Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

How come we don't have more Guyanese christmas songs...Christmas in Guyana is the best and no artist have tried to capture that in a song, come on man you guys are sleeping..

I've only found this one from Adrian Dutchin. I copped it off of trini jungle juice website so thus the shout-out in the song.

So a very Merry Christmas to all my readers, supporters, haters, the ones who just passing through and a Prosperous 2009.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Spotlight: Gialiani off to Barbados

Barbados embraces local rapper Gialiani
The rapper who is yet to be embraced at home for his hip-hop message, Don Gialiani remains a constant voice, spitting lyrics at his critics while rapping about the economy, poverty, his dreams and a life that seems pretty much unattainable. ( heheh spitting lyrics,-not exactly)

Don Gialiani
While few at home seem to care to listen or sit and take notice, Barbados did, and in one weekend Gialiani (as he is popularly known) was signed to a company - Timeless Barbados Inc; one of the islands foremost promotional agencies for Barbadian entertainers. He is the company’s first non-Bajan artiste. (Congrats! )
“Feels pretty good,” Gialiani told The Scene earlier this week summing up what it means to him as a Guyanese rapper. He is scheduled to return to the island early next year as a guest and presenter at the Barbados Annual Music Awards (BMA).
Gialiani was one of the headlining acts at the fifth annual Hip Hop Festival in Barbados earlier this month at Club NXS, St Lawrence Gap. Timeless Barbados Inc threw out an invitation to Gialiani after viewing one of his performances and he accepted. According to the rapper, he was unsure of what to expect and how he would have been received, but all that changed when he took the stage.
Reports from the island labelled him as ‘impressive’ and raved about his performance as solid. He was also praised for holding his own while sharing the same stage as Canadian hit-maker Kardinal Offishall, who performed the hit single “Dangerous” with Akon. Kardinal who is signed with Konvict Label was the headlining act of the festival.
Gialiani was featured in entertainment newspapers on the island and in the dailies following his performance. He referred to the attention as encouraging pointing out that he hopes to build from the momentum as he works on his craft.
While in Barbados Gialiani met Bajan music producer KB Sharp and is currently working with him. He has also collaborated with rising Bajan music star, Dwane Husbands.
According to him, other collaborations are in the works and if all goes as planned he will soon hook up with Bajan singer Kirk Brown who has been nominated for five awards including male artiste of the year at the upcoming BMA.
The local rapper is promising fresh releases in the new year. Gialiani adds that he still involved in local entertainment through MusiCentral Production, which he co-owns with business partner and fellow rapper, Ry.
Close to two years ago Gialiani burst onto the local hip-hop scene with a controversial video for his first single, “Rudeboi”. (what was controversial about that I have to admit I didn't like it ) The song received regular rotation on television but never made it to the local airwaves due to its lyrics, which he had promised to clean up but never got around to. He had a few other releases after that.


Gialiani's best realease so far was Escape with a rocker called Drew. He raps about proverty and hard times on a very catch rock beat. I don't know how much he knows about poverty and hard-times, but his flow was on point. He should have made a video for that one. His next best after that is Mr. Universe, which I gave him props for the metaphorics (that's-a-new-word-so-don't-look-it-up) of it...

4:03PM I had to edit this post for this: The best thing he's featured on is this new song called Guns and Roses. I don't know who the woman is, but the song is hot!! I want a copy, the hunt begins!

Friday, December 12, 2008

My thoughts: Rapping up Guyana

Guyana. Rap. Rap. Guyana. It just doesn't go hand in hand. I've was a fan to early rap back in the days while I was back home, but it was always something so foreign unlike reggae and soca, something exotic an . It made you seem cool or special if you could recite one of LLs rhymes.."Mamma said knock them out".. and ever though I was a girl I loved dropping, "I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brother's can't deny.." It was a thing to enjoy and love. My love affair ended with the dead of my Machiavellian lover. Then it changed, it got harder and meaner and sorrowful and more real..the reality of the 'hood, gansta rapping.

