Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Malika Boyd: Can she make it?

I haven't heard her in her fullness in a complete song, so I really cannot judge her talent right now.
From Kaieteur News

Cellink Malika Boyd music video for January 2010 launch

Malika Boyd on set

Malika Boyd on set

Cellink Jingle and song competition 2009 winner, Malika Boyd, has just completed her first music video for the winning song “dance love, live give and if all goes well her fans will get the first taste in early January when it is released.
The music video comprises of actors from the Mic James drama group and one also from Georgetown and the video was produced through the Deshaka Productions group that produces the GT&T We linking programme.
Michael James who wrote the song directed the music video while it was funded by GT&T Cellink.
James, Boyd’s manager said the music video will be launched in January 2010 and also informed that Malika is also working on her first album. This James guarantees “will be a hit for all Guyanese to be proud of and she is putting all her effort into making same a reality”.
Malika, speaking of the video said “I had so much fun doing my first music video and I can’t wait for Guyana to see it. I want to say special tanks to GT & T and all my family and friends for their continual support.” She also let up that she has just learnt a new song written by Michael James titled ‘Rain Drops’ and I am in love with this song and am hoping that you will too Guyana”.

Guyanese on the rise

This is Nhojj, who kinda looks like Eddie Grant, could be his long lost son :)

This is from Kaieteur News

Wins US 2009 Outstanding R&B/Soul Song Award

Singer Nhojj

Singer Nhojj

Singer Nhojj, a US-based Guyanese who performed at Guyana Fashion Weekend 2008 had much to celebrate this past Christmas.
His song ‘Love’ has won the 2009 OutMusic Award for Outstanding R&B/Soul Song of the year. Those in the music business have opined that Guyanese should be proud of this recognition as “This marks the first time that a Black male has won any OutMusic Award”.
According to a Billboard Publicity Wire/PRWEB dated December 23, 2009 – “Indie recording artist, Nhojj, made OutMusic Awards history when his ballad “Love” was voted 2009 Outstanding R&B/Soul Song of the Year by The Alliance of LGBT Recording Artists & Performers.
“This marks the first time an African American male has won an OMA. The Logo sponsored event was held December 8, 2009, at the legendary Webster Hall in New York City. It is the only gala ceremony of its kind in the world.
“Nhojj is also the first artist to win the OUTStanding R&B/Soul song of the year.”
The category along with others was added to the ceremony this year to fully reflect the music of the minority (LGBT) community. After his win, the singer/songwriter took the stage performing “Love” before an audience including OMA Lifetime Achievement recipient Kevin Aviance, Village Voice columnist Michael Musto, LOGO personalities DeMarco Majors and Julie Goldman among many other notables in the LGBT community.
The ceremony was hosted by Noah’s Arc star Rodney Chester and GLAAD Media Award winner Kate Clinton.
“Love” features keyboardist Carl Evans (Stevie Wonder, Barry White); David Stark on Guitar (Rick James & Teena Marie); Tommy Aros on percussion (Luis Miguel); and is mastered by Robert Honablue, whose Gold and Platinum credits include Santana, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, and Miles Davis.
Director Kirk Shannon-Butts featured “Love” in his highly acclaimed Indie film “Blueprint,” which screened at 2008 Cannes International Film Festival, and also directed the music video “Love.”
Unlike many current R&B music videos, it is the sensitive reflection of two male college students who feel a mutual attraction toward each other.
In 2004, Nhojj’s sophomore CD “Someday Peace, Love & Freedom” was nominated for OUTStanding New Male Recording. Songs on that album covered issues ranging from homelessness to homophobia.
Nhojj chose “Fighting for Love,” an original composition about a warrior fighting against ignorance and hatred, to perform at a special OMA Nominee showcase held at Fez in NYC that year.
Nhojj grew up in Guyana and Trinidad, where he performed for the Presidents of both countries. He began singing in church at the age of five, but didn’t embark on a career in music until after graduating from NYU with a BA in Economics.
Earlier this year he returned to his Caribbean roots and performed “Love” at the 2009 Barbados Music Awards.
To date Nhojj has released six CDs and an unplugged live DVD by Emmy nominated director Bill Cote. He has performed at Lincoln Center, and toured the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom.
In addition to his recording and performance schedule, Nhojj regularly donates his gift of music to people living with HIV/AIDS. He performs in hospitals, hospices, residential facilities and treatment centres throughout New York City, as part of the Lifebeat “Hearts and Voices” programme.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year

Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Nothing beats a GT Christmas: Black cake, sorrel, pepperpot, the very best lunch. Picked baby onions, garlic pork (for those who indulge) and just good will and peace. Besides after opening your presents you can walk down the street and go play with your friends, pop off some squibs and have a real good time. Boxing Day you might visit some relatives or they may come by you and the fun goes on til New Years. I love Christmas, but I can't enjoy it in this cold cold place.

A Christmas song for you:
Adrian Dutchin

Friday, December 11, 2009

New Music: Gialiani - Out of Love

I like it, I think it's his best song yet!

Wine til you Drop 5 for release

From Stabroek News

Kross Kolor Records (KKR) will shortly pre-release four tracks off its just completed ‘Wine Till Yuh Drop 5’ album on the ‘Devil Doer Rhythm’.


According to a press release from (KKR) producer Burchmore Simon the album features Vanilla, Adrian Dutchin, Jumo, Compton Hodge, Big Red, B 52, G Money and Passion.

