Saturday, August 30, 2008

Carifests Gospel concert exceeds expectations

Look like this was one of the best Carifesta shows so far...

The Guyana National Stadium was on Thursday night transformed into a big church, as thousands of people poured into the ground to be part of the much-anticipated Carifesta Gospel Celebration.

Headlined by four of the region’s leading gospel artistes in Nicole Ballosingh from Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucian Emrand Henry, Mr Lynx the from Bahamas and Jamaican Prodigal Son, the show proved to be an enjoyable experience for those in attendance. Throughout the concert, members of the massive crowd sang, jumped, screamed, danced and waved flags and rags as they made no bones about having fun.

Nicole Ballosingh was the first of the overseas artistes to perform. Always a crowd favourite whenever she performs in Guyana, she sent the crowd into frenzy. After her time on stage, the singer said that she always enjoyed performing in Guyana and that this occasion was no different. She was particularly impressed with the crowd, which she estimated to be over 20,000.

Although Emrand Henry’s music is not well known locally, he is a fast rising gospel singer and showed the audience just why. He showcased his wide repertoire as he delivered reggae, soca and dancehall rhythms, which stirred the crowd even more.

Bahamian Mr Lynx was the last of the overseas performers to appear on stage, and he entertained the way only he could. The dreadlocked superstar sang several songs even treating the audience to some of his new releases. Although enjoyable, his performance was perhaps a bit too long for the tiring crowd.

However, as expected Prodigal Son was the standout artiste of the night. The talented singer entertained the crowd in true Jamaican style as he belted out one hit song after the other. His invitation to the members of the audience to draw closer to the stage saw a mad rush as some sought to get as close as possible to the singer. His delivery of his song “Ketch a Fire” was the highlight of performance and proved to be a truly crowd pleasing moment.

The rest of the programme included several performances by local singers, dancers, dramatists, and steel pan players. Interesting features of the concert, included a performance by a local Bhajan group, which sang gospel songs in Hindi as well as a hundred-voice choir, which was specially formed for the concert.

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A section of the crowd. 30K tickets were sold.

Very colorful looking and a very large contingent too

Our very own Edward Neblett - Love and Unity!

The gospel of Christ is for everyone, but how did he/her end up there?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gospel reigning supreme!

Gospel is saving Carifesta! This looks to be one of the best organized shows so far..hopes it comes through..

Expectations are high for the Carifesta X Gospel Concert slated for this evening at the National Stadium, Providence, which according to organisers is likely to attract in excess of 30,000 energised supporters.
At a press conference held at the Guyana International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, yesterday, coordinators of the Gospel Celebration, Pastors Kwame Gilbert and Marlon Hestick unveiled the manner and segments in which the grand event will unfold.
According to Pastor Gilbert, the concert will be graced with an abundance of overseas talent, the likes of Reverend Nicole Ballosingh-Holder of Trinidad and Tobago, Emrand Henry of St Lucia and gospel chart-toppers such as Calvin Williams better known as ‘the Prodigal Son’ out of Jamaica and Andrew Cartwright aka ‘Lynx’ of the Bahamas.
Some of the overseas artistes, according to Pastor Hestick, can he considered as “road people” that have been converted to Christ.
As such he cautioned that their gospel and means of bringing the message of hope and peace may not be delivered in the traditional way which will be demonstrated through some contemporary performances.
The overseas talent will be complemented by some of the best gospel performers on these shores, presently, including artistes such as Kester Dean, Edward Neblett, ‘Solid Youth’, Sean Sobers, Miriam Williams and as Pastor Hestick puts it, “anybody that is somebody in gospel music”.
More than 400 artistes are slated to perform at the concert, presenting an ethnic fusion of the Christian denomination through genres such as reggae, soca, calypso, and bhajan to name a few.
A steel pan group of about 35 players will also be an instrumental part of the concert.
The organisers are optimistic that the concert will be characteristic of a tremendous time of worship and praise which will be effectively represented by the various artistes.
“Each of the artistes will bring a different genre… a different style to this whole celebration that I believe will provide for entertainment for the entire family. We were at some of the rehearsals last evening and if the concert is anything like the rehearsals it’s going to be explosive,” Pastor Gilbert asserted.
The entire event, according to the pastor, was met with unprecedented response from the local community pointing out that initially 20,000 tickets were printed and sold in two days.
As a result another 10,000 were also sold in record time leaving a vast number of persons requesting that more be printed.

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No Intellectual property rights

Copyrights are non-existent and there seems to be serious push to create a law and enforce it...musicians and other artists will suffer for this...

