our eco lodges and resorts and river tours.” The Tourism Minister said that a massive ‘Street Celebration’ is being conceptualised as part of the plan to attract more persons for the upcoming Mashramani celebrations and to magnify the significance of the occasion. He said, “We are planning a street celebration on Brickdam on the eve of Mashramani so that the celebrations can lead all the way into the main celebration.” Mashramani 2013 will be celebrated under the theme ‘Reflecting creativity, Embracing Diversity’ and as is customary, the occasion is expected to attract thousands of visitors from across the world. The word ‘Mashramani’ is derived also from the Amerindian language and in translation means “the celebration of a job well done”. It is sometimes referred to as “Mash”, and is observed on February 23- Guyana’s Republic Day – to commemorate the “Birth of the Republic”.

Soca Monarch 2013: Chiney - Pose

Chutney Monarch 2013

The Chutney Monarch has been crowned and he isn't even Indian :)~
Mashramani 2013 kicked off on Saturday evening last with its National Chutney Competition which was held at the National Culture Centre, and saw the first ever Afro-Guyanese winning the first prize and a chance to compete in the much anticipated International Chutney/ Soca Monarch Competition in Trinidad and Tobago for TT$1M.
Young Bill Rogers, the reigning Calypso Monarch copped the first place prize of $550,000, a trophy, and is guaranteed US $10,000 for representing Guyana in the Twin-Island Republic.
Roger’s performance was about a man coming from India to sing a chutney song for his “larki” (Hindi word for girl). His song was titled “Chutney for my larki”. He was the only African Guyanese who performed last Saturday and judging from the reaction of the audience it was soon clear that he was one of the favourites to cart off the crown.
However when his name was announced as the winner, it was greeted with some amount of displeasure by some who had their own choice. After being named the winner a few minutes before midnight, Young Bill Rogers told the media that he is very much elated, especially since it was a different genre of music that he is accustomed to.
He explained that he has always been a fan of chutney music. While this is his first time competing in the Mashramani Chutney Competition, Rogers had participated in two other competitions before.
He has promised to up his game as he heads to Trinidad and Tobago for the International Chutney/ Soca Monarch Competition slated for January 26.
“I’ll have to up my game because the Trinidadians are very competitive…even in their own country. I’ll have to have extra armory to go over there and do my thing. But I am well prepared for it…I have many chutney tapes home and I have been looking at Chutney for a long time,” Roger’s said.
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Adrian all geared up for 2013

Soca do me I love this one: Hello

Chiney man needs a cutlass

Pamela Maynard has died :(

Guyanese singer Pamela Maynard loses battle to cancer November 26, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under News Canada-based Guyanese singer, Pamela Maynard succumbed yesterday to a long battle with breast cancer. The former member of the Guyana Defence Force was one of Guyana’s singing icons who was versatile in Reggae, Gospel, Soul, R&B, Calypso, Jazz and Soca. Born in Georgetown, she was the daughter of Guyanese singer/songwriter Mavis Maynard, who wrote Pamela’s debut hit Lost, Lonely and Helpless. She performed alongside Eddy Grant at a memorable show in their hometown. After leaving school in 1976, she joined the army where she sang for visiting dignitaries such as Fidel Castro. She also represented Guyana at song festivals from the age of 15. She performed with artistes such as Ben E King, the Platters, the Drifters and Ray Charles; also top JA acts such as Jimmy Cliff, Hopeton Lewis, John Holt, Byron Lee and The Dragonaires and Boris Gardner as well as calypsonian giants Lord Kitchener, the Mighty Sparrow, Shadow and Baron. After a year in Barbados between 1977-78, where she sang at most of the island’s top venues and hotel resorts, she then joined a well known Trinidadian group called the Troubadours, enjoying considerable acclaim in the process. The following year she became lead singer in soca creator Lord Shorty’s band, with whom she toured Canada. It was to prove a memorable experience since the group split up just a year later, with the band members being left stranded far from home. Undaunted by their predicament and confident in her ability to pull through, she began performing both solo and with bands (including Aubrey Mann’s on the Canadian club and talent show circuit). A real highlight of her Canadian stay was singing at the Guyanese Consulate in Toronto. more on Ms. Maynard:

Season's Greetings

Ho Ho Ho Season's Grettings and my favorite Guyanese Christmas song:

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Timeka Marshall is wukking hard

She has released a multitude of new songs for 2012.

My broken heart

See how mi hot

Under Cover Lady

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New Music: Kes and the Band and Timeka Marshall - Tagging along

How Tamika get on a track with the hottest soca artist and she still ain't break out schups...what they doing with this girl...