The release said that Peter Ram of Barbados is working on his track and “Qupid of St Lucia” is completing hers, while “Guyana Baboo Terry Gajraj is also excited about the Devil Doer.”

Simon has previously produced albums on the Sasparilla, Koction, Capadulla and Teasam rhythms. He said in the release that these were all names of herbs as is the current rhythm Devil Doer.

And like the previous rhythms, a video medley will compliment the release of the album, the release said.

Meanwhile, another press release from KKR said that Vanilla released a single entitled “Pressure”, which is played regularly on local radio and is receiving steady rotation in the Caribbean.

The two times Road March Queen and second place winner in this year’s Soca Monarch competition is to release three more songs as well as supporting videos for Mashramani 2010, just two months away and is reported to be eagerly looking forward to entering the Soca Monarch and Road March competitions.

Vanilla also has five songs on an album titled ‘Tropical Caribbean Party’ featuring 15 tracks by various Kross Kolor artistes and released in Amsterdam, Holland in September 2009.

Black Watah

I've heard one song by Benji about a yr ago, I wasn't too impressed, I hope to hear bettwe from this union.

From Stabroek News

Benji Diamond and Gadkin, two talented Guyanese musicians, aim to live their dreams and use their music to rebuild the “moral breakdown” while providing listeners with a blast of culture.

Gadkin and Diamond

Gadkin and Diamond

In a recent interview with The Scene, Marlon ‘Benji Diamond’ Sansculotte said that he and his partner have sung over twenty songs over the last seven years. Benji Diamond of Bagotsville, Canal Number One, West Bank Demerara, like most artistes serious about their trade, fell in love with singing as a youth in church.

He has moved through various groups ranging from the Marcus Family to Ghetto Vibes. Benji Diamond and Gadkin, though being acquainted for years, got serious about “linking up” during the time they spent in the group, Marcus Family. The duo has been performing together for about seven years.

“Good music is available out there,” Benji Diamond told The Scene, “but the lyrics are all negative and send out negative messages to our youths. Through our music we aim to rebuild this moral breakdown caused in society, especially among our youths, by this negative music.”

Black Watah’s music is deep culture first written in the form of lyrics and then weaved into works of art using two powerful voices and lively reggae beats and it does not confine itself only to Guyanese or Caribbean people. Benji Diamond says Black Watah’s music will be marketed internationally and is for everyone.

“We are not targeting just Guyanese, the Caribbean and the Diaspora,” Benji Diamond stressed, “but we are targeting everyone who has an ear for reggae because we want our messages to reach as many people as possible.”

Benji Diamond is passionate about his music; he loves it and he’s bold about his feelings. He is an independent Agriculture Officer who graduated from the Guyana School of Agriculture with a Diploma. However, Benji Diamond says music is what he loves and he will always pursue it above other professional endeavours.

Travis Carter also known as Gadkin, the other half of Black Watah hopes that the group’s music will inspire listeners to have “strength, faith and patience and not rush things in life” and remember that “the Most High lives.”

Gadkin who grew up in Good Intent Village on the West Bank Demerara recalls singing since he was seven. He fell in love with the vibes when he witnessed his uncle and his “tinning-cup band” (or tin-cup band) perform at a neighbour’s residence when he was about seven and, “Well I just love the vibes ya know, just love it.” (For the uninitiated, a tin-cup band uses tin cans – the ones that come with milk, beans, sardines etc to make music. The musicians beat out tunes on the empty tins using short sticks, sometimes knitting needles depending on the sound they want. Sometimes they place small stones in the tins for a different sound. The Scene has been informed that the result is usually quite melodious.)

Eventually Gadkin and his young “brethren” in the area created their own tin-cup band. He nurtured his love for music never missing a chance at any school function. He attended the Wales Community High.

Today the 28-year-old’s love has turned into a full-time occupation, “Music is really, really important to me. I don’t do anything else except music.” The music he says is “consciousness” and they do not promote violence rather, he explains, the music encourages people to seek out their “roots, culture, everything except violence”. He tells of his journey to Black Watah.

After his tin-cup band days, through a mutual acquaintance Gadkin says he was introduced to Benji, his Black Watah partner, and along with two others they formed a group called Marcus Family. They caught their first break on the Mark Benschop show and after several songs and a few years the group split and as Gadkin puts it, “Everyone hold on a level”.

Then came Ian Johnson’s Talent Exclusive show where Gadkin was a one time winner. The show searched out new talent live on television. Later, he said, he reconnected with Benji and again they formed a group performing on Talent Exclusive.

The duo then decided to form a group again and with the name Truly Blessed, created a 15-song untitled album and Gadkin explained that the music was released overseas.

It was the feedback from the release that led to them changing their name from Truly Blessed to the now Black Watah and now the twosome is hoping to conquer the world and showcase Guyanese talent.

Gadkin says he draws his inspiration for the music from “the things we go through and the Most High”.

Having finished their personal accounts Benji Diamond and Gadkin kicked back and sang a verse from their song “Beautiful” for The Scene.

Their voices were really something to listen to; soothing almost and are sure to remind many of “back home” as well as intrigue others about the Guyanese culture.

“These women are beautiful”, the Black Watah song repeats and encourages women to be independent, focused, trust themselves and be the best.

Finally, Benji Diamond, expanding on why they changed from Truly Blessed to Black Watah, said the initial title portrayed them as Gospel singers. They opted for Black Watah, a more cultural title, which also reflects one of the things which makes Guyana beautiful and the group’s reggae essence.

