Thursday, January 21, 2010

Struckroot: Guyana is more than Jim Jones!!!

From the comment section, Andre of Stuckroot responding to my post where the only thing they can say about Guyana is Jim Jones.

A friend of mine just brought this post to my attention which i would like to comment on since it's very inaccurate and the writer took no time to even find out more about the band by sending them an email which was located under the Bio of the band on

If you would take a look, you would see my first post about Struckroot was written since May 2008. It included the bio you had on your myspace then. A much better written bio.

First, StruckRoot at the time that Bio was written was not a Guyanese rock band. When that bio was written, two of its members were from Sao Paulo, Brazil, one was from Angola and one from Guyana, which is me.
I guess I'll stop promoting you then.

As the Bio stated the band was formed in Guyana and from Sao Paulo where it was based. This is important for people in the music business to know where we are located when they need to make contact with the band.
Not saying nay.

If you ever traveled outside of Guyana a lot you would know people have no idea where Guyana is. In Sao Paulo, people don't know of Guyana, they think it's French Guiana we're speaking about when they ask where I am from. You tell them Jim Jones and everyone remembers, so you tell me what is wrong about that!
I make it my duty to tell them where it is without mentioning Jim Jones. After all you may not realize that they still do not know where Guyana is after telling them about Jim Jones, they only remember the Jim Jones story and maybe pictures of people living in the jungle, but not Guyana! How about you tell them something about present day Guyana, Jim Jones happened how many years ago? The younger generation probably don't even know much about it anyway. How about telling them Guyana is in South America, between Venezuela, Suriname and just above Brazil? How about it lies 6° 50' N 58° 12' W. How about you tell them to google it? That Jim Jones business is pure laziness and I hope that does not translate over to your music.

Well my friend, StruckRoot wasn't formed to promote Guyana or write songs about Guyana. Our agenda is to promote our musical abilities and hopefully attract a few fans along the way. Instead of attacking bands/people maybe can use your blog to promote them and that will help our country along the way, because if the bands/artists get recognition, our country will be known less for Jonestown.

Timeka Marshall doesn't sing to promote Guyanese music, but she represents Guyana, Eddie Neblett sings gospel not Guyanese music but he represents Guyana, Natural Black is a reggae artist but he represents Guyana where ever he goes so please don't bring this lame ass argument to me. I am calling you out on your foolishness not attacking you. As I said before I have written positively about you since May 08. This is what this whole blog is about, positivity about Guyanese artists, but I will not let you get away with that Jim Jones laziness. I think you like mentioning Jim Jones, that might give you more 'gothic' cred.

This is Guyana: Beautiful Guyana.

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