Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

How come we don't have more Guyanese christmas songs...Christmas in Guyana is the best and no artist have tried to capture that in a song, come on man you guys are sleeping..

I've only found this one from Adrian Dutchin. I copped it off of trini jungle juice website so thus the shout-out in the song.

So a very Merry Christmas to all my readers, supporters, haters, the ones who just passing through and a Prosperous 2009.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Spotlight: Gialiani off to Barbados

Barbados embraces local rapper Gialiani
The rapper who is yet to be embraced at home for his hip-hop message, Don Gialiani remains a constant voice, spitting lyrics at his critics while rapping about the economy, poverty, his dreams and a life that seems pretty much unattainable. ( heheh spitting lyrics,-not exactly)

Don Gialiani
While few at home seem to care to listen or sit and take notice, Barbados did, and in one weekend Gialiani (as he is popularly known) was signed to a company - Timeless Barbados Inc; one of the islands foremost promotional agencies for Barbadian entertainers. He is the company’s first non-Bajan artiste. (Congrats! )
“Feels pretty good,” Gialiani told The Scene earlier this week summing up what it means to him as a Guyanese rapper. He is scheduled to return to the island early next year as a guest and presenter at the Barbados Annual Music Awards (BMA).
Gialiani was one of the headlining acts at the fifth annual Hip Hop Festival in Barbados earlier this month at Club NXS, St Lawrence Gap. Timeless Barbados Inc threw out an invitation to Gialiani after viewing one of his performances and he accepted. According to the rapper, he was unsure of what to expect and how he would have been received, but all that changed when he took the stage.
Reports from the island labelled him as ‘impressive’ and raved about his performance as solid. He was also praised for holding his own while sharing the same stage as Canadian hit-maker Kardinal Offishall, who performed the hit single “Dangerous” with Akon. Kardinal who is signed with Konvict Label was the headlining act of the festival.
Gialiani was featured in entertainment newspapers on the island and in the dailies following his performance. He referred to the attention as encouraging pointing out that he hopes to build from the momentum as he works on his craft.
While in Barbados Gialiani met Bajan music producer KB Sharp and is currently working with him. He has also collaborated with rising Bajan music star, Dwane Husbands.
According to him, other collaborations are in the works and if all goes as planned he will soon hook up with Bajan singer Kirk Brown who has been nominated for five awards including male artiste of the year at the upcoming BMA.
The local rapper is promising fresh releases in the new year. Gialiani adds that he still involved in local entertainment through MusiCentral Production, which he co-owns with business partner and fellow rapper, Ry.
Close to two years ago Gialiani burst onto the local hip-hop scene with a controversial video for his first single, “Rudeboi”. (what was controversial about that I have to admit I didn't like it ) The song received regular rotation on television but never made it to the local airwaves due to its lyrics, which he had promised to clean up but never got around to. He had a few other releases after that.


Gialiani's best realease so far was Escape with a rocker called Drew. He raps about proverty and hard times on a very catch rock beat. I don't know how much he knows about poverty and hard-times, but his flow was on point. He should have made a video for that one. His next best after that is Mr. Universe, which I gave him props for the metaphorics (that's-a-new-word-so-don't-look-it-up) of it...

4:03PM I had to edit this post for this: The best thing he's featured on is this new song called Guns and Roses. I don't know who the woman is, but the song is hot!! I want a copy, the hunt begins!

Friday, December 12, 2008

My thoughts: Rapping up Guyana

Guyana. Rap. Rap. Guyana. It just doesn't go hand in hand. I've was a fan to early rap back in the days while I was back home, but it was always something so foreign unlike reggae and soca, something exotic an . It made you seem cool or special if you could recite one of LLs rhymes.."Mamma said knock them out".. and ever though I was a girl I loved dropping, "I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brother's can't deny.." It was a thing to enjoy and love. My love affair ended with the dead of my Machiavellian lover. Then it changed, it got harder and meaner and sorrowful and more real..the reality of the 'hood, gansta rapping.

How many in Guyana can relate to this 'hood mentality? That right there is the major problem with Guyanese rappers, not the ones who've come to America and can say they have seen or heard or experienced that 'hood mentality. The ones who never left the 83,000 square miles, just don't know what they are talking about or how to feel and phrase what they want to share with he world..

So when I listen to Don Gialiani and T-Cris and JB and who ever else is up and coming, it's with that ear that I try to decipher what they mean but it is meaningless so far..can it get better..I don't think so, unless it's somehow transformed into something more Guyanese or more Caribbean Carib-Hop and Mr. T-Cris says Dub-Hop.

I have to say thought Gialiani has definitely gotten better...

Our rappers outside of Guyana are doing better: Ray Sytes & SHRPSORD are doing much better.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Accolade: Worst dressed

LivingGuyana roasted Nicolette Fernandes, but he has to remember she's an athlete and athletes never dress up, from the side she actually looks decent.
No who let granny out the house with her silk nightie with her headtie tied around her waist. And why oh why is granny's hair that color, who ever told her it was a good idea shame shame shame!
Maybe it's the angle but she look like's she wearing a pink bag. Skinny people can get away with this, but when you got meat everything got to fall in the right place...
Oh Lord man, everytime I see this picture, I think of return of the Living Dead. Are our women still using baby powder on their faces. Shame Shame Shame!!
FOr a designer and THE designer of this awards what the &$%# is this?

Tsk Tsk (((shaking head)))

Some outfits were not worth mentioning because they were too skankalicious and should have been kept for the after party. Was there an after party?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Accolade Fashion Best Dressed

The Accolade of 2008 was a commendable first step towards getting Guyanese music on the road.
I wasn't there so I am relying on footage and photos and other loudmouths like LivingGuyana and Gt Keep it real for the lowdown.

Here are my best dressed list...I tried to find 10 but but but...

Whoever he is, he wore this suit ghetto fabulous flair and he looks cool and calm

Mondale looks cool in the get-up, nothing over the top but it fit to the culture and atmosphere of Guyana. Keep it real Mondale.

Without the jacket, this is a bold outfit, I like the look.

If someone had described this outfit to me, I'd imagine that FOJO look like a clown, but he looks almost debonair but still hip to the game...go Fojo.

And the best dressed person...Former Miss Guyana, Dessia Braithwaite. She's a woman's woman. It's not over the top but it's elegant, she's lovely, she poised and ready for the event. I hope to see more women dressed with such elegance at the next awards.