“We believe in the Most High,” Benji said, “and some of our songs will show you that belief, but we’re reggae; culture music.”

Let down

I have really not had enough time anymore to dedicate to this blog. I still love my Guyanese artists and support you still 100%. I feel like I'm letting you down.

I have some new music out of Brutal Tracks, they are yummy!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Music:Tiffany Issacs - Want me back

A nice one from Ms. Tiffany Isaacs aka Bliss. I enjoyed listening to this throwback sound. Groovy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

X2: Jumo and Adrian - Album Launch

Taken in full from Stabroek News
X2 – Adrian Dutchin and Jumo Primo (Photo courtesy of Kross Kolor Studio)

In a searching sort of way the question can be asked whether the Kross Kolor duo of Adrian Dutchin and Jumo Primo has really set the standard in Guyanese music and manager Burchmore Simon would eagerly say yes, but whether the singers have or not a new kind of interest is certainly there.

“They have set it… the history and the record will show that they have set the standard because prior to the release of ‘Krazy’ Guyanese music was actually d-e-a-d. And I know I might be chastised for this but that is the truth,” Simon said at a pre-launch on Thursday for the group’s first studio album. Simon believes that the track, “Krazy” was the beginning of a beautiful revelation in local music.

The Bonny Alves and Eze Rockcliffes among others are well respected and recognized for the trail they blazed, but Simon is of the opinion that Jomo and Adrian revolutionized the way Guyanese music has connected to audiences here and abroad; that basically they have changed the game.

The frenzy that X2 (Jumo and Adrian) creates serves as the rationale for what Simon has said.

It has been five years, longer than it actually seems, since X2 first released the single “Krazy” and created an interest that previously was not there. Simon feels that they have “brought Kross Kolor and Guyana intense recognition” saying they now have a fan base in Europe. Incidentally, the duo will tour Europe next year following a request from a producer in Amsterdam who heard their sound and was fascinated. Simon disclosed on Thursday that the producer is spending some 35,000 euros on pre-tour promotional activities alone.

The success story that is X2 unfolds to a new chapter tonight when the album, ‘Kross Roads’ is officially launched at Duke Lodge. The album is the end of five years’ work beginning from the release of first single, offering a taste of a few songs previously recorded and 12 new tracks. It also includes a reggae remix of ‘Krazy’. Prior to the album launch X2 had released ten singles.

“Well you know this is who!” Jumo exclaimed on Thursday in his signature style before he went on to explain that the album embodies what they have represented over the years.

20091114handsomeJumo represents the raw energy of the group and his waist action is highly rated. According to him, they each bring a different style to the sound when it is combined.

Adrian, the showman of X2, was quick to point out that the album is fresh saying that it also celebrates what is local. “The album is there for people to judge. Hopefully people will go out and buy it, listen to it, love it and spread the word,” Adrian added. He said the journey over the years “was not easy”, adding that people never get to see the struggles.

In breaking down the new album, Simon said the basic ingredient which makes it fresh “is how the guys sound”. He said the album also moves away from digitalizing the sound and more emphasis has been placed on indigenous sounds given that a few percussion instruments were used. He also said that the sound is more acoustic.

As for a favourite track, he said, there is something for everyone including R&B and reggae, but Simon feels a little more connected to the track titled, “They Don’t Know’. According to him, it is a slow ballad type song which brings out the struggles of X2, “this is the track that has the least going on in it but it tells the real story,” he said.

X2 was one of the first local groups to be signed by corporate Guyana when it entered into a contract with U-Mobile and today it continues a relationship with Digicel.

Donovan White, Marketing Director at Digicel commended the group for developing Guyanese music to the level where it is on the crest of “great opportunities”. He noted that the home-grown talent of Adrian and Jumo has reached other Caribbean territories through their exploits with two regional bands. Jumo has been performing with Bryon Lee and the Dragonnaries while Adrian linked up with Krosfyah.

“I dare you to go out and buy the album,” White urged yesterday. “Don’t pirate it. Don’t beg them. Don’t steal their work. This is their blood, sweat and tears. They have done it because of you to put Guyana on the map.”

Simon, who is the Executive Producer on the album, explained that he has travelled and heard the music of X2 being played on New York streets. He said too that the Amsterdam producer who is linking up with the group next year actually heard the X2 sound coming from a café and investigated. The producer emailed Simon repeatedly, but the mails were ignored because they were in Dutch. The producer later visited Suriname and met another producer who knows Simon.

X2 album launch has been touted as the biggest to hit the country and the first in High Definition television. It gets underway tonight at around 10 o’clock. (ianaseales@yahoo.com)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gospel: Vision

Vision is an all female group from the Eccles Assemblies of God. These ladies rock.

Lion of Judah (I like this one)

You lifted me:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Struck Root (sigh)

I was listening to this band todat after a long time and was thinking that their first 3 songs that they promoted were pretty damn good. So I decided to check them out on myspace and see what they are up to and what new music they have, then I read this shit:

StruckRoot is a four piece rock band from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The current lineup comprises Ricardo Dupret - Vocals, Andre Rahaman - Guitars, Rawle Staunton - Bass and Samuel Constantine - Drums.

The band was formed in Guyana (a country known mostly for the Jim Jones tragedy and located north of Brazil) March 2004 by Andre Rahaman. The original members consisted of Andre, Ricardo, drummer Jude Mendonca and bassist Romeo Yong.

This is all these ingrates can say about their homeland Guyana, Jim Jones? That's it?? So sad, they have to be fakers to sell themselves, we're from Brazil, that gives you so much cred doesn't it. Unpatriotic bastards!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Is Dancehall going to the dogs?

