Sunday, May 31, 2009

Melanie Fiona: Sad Songs

This young woman voice raises the hairs on my skin in a good way...

Melanie Fiona: Teach Him

Featured in the recent movie "Obsessed" Starring Beyonce.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lady Guymine passes on!

Our most prominent female performers, known specifically for her "Granny Fit" number has died at 76.

Remembered as a very competitive person, cultural icon Monica Chopperfield better known as ‘Lady Guymine’ was saluted by those who knew her following her passing on Thursday at age 76.

Opposition party, the PNCR said that Chopperfield was one of the country’s outstanding citizens and cultural ambassadors.

Her fellow Calypsonian Geoffrey ‘Mighty Rebel’ Phillips recalled that he was in many contests with her and she was very competitive and always felt that her compositions were good enough to win. He recalled that they used to go around in caravans and she “used to be the granny of the team”. The calypsonian noted that Chopperfield, along with other members of the local calypso fraternity, was a member of the People’s Culture Corps, a band that was based in Sophia under the PNC government.

Philips recalled that at one point in their careers, they were at loggerheads but this was eventually resolved and they became friends again. He stated that he showed her the respect that she deserved and on a visit to the United States in 2007, he urged her to return home. “I said to her ‘grandmother, you getting old, it time for you to come home’,” he recounted.

Chopperfield returned to Guyana last February and Philips said that he had last spoken with her last week. He recalled that recently he hosted a programme on Channel Two to honour her and the Mighty Kaieteur but she could not attend owing to ill-health. He stated that though she was very competitive, they always had a “nice” relationship.

Meantime, the PNC stated that Guyana should be grateful to Lady Guymine for, she not only extracted what was best from the world of music but she also brought those unique qualities of a Guyanese to different parts of the world and won the respect of many who crossed her path. “Death has brought to a close an outstanding musical career that began in Guyana and took her further afield to the Caribbean and North America. In her career path, Lady Guymine rubbed shoulders with some of the leading musical figures of the day, especially the great West Indian Calypsonians, the Mighty Sparrow, Lord Nelson and others. Her talent was a match for theirs,” the PNC said.

The party noted that it was only in 1966, when she participated in the Mashramani celebrations as Lady Guybau, that she entered the world of calypso. After being noticed by the legendary calypsonian, the Mighty Sparrow, she was invited to tour Trinidad and remained in his tent for two years. “As a calypsonian she entertained Guyanese, West Indians and the Diaspora. ‘Granny Fit’ was one of the most loved renditions. She was ranked fourth in the 1985 World Calypso Competition,” the PNC recalled.

The party noted that Chopperfield was not confined to any single musical genre and in her early career she was known as a ballad singer and, along with one of her contemporaries, Annie Haynes, became one of the early purveyors of innovative jazz and swing vocals. The party extended heartfelt condolences to the members of her sorrowing family.

Chopperfield was born on July 31, 1932, in Berbice and has lived in Georgetown, Linden, and New York. Her performing career started in a show produced by Zelda Martindale at the roofless Olympic Cinema on Lombard Street. For that show she was billed as “Baby Monica”. She would go on to sing across Guyana, in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, and the United States.

--How come all this info is coming from the PNC, doesn't Guyana have a single archive on all our great citizens?

Lady GuyMine: Granny Fit

1994 @ Brooklyn College:

More recently:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

??Guess What:??

#1 Timeka's All Night was submitted by her Barbados-based management team to be the theme song for CSI go choke on it!

#2 Pyramid Entertainment, you copied these lyrics from me...I should charge yall, I should be copying it off of your site. Now fix the all night lyrics, that's my best guess for some of those words.

#3 I like the remix of Shelly G and Fojo - Bolo Bolo. Go check on it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

4th Annual school concert

While I defend Shelly G's use of the word daggering in her Soca Monarch winning entry, I however condemn the fact that she will be performing at the school concert. None of Shelly G's songs are for kids, maybe with the exception of "Only love can set us free." Just imagine our little pre-teens and just smelling themselves school children singing: Touch Me, Wuk me right, Freaky Freaky, Bruk me up, Bag girl, A Want a man, Jook Jook, Never Never (in which she is fighting a woman for her man but without the class of Brandy and Monica, The Boy is Mine.