How many in Guyana can relate to this 'hood mentality? That right there is the major problem with Guyanese rappers, not the ones who've come to America and can say they have seen or heard or experienced that 'hood mentality. The ones who never left the 83,000 square miles, just don't know what they are talking about or how to feel and phrase what they want to share with he world..

So when I listen to Don Gialiani and T-Cris and JB and who ever else is up and coming, it's with that ear that I try to decipher what they mean but it is meaningless so far..can it get better..I don't think so, unless it's somehow transformed into something more Guyanese or more Caribbean Carib-Hop and Mr. T-Cris says Dub-Hop.

I have to say thought Gialiani has definitely gotten better...

Our rappers outside of Guyana are doing better: Ray Sytes & SHRPSORD are doing much better.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Accolade: Worst dressed

LivingGuyana roasted Nicolette Fernandes, but he has to remember she's an athlete and athletes never dress up, from the side she actually looks decent.
No who let granny out the house with her silk nightie with her headtie tied around her waist. And why oh why is granny's hair that color, who ever told her it was a good idea shame shame shame!
Maybe it's the angle but she look like's she wearing a pink bag. Skinny people can get away with this, but when you got meat everything got to fall in the right place...
Oh Lord man, everytime I see this picture, I think of return of the Living Dead. Are our women still using baby powder on their faces. Shame Shame Shame!!
FOr a designer and THE designer of this awards what the &$%# is this?

Tsk Tsk (((shaking head)))

Some outfits were not worth mentioning because they were too skankalicious and should have been kept for the after party. Was there an after party?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Accolade Fashion Best Dressed

The Accolade of 2008 was a commendable first step towards getting Guyanese music on the road.
I wasn't there so I am relying on footage and photos and other loudmouths like LivingGuyana and Gt Keep it real for the lowdown.

Here are my best dressed list...I tried to find 10 but but but...

Whoever he is, he wore this suit ghetto fabulous flair and he looks cool and calm

Mondale looks cool in the get-up, nothing over the top but it fit to the culture and atmosphere of Guyana. Keep it real Mondale.

Without the jacket, this is a bold outfit, I like the look.

If someone had described this outfit to me, I'd imagine that FOJO look like a clown, but he looks almost debonair but still hip to the game...go Fojo.

And the best dressed person...Former Miss Guyana, Dessia Braithwaite. She's a woman's woman. It's not over the top but it's elegant, she's lovely, she poised and ready for the event. I hope to see more women dressed with such elegance at the next awards.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ray Sytes does T-Pain

He isn't #1 but he is far from being last, so check him out!

My name is Ray Sytes and I'm coming out soon with an album called "Guyanese Pride".Its a hip hop album that celebrates my caribbean heritage and also displays the hip hop culture. Recently I enetered a contest for T-Pain and made my own version of his song, pleasetake a listen to the song as i give props to guyana. Would you be kind enough to postmy link where other guyanese can listen and vote for the song.

My song on the T-Pain contest -

My music page -
http://www.myspace. com/sytesmusic
Thank you for your time, your ear and consideration.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Accolade picks!

So the Accolade Awards is tonight...I tried to get it all together but excel wouldn't behave. Some day when I have nothing better to do I will fix it... for now this is what we gotta work with!