With every generation comes change. Ever generation tries to outdo the previous generation. When Rock and Roll hit on the scene there was outcry that the world is going to hell in a handbasket. That didn't happen and it still will not. God music lasts and the others are forgotten. I don't know why dancehall is being picked on, if you look at the tv shows these days, everything is more racy and raunchy, vampire series, bachelor dating 12 women to find the perfect one, gay-couples match making, Kate and Jon.

Dancehall is Jamaica's contribution to the world, why would you want to even think of banning it? What/Who is behind this censorship? Who don't like it don't listen. These artists need to come together and stand up for their rights. Instead of calling for the banning also of Soca, they have their own artist association that will say ( as a jamaican would say) "if ona na like it, go suck yu ... Sex is a part of life and if as a parent you allow music to be your child's only teacher of things of a sexual nature, you have the lay the blame for their wayward behaviour on yourself. The onus in son you.

Other views - Letter to the Editor this week in the Stabroek News.

Dear Editor,

Change is inevitable. Everything changes over time, even music. And so we would have seen that within all the genres of music, there are changes in composition and delivery. This does not necessarily mean that the foundations of the different genres of music has changed, but just that subtle changes would have been made probably to phrasing, timing, harmony, or lyrical composition.


Reggae is a musical genre which was created here in the Caribbean in Jamaica and is one which has evolved and which continues to evolve. Reggae by right originated out of two other genres known as Ska and Rock-steady. Tempo wise it fits snugly in the middle of the two for it is slower than Ska and faster than Rocksteady.

Lyrically Reggae deals with a plethora of issues ranging from love, religion, drugs, poverty, colonialism, racism, and general third world politics. The genre also covers a lot of Pop music coming out of the United States and Europe.

But in the way that Reggae evolved from Ska, Reggae gave birth to Dancehall Reggae.

Discovered more or less by accident in the late 1970s, Dancehall Reggae, or Dub as it is popularly known, began simply with Disc Jockeys (DJs) chanting over the B side of Reggae 45 rpm records at Dances.

The lyrics for Dancehall were far less serious than those used in Reggae. A lot of emphasis was placed on the more socially appealing themes at that time, like the everyday Rude Bwoy, Area Dons or Donman, and a reverence for sexual dexterity in men and women.


Even though interspersed were some songs that glorified and promoted violence and also exposed the vulgar side of some artistes, it was not enough to taint the entire genre. People still rocked on to the Pepper Seed, Action, Medicine, Bogle, World Dance and the Stink Riddims, to name a few. Everyone got up and danced when Second Class Love came on with Carol Gonzalez and Buju Banton. That remains an all-time Dancehall classic!

Sadly the Dancehall arena has now changed drastically for the worst. Today the King Jammys and the Sly and Robbies of old have been replaced by producers like Stephen ‘Di Genius’ Mc Greggor, Not Nice and Daseca Productions. Beenie Man and Buju are still present, but they are now overshadowed by the likes of Movado, Vybz Kartel, Bugle, Demarco and Busy Signal just to name a few. Beautiful rhythmical Dancehall Reggae has been replaced by robotic heavily syncopated break beats and copious overdoses of synthesized keyboards. The poetic deliverance of messages of sexual grandeur and the often funny lines that dealt with strategies on how to get and keep a man or woman have all been replaced with hardcore verbal pornography! Many Dancehall artistes today have taken the themes of sex and violence way overboard. Absolutely nothing is left to the imagination.

The depiction of violence in modern Dancehall Reggae is as gruesome as it gets. And people go to parties to listen to this sewage of lyrics and actually claim to have fun. I am sorry for the generation of youth growing up on this filth called Dancehall Reggae. I often wonder what music this generation would play for their children as examples of music from their time.

Read the rest here. Also this video talks academically of the proposed banning.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Lyrics: Timeka Marshall - The Way You Love Me

This is her best song writing so far. Best line is "But on it's retreat It found it's corresponding beat."


Never thought I'd Go through this again
My heart has been Sitting on a shelf
Never looking for anything
But on it's retreat
It found it's corresponding beat
Never thought I'd give it another try
But this love is taking over me
Can't hide

It's just the way you love love love love love me
Makes me wanna try again baby
The way you love love love love love me
Got me flying high

Summer aint summer
If it goes without it's shine
My days are winter
If I don't see you smile
Give me butterflies
Lift me right off my feet
Then sink right back to ground
Cause babe you make me weak


I wasn't looking for no sweet love
But you came around and showed me some real love, yea
You give my heart an unfamiliar beat
You make my bitter sweet
You teach me to care
I wasn't looking for no sweet love
But you came around and showed me some real love, yea
You give my heart an unfamiliar beat
You make my bitter sweet
Erased all my fears

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's T-I-M-E-K-A!

So, Ms. Marshall's video with Busy Signal is premiering tonight on Jamaican tv, so youtube should have it in a few days or maybe by tomorrow.

Anyway, this is an interview in Kaieteur News with Busy Signal, in which he praises her talent.

The other side of Busy Signal - ‘Timeka is image and talent rolled up in one’

The name Busy Signal is taking the Caribbean reggae and dance hall music scene by storm. His music has attracted wide appeal from all ages, and the situation is not different on the local shores. While the artiste is known for some of the raunchier dancehall presentations, which he treated his Guyanese fans to during the recent Jamzone Summer Break Weeken, many fans argued that Busy Signal knows how to sing and make the ladies scream his name in wild abandon. On August 28, thanks to the Hits and Jams Entertainment group Guyanese Reggae and Dance Hall music lovers had a full dose of the artiste at the Jamzone Reggae splash and some are still talking about his performance.