Burchmore, your judgement was wrong on this one. Shelly G is an adult entertainer.

School children are once again being given an opportunity to see some of the popular local artistes on stage for a small fee, compliments of Kross Kolor Records (KKR).

KKR hosts its fourth annual school show at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Saturday, May 23.

Among those scheduled to perform are X2, Vanilla, Shelly G - the reigning Soca Queen, X Factor, B52, Ossie O, Big Red, Tennicia, Rajesh Dubraj and HRC who are all expected to give electrifying performances. Well known television personality Basil Bradshaw is slated to be the master of ceremonies (MC).


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Timeka Marshall is #1

and # it and weep haters!

RE-TV Music Video Countdown


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Texting now comes to Guyana

Not really: The two major companies are not interconnecting when customers can text to every other country in the world. Not residing there currently, I never knew there was a barrier...

Digicel and Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) subscribers will finally be able to interconnect via Short Messaging Service (SMS) from next month.

A joint release issued yesterday said “Digicel and GT&T are pleased to announce that they have come to an agreement to enable cross-network mobile texting in Guyana”

“Customers of each network will from June 1st, 2009, for the first time, be able to text customers of the other network”, the brief release added.

The issue has been contentious and one which Digicel had been plugging for a long time. GT&T had indicated its willingness to facilitate the move but reportedly had some concerns it wanted to iron out. A senior official within GT&T had said that the agreement was something that the company stood to benefit significantly from but stated that there were issues that had not been properly addressed.


No more hating

I think I've had enough of all the hating on Timeka. There's a difference between a critique which is based on pros and cons and just saying negative things that have no basis in the truth. Saying her lyrics sucks is one thing, but I think some have crossed the line, who she sleeps with is her business. It's mindless, spineless(since no one had even signed their names to it), childish and unpatriotic!

I will not accept any more of those comments!
Let us give our artists a chance.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nudie Rihanna


What's all the fuss about?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recording Studios: KrossKolor Records

Burchmore Simon
Despite back and forth arguments about the success of Mashramani 2009, outstanding achievements by local musicians, artistes and producers who have dedicated their time and energies to the development of music especially for the season.

Over the years Kross Kolor Records, like so many other local recording studios has made a sterling contribution to the development of the 'sleeping giant' of a local music and mash industry, the KKR bunch stands out from the crowd.

Looking back to 2004, Dutchin copped the third place spot at the Inaugural Carib Soca Monarch competition.

The following year, 2005, the KKR artiste with Simon's full input upped his game and was crowned king of both the Soca Monarch and the Road march competitions and remained on top of both events in 2006.

Also in 2006 KKR team member Tennicia De Freitas was crowned Children's calypso monarch.

In 2007 the KKR crew lost the Soca Monarch title to Malo but copped the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places as well as the best new comer prize through Lilman, Bonesman, Adrian Dutchin and Vanilla respectively.

That year too, the Road March title was won by Vanilla while the Junior calypso crown was won by - Tennicia Defrietas .

In 2008 Dutchin re-captured the soca monarch crown while his team member Lil-man held onto the second spot. That year team member Michelle Big Red King was crowned Raod March queen while De Freitas held on yet again to the school's Childrens' Calypso monarchy for yet another year.

The KKR crew's winning ways continued this year with Vanilla copping the soca monarch second place Lil-Man (B52) placing third and, Bones man copping the 4th spot. Vanilla also copped the road March crown while De Freitas placed 3rd in the junior calypso Monarch. The addition this year is the 2009 Chutney Monarch won by Rajesh Dubraj.

That stated it shows that Kross Kolor and its artistes have always been in the top three of the main mash music competitions for the past six years, and this some opine has to be as a result of dedication and hard work by all.

Simon has said a great part of the success at Kross Kolor records is the unique ability to get all the artistes to work on behalf and support each other.

He said the key is corporation at the artistes' level, "They help plan each other's presentations and ensure that on competition night or day they help out each other, celebrate each other's successes and encourage each other when they underperform."

He described his Kross Kolor team as "fearless and not afraid of a challenge," and stated that his group's first aim always is to focus on the development of Guyanese music.