Category Nominee Song (where
Chutney Artist of the Year (Male) Rajesh
This space was left blank intentionally Who?
Terry Gajraj Yes I.  He did his thing in this period.
DJ Prakz Dj Prakz -
Never!! The most unimaginative artist ever.
Chutney Artist of the Year
This space was left blank intentionally Well I really don't pay attention to female chutney artists!
None of them have made any impact on me.
Sexy Sarah
Kerida Ali
Queen Yasmin
Chutney Album of the Year El
Stupidy The
song was cool but I've never even seen the whole album
Terry Gajraj Larki Terry Gajraj -
Anil Azeez In Jesus meh
can’t die
Best Groovy Soca Single (Male) Clifton
Adolphus (Passion)
Dutchin/Jumo Primo (X2) Tic Tack
Adrian Dutchin/Jumo Primo (X2) Tic Tack 
Wilbur Levans (Lilman) Wine & touch
yuh toe
Mark Batson (Harmony) Anaconda  
Best Groovy Soca Single (Female) Michelle
King     (Big Red)
I. This song just did it for me.  It's
international now. Very well put together production
Shellon Garraway (Shelly G) Touch Me  
Cyd Hooper Linkin  
Soca Single of the Year Osley
Hopkinson (Spider)
me see
Adrian Dutchin/Jumo Primo (X2) Tic Tack It's
everywhere, yes Adrian and Jumo, Tic Tack is now a classic.
Cyd Hooper Linkin  
Best Soca Album Solo, Duo or
Garraway (Shelly G)
Online Shellon
Garraway (Shelly G)
John Drepaul (Sling Shot) Pirates  
Homer Bowen (Mischievous Guys) Soca Explosion  
Best Reggae Single First
Irits Very
Close 2nd.
Mortimer Softley (Natural Black) Far from reality Yes I. Most
Clifford Charles (Alabama) Dem don’t care  
Ian Corbin (FOJO)/ Lil African 2 can play that
Best Soca Compilation Burchmore
til ya drop: Koction
Ian Corbin (FOJO) Eveready   
Osley Hopkinson (Spida) Bhoom Drop  
Artist of the Year Adrian
This space was left blank intentionally Adrian
Tamika Marshall  
Charmine Blackman  
Marlon Webster (Malo)  
Michelle King (Big Red)  
Reggae Artist of the Year Solo,
Duo, Group
Corbin (FOJO)
This space was left blank intentionally  
Clifford Charles (Alabama)  
First Born  
Mortimer Softleigh (Natural Black) Mortimer
Softleigh (Natural Black)
Best Jazz Album Trevor
No knowledge of this category.
Colgrain White Gospel according
to steel
Keith Waithe Diverse Canopy
Gospel Artist of the Year (Male) Sean
This space was left blank intentionally  
Eddie Neblett Eddie Neblett
Solid Youth -  
Anil Azeez  
Kester Dean  
Gospel Artist of the Year
This space was left blank intentionally I have not heard these women sing anything
Cherilyn Maloney
Christine Canterberry
Single of the Year
Edward Neblett Love and Unity Edward Neblett
Anil Azeez In Jesus meh
can’t die
Cherlyn Maloney Don’t give up  
R&B Artist of the Year Ian
Cobin (FOJO)
This space was left blank intentionally Is
he considered a R&B Artist?
Adrian Dutchin  
Tamika Marshall  
Charmaine Blackman  
Best Calypso Artist of the Year
Phillips (Rebel)
This space was left blank intentionally I don't listen calypso so but Rebel always did
his thing back in the day.
Vivian Jordan (VJ)
Malcolm Corrica (Lord Canary) 
Young Bill Rogers
Calypso Artist of the Year
Goliath (Lady Tempest)
This space was left blank intentionally  
Calypso Stella -  
Sweet Monique  
Best Hip Hop Rap Artist of the
Braithwaite (JB)
This space was left blank intentionally  
Tamika Lewis (ICE)  
Band of the Year Mingles
Sound Machine
This space was left blank intentionall  
El Sadiek Band  
Mischievous Guys  
Yoruba Singers  
Producer of the Year Kerwyn
This space was left blank intentionally  
Burchmore Simon  
Bonny Alves  
Ian Johnson  
Wally Fraser  
Ian Corbin (FOJO) Ian Corbin
Danley Major  
Media Personality Print Mondale
Cheryl Springer   Stabroek News  
Simeon Corbin Gem Magazine  
Neil Marks Guyana Chronicle  
Media Personality Electronic   GT.
been there before all of them.
Media Personality Radio Malcolm
This space was left blank intentionally  
Rudy Grant  
Ian Johnson  
Media Personality TV Ian
Basil Bradshaw Wake Up Guyana  
Maria – 102    
Best New Artist Tamika
This space was left blank intentionally  
Shellon Garraway (Shelly G) I like Tamika
but Shellon Garraway (Shelly G) does her thing!
Ian Corbin (FOJO)  
Celeste David  
Mark Batson (Harmony)  
Best Music Video (Producer) Bonny
Music Media Separate  
KKR Crew Koction Rhythm
Bonny Alves Don’t disrespect
Song of the Year Adrian
Dutchin/Jumo Primo X2
Tamika Marshal Separate  
Charmine Blackman Don’t disrespect
Michelle King (Big Red) Guyanese wine Michelle King
(Big Red)
First Born ` Irits  
Studio of the Year Burchmore
Ian Corbin (FOJO) Platinum  
Bonny Alves Signal Sounds  
Walter Fraser Vision Sounds  
Danley Major Kingdom Friends  
Album of the Year First
Natural Black Far From Reality Natural Black
Michelle King (Big Red) Red Passion  
Shellon Garraway (Shelly G) Online  
Various artistes Wine till yuh
Entertainer of the Year Jumo
Primo (Rubber waist)
This space was left blank intentionally Jumo
Primo (Rubber waist)
James Yhap (X Factor)  
Habeeb Khan  
Henry Rodney  
Best Reggae Album of the Year First
Bonny Alves Nice you up  
Natural Black Far from reality Natural Black
Songwriter of the Year Adrian
This space was left blank intentionally  
Bonny Alves  
Tamika Marshall  
Ian Corbin (FOJO)  
Michelle King (Big Red)  
Firstborn Firstborn
Best Collaboration Ian
Corbin/Shellon Garraway
First Born and Natural Black Jah Blessing First Born and
Natural Black
Adrian Dutchin  & Jumo Primo Crazy  
DJ Recognition Award DJ
This space was left blank intentionally  
DJ Antsman  
Selector Face  
DJ Breeze  
DJ Kerwyn  
Rocky Carew  
This space was left blank intentionally This
space was left blank intentionally
space was left blank intentionally