Busy Signal, during a one-on-one interview with Kaieteur News Entertainment (KNE), said he is set to release a double album of Reggae and Dance Hall music in November and he promised that it will be a real collector’s item.

While he’s an energetic artiste there is another more positive side to Busy Signal the man as we discovered during a one-on-one interview.

KNE: Most people are of the opinion that youth cannot amount to much. As an artiste what have you to say to that?

Busy signal: As an artiste I can say for sure music for me is a blessing from God and I use it to uplift the youths and encourage them to keep out of trouble and to stay positive. I also encourage them to stay away from the bad side of the law and don’t get involved in the troubles and influences of the street.

KNE: What does ‘Busy’ use for inspiration in writing music?
Busy Signal: I use life and the people. I also look at the system and how people are treated.

KNE: You’ve been involved in the music industry for just about four and a half years. What have you learnt and what is the message to budding artistes?
Busy Signal: It eventually brings hype and bling but more than that, it’s a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. It is not about you; it’s about the people and giving them what they want to earn their love.

KNE: Where to from here musically?
Busy Signal: It’s just higher heights; no limits. I’m working on a double album that would feature one side reggae and another full of dance hall tracks for release in November.

KNE: You’ve worked with Guyanese artiste Timeka Marshall on the song ‘Feel fah’. What are your impressions of her as an artiste and her chances in the music industry?
Busy Signal: Image and talent rolled up in one. To me, she already got the image and not just taking for talking sake. I say she’s great, got a lot of talent and I recommend that she gets more songs out and showcase her creativity. For me, iIf she didn’t have talent I wouldn’t be on a song with her cause I don’t do joke stuff with my music and to me she’s not watered down. To me people have to really get their thing sought out for me to even listen, and when I heard her and realised her abilities as writer I say she’s one to look out for from Guyana and the Caribbean in time to come.

Gully vs Gaza

Well not exactly, but it's Jory vs Mr. Limpy.

I've been watching drama unfold with increasing interest since there are so many responses and chat backs.

In a nutshell Jory feels wronged by a promoter that has supposedly not paid him his monies for his performances. Using one of the promoter's faults, Jory successfully gets his point across without calling any names, lyrically it's brilliant, musically it's a lasting piece. Like any seh-seh story someone always have their piece to say, in jumps Fojo who used names and called both Jory and the promoter "Cry Baby." I didn't like this butting in, too many names being called. I guess I wasn't the only one because Ilaman jumps in with chat bout, where he calls Fojo a woman for getting into the seh-seh story. Alabama jumps in to attack with 2 songs, "Pay me" which was alright, it didn't seem like he took any sides just stating his position on being paid, however he butt back in with "What Jo don't know," heavily dissing Jory, calling him badminded and ungrateful, and possibly gay since he don't have a baby mother. Musically it sucked. Fire Fred, who I haven't heard in a while ain't tekking lef, he comes out swinging at Alabama. Alabama you in for a fight, try deh.

The art of fighting these musical wars is not using any names, which only Jory and Ilaman does, so I give it to them for this. The others need to watch it before somebody gets seriously hurt.

Why are both Alabama and Fire Fred dissing on Timeka?? What does she have to do with this? Yall don't try to pull down my girl, her video with Busy Signal premieres tonight in Jamaica. Can't wait.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Adrian Dutchin 'Finally' Releases an album

small_Adrian Dutchin.JPG

Adrian Dutchin the three times soca monarch has released an 17 track album appropriately titled "Finally."

According to gtvibes.com, this is a "collection of some of his work he compiled in response to public demand." It features a mixture of soca, chutney and a hint of RnB coming from Promises remix.

The album features collaborations with Peter Ram (For Me), Terry Gadraj (Rum Drinkers) and De Hitman

Also reported on GTvibes.com, Dutchin said he's very ready and feeling happy and excited about his fans having an original copy of the album in their hands and is also excited about being nominated for the 2009 Accolade awards in several categories.

Additionally, next year he might be back to regain his crown in the 2010 Soca Monarch competition. Good Luck.

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Music: Envy Riddim

New Riddim out of Brutal Tracks

Position Artist My Rank
1. Roger 7
2. Natural Black 4
3. Ilaman 3
4. Mystic 2
5. Tiffany 6
6. Lil J (our own Guyanese Sean Kingston) 2
7. Jory 1
8. Kester Gospel on this riddim is a lil weird but hey gospel taking over. 5

I really like Ilaman and Mystic is such a unique character. Good job.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Events

It's labor day weekend in NY. This year's parade is expected to pull nearly 2 million spectators and revellers. We I will not be on the parkway and have not been there for about 5 yrs. I can't deal with all those people, I'm patience is thin. I might pass around by the Guyanese corner. Yes, Guyanese corner, which leads me to to this, why Guyanese people can't get their sh*t together?

Come on, every year there's a big gathering at the Guyanese corner, why hasn't anyone organized this thing and make it meaningful. Ask the city for a permit and put it in the park next door. Have a lil donation going to send money to some home in Guyana or something man, geez Guyanese yall does make me feel so ashamed sometime.

What happen to Guyana Day, they organized this thing yet?

