Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Typheon Talks about her new music video

She keeps going in between an American and Guyanese accent. She doesn't sound as air-headed as I thought she'd be. Who's the international artist she's collab-ing with?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Typheon - Not in Love

Ahhh lackluster, Shake it off was way better. Who's did the casting?

Wildfire said:
"This new video, which is entitled “Not In Love” will rival, or may be even better than, Shake It Off video. The video was conceptualized by Wildfire’s assistant director Teneshia Harding."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Typheon Launches New Video

I haven't talked about Ms. Typheon yet. I was waiting to see/hear more work for her inorder for me to decide if she's a 1/2 hit wonder or a budding entertainer. I honestly liked the Shake it off video, although the song was almost incomprehensible. Word out there is that this vew video lacks the creativity and liveliness of Shake it off.

Shake it off singer launches new video
BY Staff
Wildfire Productions recording artist, Typheon, will launch her new music video “Not in Love” tomorrow (Sept 21) at noon on HJTV Channel 72.

A release from the entertainment company said that this video follows her first, “Shake It Off“.

The company also urged fans to be on the look out for more videos and international collaborations coming up soon from Typheon and Wildfire Productions.

The 19-year-old local singer’s passion emerged at the age of eight when she saw the Spice Girls performing on television. However it was not until age 14 that she realized her talent for singing and song writing. She concentrated on improving her vocals and material before she emerged into the public domain.

Her professional career started at the age of 17 when she recorded five songs – one released and the others unreleased. She is currently attending the University of Guyana pursuing studies in Public Management. Even though her ultimate goal is to win a Grammy Award, she believes that having an education is most important to her development as a writer and singer.