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Music: Natural Black- Just like in the movies

This video is well put together and thought out, but I wish that it was made in Guyana and he had said "sweet sweet Guyana turn to little Hollywood" cause if you read the headlines in the daily news, it seems like something straight out of a movie..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pamela the Diva for Accolade Awards

Pamela the Diva, goes to Guyana!! I hope they have a special 1/2 segment just for her to perform because once she starts singing, she does not want to stop. I also hope they have a special manicurist(flown in fron China) for those nails!!!

Must go dig up video footage of PA--MEL--A.

Arrowhead Promotions, Thursday, November 6, 2008, Press Release –

As a hit artiste of the 70's whose sensational voice still resonates with thousands of music lovers, Pamela Maynard's presence at Accolade – The Music Awards of Guyana will guarantee no one is lost, lonely and helpless.

Pamela's homecoming is filled with anxiety not only because of her endorsement of the Accolade but also for those who recall her versatility in most areas of popular black music including reggae, soul r&b, jazz, calypso and soca. She await the moment almost with impatience like every other Guyanese who looks forward to this magnificent big night, bringing together celebrities in an appropriate variety of disciplines to take the audience through fever pitch, nerve-hitting excitement.

Pamela is a talented Caribbean diva with a vocal range and expression to make an immediate and lasting impression on all manners of different audiences around the world. Unlike other acts fresh to the UK and European markets, Pamela has extensive professional experience in music.

Born in Georgetown she is the daughter of Guyanese singer/songwriter Mavis Maynard, who wrote Pamela's debut hit Lost, Lonely and Helpless. She performed alongside
Eddy Grant at a memorable show in their hometown. Pamela was still attending school at that time and was already singing at parties and functions at the age of five. Since her father also ran a local sound system her knowledge and love for music was built on rock solid foundation, and her in-depth familiarity with the classics never failed to surprise the assorted bandleaders and galaxy of big name acts she would later sing within years to come.