Secondly, with all our stars, why don't we have a float not a Trinidadian float with a Guyanese flag, a big Guyanese float, with out stars man, geez, do I ave to come up with some money and do this myself? Why don't we have fetes with these artists, Adrian and Jumo, Natural Black, even Timeka, wasn't she suppose to have performed in Maryland about 2 weeks ago? I just ain't even able type anymore, I vex!

Anyway there is the Guyanese folk festival this weekend. Go out and support we people.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Re: Timeka is a video girl

From the comment section:
Anonymous said...

are you really going to make a whole article from the fact she was a video girl now even though she did not sing a note. we need to develop our own star and stop getting all excited because Timeka is trying to be a Jamaican reggae personality.

I say and read carefully:
If you were paying close attention, you will realize that this is the pre-quel to Hush/Secrets. This is how they meet and then the result.

Besides she is not just a video girl in this shoot, she is THE video girl, this is not fade in fade out shots, you can see her fully face, body everything. It's intended to give her more face time in an industry where if you aren't seen you're forgotten about. She is the spotlight in the video, there aren't any other girls vying for a booty shot. Besides As talented as Peetah is, he's isn't much of a looker.

Re: What else will she be? Guyana has no independent music genre except for the unknown Shanto, so where ever she goes, she will be falling into a mold whether it be Jamaican reggae, Trinidadian soca, American pop or RnB. Fact is she's trying and making waves doing it. Don't knock her hustle!

Come back and check for her video with Busy Signal.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 2009 Accolade Awards

The Accolade Nominations Panel is currently considering the 2009 roll that will showcase various genres of music and highlight supportive personalities in the local music industry. Accolade Music Awards of Guyana is billed for November 21, 2009.

The Panel will review submissions from over 20 primary contributors in the form of Local Music Producers/Recording Studios, Disc Jockeys, Record Bars and Media Entertainment Personalities to determine the nominations roll in 40 categories covering the period January 1, 2007 to June 30, 2009.

This nomination period is way too broad. I understood the last period was the catch up period well it seemed so in my mind but hey, I guess next yr it will be July09-June10.

In all the categories, excluding those identified for special awards, no less than three (3), no more than four (4) artiste will be chosen for each and then presented to the public for voting using website and SMS text messaging.

Local Disc Jockeys, Media Entertainment Personalities, Music Producers/Recording Studios, Record Bars and the public participation at large will also feature prominently in the various tiers of voting to determine the winners who will be known and announced for the first time at the Awards Show. The entire voting process will be supervised and managed by a reputable audit firm.

If there was any rigging who would really care enough to take it to court?

An eligible artiste for the purpose of these nominations is considered as a person who was either born in Guyana; or attain naturalization status and or; a person who has lived in Guyana for the full eligibility period (January 1, 2007 to June 30, 2009).

Artiste may be eligible for any number of general categories. Where there are fewer than the minimum required amount of eligible entries the panel may use deliberate judgment, including making the entry automatically eligible in the same category for the following year.

I think I might live in GT for a yr and win an award, see you next yr :)
The Accolade website is better this year, but on all the promos they failed to put the url there. come on guys, no 1/2 stepping on this thing. Go all out even if you buss..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Golden Brown Skin

Timeka is featured as the leading lady in Peetah Morgan's Golden Brown Skin video. Nice song, Timeka looks good, but really with that high yellow color is that golden brown skinned?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lyrics: Eddie Neblett - Anointed

Blessed are those who have a clean heart
Oh and worship the lamb upon the thrown

Oh I believe that I will prosper
and will succeed in all my ways of life God knows
And no matter how many evil come my way God knows
I will make it with my head up high
For the lord has lift mine eyes onto a higher place
And he said if I believe I’ll live by his grace

I’ve been anointed to prosper
I’ve been anointed to rise on high
I’ve been anointed as an overcomer
Nothing that form against me will prosper

Take heed brother man less you falter oh no
Let not the pleasure of this world full your eyes
Just be kind to one another one another yeah
And let the glorious light of the father shine
For he’s sited at the right hand of the father
Making petition for his people here on earth yeah

It is written in the Holy Scriptures
Seek ye first the kingdom of the father and his righteousness and I say
And all other things will be added unto you
With faith in your heart you‘ve got to believe that the father will see you through
For he’s sited at the right hand of the father
Making petition for his people here on earth

I’ve been anointed to prosper
I’ve been anointed to rise on high oh well
I’ve been anointed as an overcomer
Nothing that form against me will prosper
I’ve been anointed yeah I’ve been anointed yeah
I’ve been anointed yeah yeah you know to rise on high
I’ve been anointed you’ve been anointed yeah
You’ve been anointed oh well yeah you know to rise on high
You’ve been anointed oh to rise yeah anointed to prosper
You’ve been anointed yeah ooohhh oh well and I say
You’ve been anointed oh to rise on high it’s in you.

Bighombre you the man!

Lyrics: Eddie Neblett - Mr. Musician

Father guide I and I, oooohh yeahhhh ohhhh wooooo !!

So much times I’ve tried teach the youths them how to live

Together, as one with everyone woooyy

But so many contradicting music they are hearing

And are following each verse in every song….woooooyy

Mr. Musician, what is your intention

Is it just the millions or is it the nations

Why there’s so many violent lyrics in your song.. ohhh

For us to move along, this can’t go on

Youths are looking up to us for their direction

And follow in our footsteps everyday

God knows yeahh

The road that they travel, will decide their destiny

As role models, don’t let the youths be lead astray woooow

So Mr. Musician, what is your intention

Is it the millions or is it the nations

Why there’s so many violent lyrics in your song…. woooooo !!