Why does Guyana always lag in the back?


August 28, 2008

Intellectual property rights forum… Delegates disappointed at ‘no show’ of presenters

The spirits of several individuals hoping to be a part of an intellectual property rights forum, on Tuesday last, were crushed when they turned up at the designated venue, the Hospitality Village at the Carifesta Sports Complex on Carifesta Avenue, only to realise that the event scheduled for 10:00 hours was not close to a start even by early afternoon.
Among those that were hoping to be a part of the forum were Carifesta delegates from the Bahamas and St Kitts and Nevis, in addition to a few local persons with immense interest in copyright laws.
After waiting for sometime, some of the potential participants became concerned as to whether they were at the correct venue.
However, calls to the Carifesta Secretariat revealed that the venue was indeed the correct one but the person in charge of hosting the forum was not reachable.
As a result, an official from the Secretariat advised that those desirous of being a part of the forum sit together and discuss their thoughts on intellectual property rights, much to the disappointment of those present.
But like most of those who turned up for the forum, local Information Technology Professional, David Cole, said that he was simply hoping to learn of the possible ways he could protect his work.
According to him, his line of work which involves software creation also requires some level of protection which he was hoping could be expounded by presenters at the forum.
Executive Director of the Festival Secretariat of St Kitts and Nevis, Mr Antonio Liburd, expressed utter dissatisfaction that the programme did not come off as expected.
He pointed out that he was anxious to be at the forum since as a music producer in Nevis, he is part of a team currently attempting to put in place a strategy to protect cultural artistes.
Liburd said that this move recently came into being since it was recognised that many artistes are continually spending money to produce their work but are robbed of the potential benefits since no protection mechanism is in place.
He said that at first it was thought that the situation could have been aptly addressed by the efforts of the National Department of Culture or the Festival Secretariat. However, it became obvious that neither entity was doing anything for each other, thus a decision was made that one umbrella organisation be created.
As such, Liburd said, the Nevis Cultural Development Foundation was developed, with a view of addressing the problem of intellectual material theft.
He noted that through this avenue, plans are being streamlined to safeguard artistes in St Kitts and Nevis.
He said that he knows that in some countries the copyright law is in effect and thus ensures that if an artiste’s work is utilised, he or she is paid the relevant royalties for his property.
And so it was with great disenchantment that Liburd and the other intended participants left the Hospitality Village still yearning for knowledge on intellectual property rights.
Officials at the Carifesta Secretariat up to yesterday were unable to provide information on whether the forum will be held another day.

Taken from: Kaieteur News

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Holy Ghost P.A.R.T.Y

The Guyanese Gospel popular Trio Kester D, Eddie Neblett and Solid Youth is set to be part of the 3rd event from and Turning Point Promotions. The promoters have had great success in their last two events at the Main Big Lime last Boxing Day and on the Sea wall band stand Easter Monday. Both events thus far has included international Gospel sound systems and artiste such as L-egant ( New York) DJ Evangelist ( Canada) Baby C ( Trinidad ).

The Third installment titled the Holy Ghost P.A.R.T.Y which will be kept at the new improved Ocean View Poolside promises to be a great night filled with clean entertainment, games, music and much more. When asked why such an event, the promoters responded by saying “Christians have no where much to go and fellowship where the atmosphere can be glorifying to Jesus.” He elaborated by saying “if you go to a regular eatery to fellowship the music and conduct of many is out of order and we cannot afford to compromise our walk with the Lord.”

As many would know the word “party” is associated with things contrary to the lifestyle of a Christian, it was made very clear that it’s not the same at the Holy Ghost P.A.R.T.Y. The promoters highlighted that P.A.R.T.Y is an acronym for Praise And Reverence To Yahweh.

At the Holy Ghost party there is no alcoholic beverages being served and a dress code of fashionable and modest attire is in effect. The event which seems to attract many also includes DJ Evangelist from Toronto Canada and Craig C from Kingston Jamaica. There will be live video taping by Guyana’s popular gospel T.V. show Things Gospel.

When you think the entry fee for an event such as this would cost over a thousand dollars think again, The Holy Ghost P.A.R.T.Y tickets is only 500 dollars and is available at Swansea and Everything Music outlets.

Alright ok good now when is it?

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Ilaman - Raised in the streets

Hot new track out of Brutal Tracks camp from Ilaman. Love it!

Mystic - GT Girl

A video I created with pics of beautiful Guyanese women.

Ison feat Alabama - Cool it Down

What happened to Alabama?

I love the vibes from Ison...sounds like Bob Marley!

Fojo - Life

My favorite song by Fojo