Typheon also hosted a talent exhibition show on Channel 4 for six months.
The teen is among several who have been taken under the guiding wings of Wild Fire Productions.

~~~~From the other blogs:

"Oh moma.. I read here that you want to one day win a grammy award but I don't see that happening with your latest music video. That video was as nasty as an out of control wild dumpsite fire. You have a long list of healthy demerits.. but need not worry. I will council and guide you through all your numerous faults as a living being.. Yes, I would cry too."

"...You need to call up the director of that video, and sue his mother shitless. The story within the video stunk, the sceen selections were shatty. The camera angles and effects were poor, poor, poor. You have taken a major step back with this video from the first one you did. These types of videos are reserved for Charmain Blackwoman and Terry Gajraj..."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Scene's take on Accolade's live nomination

Nothing to write home about
It was thumbs down for the live broadcast announcing the 2008 nominees for Accolade – the Music Awards of Guyana on Wednesday night last and we’re hoping that it is not a sign of things to come.

Don’t get us wrong we fully support the awards ceremony set for November. It is time the few good Guyanese musicians and other players in the music arena are recognised, but we must call a spade a spade.

Arrowhead Promotions wasted time and money to have the less than 20-minute extremely boring announcement made on two television stations simultaneously. A press release (which it did eventually) announcing the nominees would have been fine, really. There was no need for the live broadcast unless there was something else planned – apart from just the reading out of the names of the nominees. Maybe, a few of the nominees — most of them were present – could have performed? We don’t know but what was quite evident was that more was needed to make the programme interesting.

“Excitement will pitch a level higher” was what was promised during the announcement. Unfortunately there was no excitement much less for it to reach a “level higher.” The “guests” in the studio, mostly the persons who were nominated, looked totally bored and most of them squirmed every time they realised they were on camera.The nominations were announced by designer Michelle Cole-Rose and entertainer Rawle Ferguson. They looked a handsome duo, but they could have put some more life into what they were doing. Teesha Mohabeer, the host, we can hardly call her that, tried, we must give her props, but even her lively chatter did nothing to liven the atmosphere. Malcolm Ferreira, who she invited to give some insight into the awards, did a fine job in his effort to get people excited.What added insult to injury was the almost abrupt manner in which the programme ended. Read the rest here.

And a response:

didn’t see the from the start of the announcement of the nominees. while i agree it did finish akwardly, i differ with your ‘boring’ announcement of the nominess. in the announcement of awards we look forward to such as the emmys and grammys, a similar format is used in which two to three persons read the nominees with some of them finding out at the same time that they have been nominated. this undoubtedly adds some excitement and rawness to the announcement. of course we don’t have to follow tradition but don’t make it seem that bad when it actually isn’t. like you, i look forward to the awards which from information being received promises to be a rich event.
My take:

I didn't get the see it at all, and no one so far has described what exactly took place so I can't really comment. If you saw it you can comment.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Accolade Nominees to be announced live on NCN and HJTV

Aaahh shucks I wanted to make some nominations in some categories, maybe next year.

Press Release
Arrowhead Promotions
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Excitement will pitch a level higher when Arrowhead Promotions releases the 2008 Nominees for Accolade - The Music Awards of Guyana, through a live nation-wide broadcast at the Studios of National Communications Network (NCN), this evening (Wednesday, September 10, 2008), at 20:30hrs (8:30 PM). Guyana's premier entertainment channel Hits and Jams TV 72/21 will simultaneously be broadcasting the event live.Media representative, artistes, sponsors, music lovers and the general public will all witness real-time release of the nominations roll capturing diverse musical styles.The announcement of nominees is expected to intensify the rivalry for the coveted crystal. The list is made up of contributions to the music and entertainment industry for the period January 1, 2004 to December 30, 2006.The production panel comprises persons solely committed to the development of the art form in all genres of the world of entertainment.

Website: www.themusicawardsofguyana.com
Email: accoladeawards@gmail.com

Monday, September 8, 2008

Adrian and Jumo slated to model for Genesis Fashion Rhythm

Arrowhead Promotions
Press Release

Thirty-five (35) gorgeous sexy HOT male and female models are in the shortlist for Guyana's one-of-a-kind star-studded event, Genesis Fashion Rhythm, On Sunday September 28, At Promenade Gardens . Those in the line-up are for further review by the panel which selected from a casts of seventy (70) aspirants.The models will share a three-dimensional catwalk with some of Guyana's most outstanding celebrities in the entertainment industry displaying clothing by top local designers. Genesis Fashion Rhythm will present numerous options to fashion fanatics craving for sassy and enticing designers clothing to wear at Accolade - the Music Awards of Guyana.Making impressions at the casting among the celebrities yesterday were Guyana's Soca Monarch Adrian Dutchin, Jumo Primo, Celeste David, Michelle 'Big Red' King, Kerwyn Bollers, Burchmore Simon, Sean Bhola, Ossie Nedd, Melissa 'Vanilla' Roberts, and Wilbur 'Lilman' Levans.

These local celebrities will become vivid and bold among professional models as they demonstrate versatility, switching roles from stage performances to modeling on the catwalk.Genesis is different and daring and represents a tremendous step forward in the local entertainment sphere. The producers promise to live up to the expectations with quality by confident designers and music professionals. Definitely the evening will see stunning performances by Guyana's top entertainers defining a moment of classic entertainment.
The show will exemplify partnership as it recognizes the symbiotic relationship between business and entertainment; highlights collaboration and the fusion of fashion and music.Genesis is being produced by Michelle Cole-Rose of Facts 'N' Roses, the 2008 Official Designer of Accolade - the Music Awards Guyana. Cole-Rose is also the holder of the Best Country Designer Caribbean Fashion Award.

Check the Accolade website for photos of the casting
EMAIL: accoladeawards@gmail.com

Taken from: LivinGuyana Blog

As hot as they are, these 2 guys are short by modeling standards...

Fashion and Music Infused

Sets stage for Music Awards in November
A stunning fashion interface displaying an array of stylish and exquisite outfits by local designers will be the centre of attraction in the heart of the City, on September 28, 2008, as another event to the run-up of Accolade- the music awards of Guyana.
Titled, Genesis – Fashion Rhythm, this display will blend into a perfect ambiance of restful flowers in a serene evening-setting at the Promenade Gardens, Middle Street, Georgetown.
Genesis aims to highlight the symbiotic relationship between entertainment and business in Guyana. It identifies with the beginning of times where there was a fusion of fashion and music which transcended into a rhythm that will reverberate throughout the nation.
Local celebrity musicians will become vivid and bold among professional models who will all step onto a three-dimensional catwalk fitted in clothing by local designers. These selected designs will give the Guyanese public a sneak preview of what can be worn at Accolade- the music awards of Guyana, on November 30.
Genesis is different and daring and represents a tremendous step forward in the local entertainment sphere. The producers promise to live up to the expectations with quality by confident designers and music professionals. Definitely the evening will see stunning performances by Guyana’s top entertainers defining a moment of classic entertainment.
Capitalizing on a successful launch in July, Accolade endeavours to build on the outpouring support by sponsors, music producers/professionals, music lovers among thousands of well wishers and friends.
Genesis is being produced by Michelle Cole-Rose, the 2008 Official Designer of the Accolade Music Awards Guyana.
Model casting call set for Sunday, September 7, 2008
A casting for models to be part of the Genesis –fashion Rhythm is slated for Sunday. September 7, 2008, at Zoom Inn, at 12Noon.
The height requirement for women is 5ft 7″ and above and for men 5ft 9″ and above.
Those inclined to attend the casts must walk with 4″ high heels shoes to parade before the panel in their attempt to make the best impression.
For further information, contact Romana Halls, ‘Facts N Roses’ – Tele 225-5260, or 661-5161