For us to move along, this can’t go on

Teach the youths the truth and the right

Teach the youths the truth and the right

Every man has a right to decide his destiny

But children will adapt to everything they hear and see

So teach all the children only love can set us free wooooy

And we all can live in love and harmony

Mr. Musician, it’s our responsibility

Mr. Musician, there is no reason

For those violent lyrics within your song….yeahhhh

For us to move along, this cant go on.

What about humbleness, what about reality ooooi !!

Tell me what about teaching the youths their history

What about teaching them education is the key, yeah !!

Teach them of the father, he reigns in majesty oohh well

Cause that’s the only way Mr. Musician, hear what I say

There’s no reason there’s no reason ohhh

So I say

For us to move along, this can’t go on.

Thanks to bighombre again!

Lyrics: Eddie Neblett - Love N Unity

Edward Neblett pon the microphone stand
Check the trend yow hey hey hey hey Yeah
Well it’s all about love and unity
Peace and harmony
Respect in every aspect
You see wuh me a seh, check this.

What happen to the days when we use to
come together and use to live as one
When love use to flow through every girl and woman
And every boy and man
Now there’s so much war and crime and
destruction roaming through this land

But all the youths them come to turn that around
So we go suh then.
Every body stop the fuss and the fighting
Cause this a the time for uniting
All uh me breddrin and sistrin
Whole heap uh love we sharing, hear we sing.

Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Right ya now me come tell you something
The war and crime it nah fun thing
Put down the knife and the gun thing
Leave that fe hunting hear we sing
We want the war them fi end
Right ya now we come set the trend
Cause we want a better future for we family and friend them
So we guh suh then
We nah kay where you come from and what’s your name
One blood alone a run through we vein
Unity you know say that is the game
Everybody come lets join the love train
Wave all the hands them from left to right
Cause you done know how to unite
Everybody jump in a line come on and sing the punch line, in time.

Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Just let all the love them show
Cause we nah want the war them no
Unity a the best way to go
Lets go lets go lets go lets go
Only father can set we free
From all mental slavery
So we can live in harmony
You and me in harmony

Say inna me brain and inna me mouth and inna me hand
Me know me have the skills to set me foundation
Nobody coulda ever stray me off of me plan
Me stand up pon toppa deh riddim and siddown pon toppa deh version
Cause me put me trust inna the almighty one
Ah him gimme knowledge not to mention wisdom
Ccause him gimme guidance and protection
That is why I can stand and say.

Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

What happen to the days when we use to come together and use to live as one
When love use to flow through every girl and woman and every boy and man
Now there’s so much war and crime and destruction roaming through this land
But all the youths them come to turn that around
Then we go so then.
Every body stop the fuss and the fighting
Cause this a the time for uniting
All uh me breddrin and sistrin
Whole heap uh love we sharing hear we sing.

Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Love and unity, peace and harmony………………… love and unity hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Timeka in Maryland: Aug 29th 2K9

Karib Nation, Inc.
in association with Good Times
Timeka Marshall Live & Direct from Guyana!
4103 Baltimore Avenue, Bladenburg Maryland

Music by Bobby's Music Machine
Hosted by Neil Mattei of WPFW

Restaurant & Lounge
Doors Open 10pm


Blogging ain't easy for people who got others thing to do

It's summer in NY and I'm enjoying it outside not sitting infront of a computer..But I'm here to keep the people informed..

Timeka is on the grind and I don't fault you at all girl, work it, work it! I'm really looking forward to see the "Feel Fah" video with Busy. It's Timeka..

Some photos from the shoot and a promo.

Friday, July 31, 2009

If I had died...........

That means no one would have missed me :(

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My tribute to MJ

I just spent my time looking over some of Michael Jackson’s video and to add to the chorus, he’s definitely up there in the stars.

My favorites videos are Remember the Time, the whole Egyptian theme gets me all the time. It’s always strange to see MJ interact with women, it always seem so awkward, I think it’s because he was so shy.

The imagery he evokes in his music and videos are just out of this world. Stranger in Moscow with the Black and White and the rain, just bring out the struggle to find yourself in a world that seems so lonely. In you are not alone he starts the video with him walking alone past the paparazzi and the cameras are flashing with him looking oh so sad. I honestly believe that Michael was a lonely man. I enjoy Liberian girl, with all the celebrities, it’s just out of here, especially with him making fun of all the stars, how important they think they are. The child that is trapped in him always comes out.
One of my favorites for content and video is “They don’t care about us” filmed in Brazil, the drums beating, the harmony, the colors (I love that red shirt I want one), the way it’s performed, below the beat! The message is more intriguing.

Beat me, hate me
You can never break me
Will me, thrill me
You can never kill me
Jew me, Sue me
Everybody do me
Kick me, kike me
Don't you black or white me

Weather skin disease or skin bleach, although he embraced all cultures of the world, his African-ness was still alive although he wished not to be defined by it. The same message was echoed in “Black or White. He incorporated dances from all around the world in 1 video. I especially liked the Indian woman and him in the streets.

Can’t forget “You rock my world”, his character reminds me of Jim Carey in the Mask. He’s always fusing different cultural elements in his work. I believe to some extent he was very academic about his music. For instance we see Chris Tucker is used in this video, it could almost be an off shoot of Rush Hour with the Chinese element and Chris seems to be a big MJ fan from him doing the musical number in the movie. How brilliant was making all the sounds of the movement of the life of the club coincide with the beat of the song. I loved that.