After leaving school in 1976, she joined the army where she sang for visiting dignitaries such as Fidel Castro. She also represented Guyana at song festivals and from the age of 15 sand lead and backing vocals with Yoruba Singers and then Sid and the Slickers.

Pamela will be accompanied to Guyana by her Manager Ira Lewis who shares an amazing sense of optimism, anxiety and readiness. They are part of a larger overseas contingent of outstanding Guyanese musicians, young fresh talents, regional and international entertainment media are in the ready mode to fill the coveted slots for international participants.

Pamela promises to be the 'stunner' among those of her epoch and the fresh new line-up of contemporary talents, from her red carpet appearance to every other aspect of her involvement in sustaining a blissful mood as her tribute to the Awards Show.

a lazy moment

I'm having a lazy moment, I just don't feel the excitement for this blog like months ago...

I have a list of my picks for the accolade award for a month now and i just don't have the energy to put it all together...

I'm inviting someone as passionate as I am about Guyanese music/musicans to help contribute to the blog....

Friday, November 7, 2008

I wouldn 't be human

If I didn't mention that Barack H. Obama will be the next president of the United States of America. He'll be the African American president, in the truest sense being an offspring of a Kenyan and still having relatives on the African Continent.

Obama - President
Electoral Votes: 364
Popular Votes: 65,293,083
Electoral Votes: 162
Popular Votes: 57,325,487

A proud day for most black people, some are still self hating.

When will Guyana have free and fair elections without incident?

I have to inject music into this: my favorite Obama song

Friday, October 31, 2008

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Click on the Accolade image on the side to VOTE for your favorite artist for an Accolade. This is most democracy you'll get in Guyana. If you don't vote, don't complain!

Demrock Clothing

All things Guyanese that I find interesting:

DemRoc Clothing Inc. was established back in January, 2006 by Shawn McAllister of Wisroc Housing Scheme Linden Guyana. The company is currently based in Atlanta GA. and is managed and owned by Guyanese including McAllister; Quincy and Melinda Solomon, Jermaine and Odecia Ceasar, and Kwesi Bowen. They wanted a name that would represent who they are and where they came from. So DemRoc was an obvious choice since it represented the combination of Demerara and Wisroc.

The current line includes Tee-shirts, Sweaters, Polo and Jackets for both men and women with plans to soon expand the products to include a kids and formal wear line. Some items under consideration for future development are bags, and shoes. DemRoc believe that "our distinctive creativity can be a great impact due to the versatility and ability to appeal to the different lifestyle."

Contact information:
DemRoc Clothing

Monday, October 13, 2008


Rumor has it that Alabama has turned to and addictive substance which shall remain nameless and I don't mean mary j.

I have not heard any new tracks from him in a long time. He seemed to be such a promising artiste.
So if you see him on the street looking lil spaced out, do your part for Guyanese music and snatch his ass of the street and drop him off at the nearest studio. Guyana thanks you.

A lil bit I found from the Accolade website:
Clifford Charles hardly looks like a man with a redemptive tale to tell. Both his attire and his voice when he speaks seem to constitute the epitome of ghetto classic, or rather ghetto standard. Early years Charles grew up in the village of Beterverwagting on the East Coast of Demerara. He doesn’t remember much about his life then, outside of the fact that everywhere he went he would sing. Before he was seven, he and a brother could belt out by heart every song in his father’s oldies collection. People would remember him as the boy who was always singing.

Sidebar: Why Guyanese foreign minded so, we have artists called, Alabama, Montana & Dallas, what's up with that?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fojo leads the way with the most nominations

I've been meaning to give the full list of nominees and my's sitting in excel on some one of my computers..but Fojo is the man of the nominations:

Fojo heads list with nine Accolade nominations
Singer/songwriter Ian ‘Fojo’ Corbin led the way when the nominations for the inaugural Accolade - the Music Awards of Guyana were announced last Thursday.