Another reason given for the KKR successes is that "a lot of emphasis is placed on personal development and artistes and their success, failure is never an option" Simon said.

He categorically noted that whenever someone performs below par an immediate postmortem is done and remedial steps taken. "The future of each team member is planned and each one knows the plans for each other so that petty jealousies are eliminated as much as possible," Simon noted.

As the curtain is drawn on Mash 2009 activities Simon says planning has already begun to ensure that only the best is presented for Mash 2010 as Guyana observes its 40 republic anniversary. And while it has not been confirmed chances are three time monarch Adrian Dutchin will be back in the competition saddle for 2010.

I believe this came from StabroekNews

Models: Darknluvly

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

From the comment section: Big Hombre Views

Re: Kester D and Entertainer Rawle in the ER

What fascinated me most about Imran's comments was the fact that he never even mentioned Eddie Neblett in that very long article, but mentioned just about every other guyanese artiste.

The "disrespect" that Eddie receives from most guyanese online, in print and on the streets is astounding as far as lack of recognition is concerned...and i am speaking here mostly of guyanese in Guyana.

I have done an inordinate amount of research on guyanese's reaction to Mr Neblett.

I wrote to Imran and he acknowledged his oversight but then couched it nicely in an explanation where he said he also forgot to mention Jessica Xavier. There we go again......someone "deliberately?" missing the point that the other guyanese artistes are not in the same league as Eddie.

There is no comparison between Eddie and Jessica.........and Kester D. Kester may have been the pioneer and Jessica now starting, but there is no comparison NOW in respect of originality, lyrical content,showmanship and voice.

He should have just stopped short and acknowledged his oversight.

All one has to do is listen to Eddie's album "Prophecies" has a BODY OF WORK even coming close to that...and when you include tunes like Intensive Situation, Hope, River, New Life to the 12 on the CD, we have 16 top notch tunes there.

What guyanese artiste even comes CLOSE to matching that?? I have been listening to reggae for decades and this guy stands head and shoulders above ALL the others.

Fojo?? Kester D?? Gimme a break....maybe 2 or 3 tunes that are okay but nothing that can compare to at least 10 of Eddie's my humble opinion anyway.

And listen, Eddie's soca-style tunes like Love N Unity can match anything that X2 has put out. For that matter, Eddie should have won the accolade for Tune of the Year with Love N Unity and also the accolade for best gospel tune for Anointed......CLEARLY.

In 20 years, radio stations will be playing Love N Unity.....Tic Tac is already a tune of the past, along with will remember those in 2 years, much less 20. Love N Unity gets much more airplay and TV play today in GT.

But i will credit Imran with this.......he gave the real reason why guyanese wherever, and obviously himself too, put Eddie in a little box and marginalise him.

To them, Eddie is "GOSPEL" he is acknowledged as talented yes, but he is "gospel"........and most people are not interested in gospel. I aint saying that gospel does not have it's fans, but it's "gospel" to a wider population.

I was speaking with 4 guys all over 40 about Eddie at a jerk chicken spot in Duncan Street.
They live in Guyana but know very little of Eddie(yes, folks). They think he is only "Love N Unity"... I explained to them that Eddie had a CD with 12 big tunes on it and told them i had it in my car and could bring it for them to hear at least 5 tunes which no-one will consider "gospel" tunes.

Their response was "no man, we dont want to change our vibe". That summed it all up for me after 5 months of research.....they were listening to Shurwin Winchaster or someone and Shelley G. They were not even interested in giving Eddie's music a chance........even tho they did not know it. They just were....not......interested. Why? Because he is "gospel" to them.

But like i said, u can play at least 5 songs on his album to a secular crowd of 100 overseas peeps who never heard of him, and none will walk away thinking he is gospel.

Guyanese have marginalised Eddie Neblett in their thinking because of that gospel tag.

I can tell you honestly that i arbitrarily and at random must have asked at least 30 guyanese ranging from 30 to 55, if they knew Edward neblett andthey said no....when i asked them if they know the name from Love N Unity, they would say "AAAAH yes, i know it".

I say this because i have been seeing videos to Wrong Decision, We Can Make It, Love for Humanity, Anointed for at least 3 years on TV in Guyana. So these people never saw these videos and noticed the name?