The genre-hopping Corbin received nine nominations, including major nods for Best New Artist, Songwriter of the Year and Producer of the Year, in a field dominated by soca and reggae acts.
Bonny Alves, of the Yoruba Singers, who will face off against Corbin in the Producer category, finished second behind him with six nominations. Songstress Timeka Marshall and soca sirens Michelle ‘Big Red’ King and Shellon ‘Shelly G’ Garraway each earned five nominations, with nods for the coveted Artist of Year award, while reggae powerhouses First Born and Natural Black also scored five a piece, including Album of the Year. X2, the popular Adrian Dutchin/Jumo Primo collaboration received four nominations and Dutchin also grabbed three individual nods, including one in Artist of the Year category, which is rounded out by Charmaine Blackman and Marlon ‘Malo’ Webster. Marshall (“Separate”), King (“Guyanese Wine”), X2 (“Crazy”), First Born (“Irits”) and Blackman (“Don’t Disrespect Me”) will also contend for the Song of the Year Award.
The public will vote for winners using the site and text messaging from October 10 to November 20. VJs, DJs, producers and record bars will also vote for the winners.
“I am very excited that the people could appreciate what local artists are doing for Guyana,” Corbin said about his multiple nominations. “Once this [the awards] comes off right, it could give us the vibes to keep on doing what we are doing.”
Corbin returned to Guyana nearly three years ago and quickly established himself as a versatile artist on the local music scene. In the process, he has earned a strong following and he has become a fixture at most major local shows. He has built his reputation as a solid R&B and reggae singer and he has also experimented with dancehall and soca. The eclectic strands were all collected on his first major album release, ‘Different Sides of Me’, which was released last year.
In the relatively short time since his return, Corbin also helped to set up Platinum Studios. As the CEO of the recording studio he has a vested interested in the development of the local music and to market it as a brand worldwide. “What I am trying to do is change the Guyana sound and give it an international flow,” he said, adding that it is important for artists to avoid duplicate other distinctive musical accents. “I do R&B with my own flow, in the Guyana way,” he explained. “You have to do what you do.”
Although aware of the continuous calls for copyright legislation, Corbin said the industry’s current emphasis should be promoting local performers. “The DJs need to promote more GT artistes,” he said. “In Trinidad, the DJs play soca and in Jamaica they play reggae.”
Corbin also thought that the state monopoly on radio also compounds the stifling of local music. “One radio station is foolishness,” he said. “Small places that don’t have our resources have more than one station.”
Nevertheless, Corbin remains hopeful about the direction in which the local music is headed. “I came here with only a suitcase,” he said, “Now I have a studio.”
Corbin is currently working on his new album, ‘The Life and Times of Fojo’, on which he focuses on reggae. It is due for release later this year.
Executive Director of the awards, Kwame McKoy said the nominees were selected by a nomination panel based on work they produced between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2006. The panel was headed by producer Burchmore Simon and include producer Kerwyn Bollers, producer/song-writer Sean Bhola, radio announcer and DJ Malcolm Ferreira and attorney Jaya Manickchand.
McKoy explained that selection process also involved music producers, local DJs, radio announcers, recording studios, record bars, who were asked to submit nominees in the various categories. Some of the submissions, he said, did not meet the stipulated timeframe, leading them to be deemed ineligible. This proved to be one of the major hurdles, but McKoy said when the decision was taken a year ago it was felt that the two-year period was a fair starting point.
Meanwhile, McKoy denied a claim that the awards overlooked local rock bands. He said there were rock and alternative band categories, but it was later learnt that none of the bands had done recordings during the eligibility period. “So we had to delete that category,” he said, while adding that the door was not closed on rock and other categories in the future. “There is no closed-door policy.”
In the light of the difficulty encountered during the selection process, McKoy also said the creation of a local music database will be pursued. He described the compilation of data as a tedious process and he mentioned that in some instances the panel was forced to ask participants to call on memory for information on some artists and groups.
The first Accolade Awards will take place at the National Cultural Centre on November 30. A full list of nominees is available at the Accolade website,


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Genesis Fashion Rhythm

I just checked out the photos. I'm not impressed by what I saw there. Looks like a schizophrenic person threw those "designs" together, with the exception of these Africanized saris. I like them. I want one. The orange colored one.

I can picture myself in this.

A black woman in a sari ;)

Looking good

Since this is a blog about the artists: How did they manage to capture such a freaky pic of Timeka. Look at her legs.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Typheon Talks about her new music video

She keeps going in between an American and Guyanese accent. She doesn't sound as air-headed as I thought she'd be. Who's the international artist she's collab-ing with?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Typheon - Not in Love

Ahhh lackluster, Shake it off was way better. Who's did the casting?

Wildfire said:
"This new video, which is entitled “Not In Love” will rival, or may be even better than, Shake It Off video. The video was conceptualized by Wildfire’s assistant director Teneshia Harding."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Typheon Launches New Video

I haven't talked about Ms. Typheon yet. I was waiting to see/hear more work for her inorder for me to decide if she's a 1/2 hit wonder or a budding entertainer. I honestly liked the Shake it off video, although the song was almost incomprehensible. Word out there is that this vew video lacks the creativity and liveliness of Shake it off.

Shake it off singer launches new video
BY Staff
Wildfire Productions recording artist, Typheon, will launch her new music video “Not in Love” tomorrow (Sept 21) at noon on HJTV Channel 72.

A release from the entertainment company said that this video follows her first, “Shake It Off“.

The company also urged fans to be on the look out for more videos and international collaborations coming up soon from Typheon and Wildfire Productions.

The 19-year-old local singer’s passion emerged at the age of eight when she saw the Spice Girls performing on television. However it was not until age 14 that she realized her talent for singing and song writing. She concentrated on improving her vocals and material before she emerged into the public domain.

Her professional career started at the age of 17 when she recorded five songs – one released and the others unreleased. She is currently attending the University of Guyana pursuing studies in Public Management. Even though her ultimate goal is to win a Grammy Award, she believes that having an education is most important to her development as a writer and singer.