Well, they have but it's not Sean Paul or Serani or Machel or Sherwin or some overseas artiste.sothey dont take note.

Contrarily, if u check Eddie's popularity on the international scene,you would be shocked at how he is being embraced in the UK, Holland and the USA. I have the evidence but a taste of it can be had by looking at the comments to his videos on YouTube.

Guyanese, especially in Guyana, are waiting to get word of that international recognition before they embrace'sthe sheep mentality.

In conclusion, if you can find me any guyanese artist with just 5 songs that could match Eddie's album, i would be only too willing to listen to him/her with whomever finds that artiste....except of course you bring music by the other Eddie...yes that one who also suffered the same "eyepass" from guyanese and decided to just stay away from Guyana.

Best regards to all my fellow guyanese in Guyana.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Timeka Marshall All Night Lyrics

My brain hurts after listening this song for about the 100th time to figure out these lyrics. Ms. Marshall you wrote some complicated lyrics here, at least it's not the usual fair. The ____ means I was completely unable to figure that out: if you figure it out...let me know.

Timeka Marshall - All Night Lyrics

First let me start with some teasing
Let me excite you with some revealing
I’ll turn the lights down, guaranteed no need to frown
The chair that I place in the corner
Why don’t you have a seat, cause you’re in for a treat
Oh baby you’re about to feel the heat
Now 1 step 2 step unhooking my bustier, corset
Anything that you want you’re sure to get
Hips moving slowly, garments no longer on my body

I’m going to be you've always dreamt to rock your world
I’m going to show you everything that makes me a bad girl
I wanted you for so long, but I think you knew that all along
Getting together tonight boy, there’s nothing that can go wrong
All night it’s gonna be all right
All night it’s gonna be all right
All night it’s gonna be all right
All night it’s gonna be all right

Now you gotta back me up into the wall, there’s no rule at all
Everything is just make the call
Up against you rising and fall
Over and over until I feel that something get taller
Oh geez I can feel my knees go weak, there’s no stability left for me
Although your hands were busy, you still lifted me off my feet…

Let’s switch things up, lets start from the floor, start from the floor
To me we have a field trip and you’re a kid on the bus getting a tour
I know you will be tired, when it’s time to walk out my door
I know what’s on your mind, it’s getting more

Don't steal my lyrics and pretend you sat there and wrote it you hear???

Imeem Expert

Any Imeem experts out there? How come all the songs I add to playlists are only playing 30 sec of the song now? It wasn't always that way....What do I have to do to make it play the full length of the song?


Friday, May 1, 2009

Eye Candy: Jess X

More on Hush/Secrets collab

In addition to recently working on their first project together - the music video Secrets/Hush - Timeka Marshall and Peetah Morgan, have other things in common. They both want to get their names out as solo artistes even if they're coming from opposite directions.

Twenty-year-old Marshall, a former high school beauty queen from Guyana, is in the formative stages of what is promising to be a successful career as a solo artiste. Morgan made his name as lead singer in the world-famous Morgan Heritage, comprised of the children of singer Denroy Morgan.

They stop promoting Gt&T by calling her a former beauty queen not the jingle winner?

Marshall's current focus is on producing music that will get her recognised and provide the foundation for what she hopes will be a stellar career. She is currently working with Jukebox Production house that features big names like producer Shane Brown and artiste Busy Signal.

"For me, personally, I'm just trying to get some popular singles out there, create that stir, create that name and then definitely an album will come after," said Marshall.

Morgan, also a talented singer, believes Timeka has the talent to go all the way. And when the public hears her next single, Feel For, they may be inclined to believe the same.

Feel for, I'm waiting for it.

Peetah Morgan really needs no introduction to the music world. As lead singer of Morgan Heritage, he has established himself as one of the best singers around, no matter the genre. But after seven studio albums and two live albums with the group, he and his siblings decided to take a break so that each could pursue their own individual goals.

"Everything I have done my whole life has been Morgan Heritage, so we have to create a brand for me as an individual," he said. "And that's gonna be done by doing a lot of singles right now."

Following the release of those singles and when the expected demand comes for a Peetah Morgan album, he says modestly, only then will one be produced.

Both have plans to work on other projects together but even as they do so, they have their eyes firmly set on their individual destinies.