Typheon also hosted a talent exhibition show on Channel 4 for six months.
The teen is among several who have been taken under the guiding wings of Wild Fire Productions.

~~~~From the other blogs:

"Oh moma.. I read here that you want to one day win a grammy award but I don't see that happening with your latest music video. That video was as nasty as an out of control wild dumpsite fire. You have a long list of healthy demerits.. but need not worry. I will council and guide you through all your numerous faults as a living being.. Yes, I would cry too."

"...You need to call up the director of that video, and sue his mother shitless. The story within the video stunk, the sceen selections were shatty. The camera angles and effects were poor, poor, poor. You have taken a major step back with this video from the first one you did. These types of videos are reserved for Charmain Blackwoman and Terry Gajraj..."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Scene's take on Accolade's live nomination

Nothing to write home about
It was thumbs down for the live broadcast announcing the 2008 nominees for Accolade – the Music Awards of Guyana on Wednesday night last and we’re hoping that it is not a sign of things to come.

Don’t get us wrong we fully support the awards ceremony set for November. It is time the few good Guyanese musicians and other players in the music arena are recognised, but we must call a spade a spade.

Arrowhead Promotions wasted time and money to have the less than 20-minute extremely boring announcement made on two television stations simultaneously. A press release (which it did eventually) announcing the nominees would have been fine, really. There was no need for the live broadcast unless there was something else planned – apart from just the reading out of the names of the nominees. Maybe, a few of the nominees — most of them were present – could have performed? We don’t know but what was quite evident was that more was needed to make the programme interesting.

“Excitement will pitch a level higher” was what was promised during the announcement. Unfortunately there was no excitement much less for it to reach a “level higher.” The “guests” in the studio, mostly the persons who were nominated, looked totally bored and most of them squirmed every time they realised they were on camera.The nominations were announced by designer Michelle Cole-Rose and entertainer Rawle Ferguson. They looked a handsome duo, but they could have put some more life into what they were doing. Teesha Mohabeer, the host, we can hardly call her that, tried, we must give her props, but even her lively chatter did nothing to liven the atmosphere. Malcolm Ferreira, who she invited to give some insight into the awards, did a fine job in his effort to get people excited.What added insult to injury was the almost abrupt manner in which the programme ended. Read the rest here.

And a response:

didn’t see the from the start of the announcement of the nominees. while i agree it did finish akwardly, i differ with your ‘boring’ announcement of the nominess. in the announcement of awards we look forward to such as the emmys and grammys, a similar format is used in which two to three persons read the nominees with some of them finding out at the same time that they have been nominated. this undoubtedly adds some excitement and rawness to the announcement. of course we don’t have to follow tradition but don’t make it seem that bad when it actually isn’t. like you, i look forward to the awards which from information being received promises to be a rich event.
My take:

I didn't get the see it at all, and no one so far has described what exactly took place so I can't really comment. If you saw it you can comment.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Accolade Nominees to be announced live on NCN and HJTV

Aaahh shucks I wanted to make some nominations in some categories, maybe next year.

Press Release
Arrowhead Promotions
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Excitement will pitch a level higher when Arrowhead Promotions releases the 2008 Nominees for Accolade - The Music Awards of Guyana, through a live nation-wide broadcast at the Studios of National Communications Network (NCN), this evening (Wednesday, September 10, 2008), at 20:30hrs (8:30 PM). Guyana's premier entertainment channel Hits and Jams TV 72/21 will simultaneously be broadcasting the event live.Media representative, artistes, sponsors, music lovers and the general public will all witness real-time release of the nominations roll capturing diverse musical styles.The announcement of nominees is expected to intensify the rivalry for the coveted crystal. The list is made up of contributions to the music and entertainment industry for the period January 1, 2004 to December 30, 2006.The production panel comprises persons solely committed to the development of the art form in all genres of the world of entertainment.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Adrian and Jumo slated to model for Genesis Fashion Rhythm

Arrowhead Promotions
Press Release

Thirty-five (35) gorgeous sexy HOT male and female models are in the shortlist for Guyana's one-of-a-kind star-studded event, Genesis Fashion Rhythm, On Sunday September 28, At Promenade Gardens . Those in the line-up are for further review by the panel which selected from a casts of seventy (70) aspirants.The models will share a three-dimensional catwalk with some of Guyana's most outstanding celebrities in the entertainment industry displaying clothing by top local designers. Genesis Fashion Rhythm will present numerous options to fashion fanatics craving for sassy and enticing designers clothing to wear at Accolade - the Music Awards of Guyana.Making impressions at the casting among the celebrities yesterday were Guyana's Soca Monarch Adrian Dutchin, Jumo Primo, Celeste David, Michelle 'Big Red' King, Kerwyn Bollers, Burchmore Simon, Sean Bhola, Ossie Nedd, Melissa 'Vanilla' Roberts, and Wilbur 'Lilman' Levans.

These local celebrities will become vivid and bold among professional models as they demonstrate versatility, switching roles from stage performances to modeling on the catwalk.Genesis is different and daring and represents a tremendous step forward in the local entertainment sphere. The producers promise to live up to the expectations with quality by confident designers and music professionals. Definitely the evening will see stunning performances by Guyana's top entertainers defining a moment of classic entertainment.
The show will exemplify partnership as it recognizes the symbiotic relationship between business and entertainment; highlights collaboration and the fusion of fashion and music.Genesis is being produced by Michelle Cole-Rose of Facts 'N' Roses, the 2008 Official Designer of Accolade - the Music Awards Guyana. Cole-Rose is also the holder of the Best Country Designer Caribbean Fashion Award.

Check the Accolade website for photos of the casting

Taken from: LivinGuyana Blog

As hot as they are, these 2 guys are short by modeling standards...