The best dance move for me was the extended spin and the lean, whenever I see it I’m still amazed. His best look for me is his “Don’t stop til you get enough” video look. That was when he was a handsome young man.

Thriller scared the scrap out of me when I was younger, but I couldn’t stop watching it. The man, the legend, the rumors. No other what they say about him, there will not come another like him in my lifetime. It’s so sad it came as such a price to his emotional balance. There’s so much to say good and bad, but only God will be the final judge of a man. Rest in Peace.

Friday, June 26, 2009

New Music:Timeka Marshall feat Busy Signal: Feel Fah

I like this one. She's improving, which is very good thing, beat is tight. The vocals sound very smooth. The only thing I don't like is the T-I-M-E-K-A and the "song finish" on the end. I guess this song is to get her name out there...it's Timeka!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

The world's greatest musician

LOS ANGELES -Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" who once moonwalked above the music world, died Thursday as he prepared for a comeback bid to vanquish nightmare years of sexual scandal and financial calamity. He was 50.

Jackson died at UCLA Medical Center after being stricken at his rented home in Holmby Hills. Paramedics tried to resuscitate him at his home for nearly three-quarters of an hour, then rushed him to the hospital, where doctors continued to work on him.

"It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until results of the autopsy are known," his brother Jermaine said. Police said they were investigating, standard procedure in high-profile cases.


I kinda didn't want to post anything until tomorrow when this has really set in. At this poing I still don't believe it.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Oakleys Baby!

Is this how Timeka will look when she wears her Oakleys. She will be the official Caribbean spokes person/model for the brand which usually targets athletes.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Music: Gialiani and Fojo: Remember the Time

Fojo is releasing alot of music this year, some very good stuff...however, Michael Jackson is broke and might sue you for this one, he wants his share of the Cuffy Bob that you will make off of this.

Remember The Time - Don Gialiani feat. Fojo

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spotlight: Gialaini

Written by him.

Born and raised in the capital city Georgetown, Guyana as Carlton Jevaun Washington referred to as "Gialaini" developed an early love for music listening to records and cassette tapes of music greats from my dad's collection. the release of Jay Z' 'Reasonable Doubt' in '96 and Mase's 'Harlem World' album in '97 completely turned my attention and focus on hip-hop music. (my rap influences are: Jay Z, Mase, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Juelz Santana and Kanye West). From there on, making beats on desk tops, freestyling and song writing was practically a regular day for me in the early years of high school. After high school, a few friends and i formed a group called 'Ragz to Richez' in around 2002, and thats when my recording career began. Our group was short lived but we did make a few hits ( After Party & V.I.P ) which were very incouraging even after we were no longer together. I then began my solo career working with popular producer, singer, song-writer 'Fojo' of 'Platinum Studio' and the song titled "Rude Boi" featuring Fojo was an instant hit. The music video premiered on every local television station simultaneouly and got great reviews in Ent. newspapers, magazines and websites. The releases of dancehall crossover 'Get Down' featuring Typheon and Malo and rock crossover 'Escape' featuring Andrew soon followed and were both recorded at the 'Brutal Tracks Studio'. Im currently working on a video for "Escape" after completing the "Mr. Universe" video which was done for a freestyle track and im also working over time to complete my album titled "Destined" as soon as possible.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Music from Timeka Marshall

Ms. Marshall is pumping them out. New singles were released this week.

1. The way you love me: A mellow reggae-soul number.

The Way You Love Me - Timeka Marshall - Timeka Marshall

2. Doesn't Matter on the Grease Money Riddim. A mix between reggae and pop, very uptempo. A dance tune.

Doesnt Matter (Grease Monkey Riddim) 2k9 - Timeka Marshall

I don't like it as much. Her voice sits too high on the the riddim, it doesn't ride it. It would be better without the "dub." Also it seems to be along the same line as her previous release LOVE, which I like better.

Can't wait for her and Busy Signal.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Christ-like Soldiers (CLS)

About a year ago The Scene had identified Christ-like Soldiers as an ‘up and coming’ local gospel group that was looking “to spread the message of Christ in various musical genres”.

The soldiers, Joshua Benn and Sheldon McKinnon, remain passionate about what they are doing.

During the interview last year Joshua and Sheldon disclosed that they had produced a few singles and videos with their songs “Check Your Life” and “Christ-like Soldiers Doing their Best” being two of their earliest releases.

They have since been taking steady steps, which both members hope will be the launching pad for much bigger things. They have since recorded the video for their song “Too Blessed to be Stressed” and were able to record their single “Abomination”. Preparations are now being made for them to shoot a video for this song.

New management

In their search for success, the soldiers have changed their management and are now under the watchful eye of Edge Management Association (EMA). This management group headed by Eworth Williams and Kencil Banwarie caters specifically for promoting the performing arts locally.

Kencil told The Scene that Christ-like Soldiers approached EMA for management, and the firm agreed because it sees potential in Joshua and Sheldon. “We recognise that these two guys have potential and that they can have a future in music. They are humble and genuine and they love what they do,” Kencil said.

He said that the priority right now is “trying to establish a fan base in Guyana by exposing the group to concerts”. He also identified the creation of music videos and new songs as being important. Consequently, he disclosed that the management is working with the two singers in compiling an album, which they hope to complete early next year. He also said that the group is making efforts to have its music digitized.

Meanwhile, the duo is doing a lot of promotion on the internet and has an official artiste’s page www.myspace.com/sheldonandjoshua. Videos are also on You-Tube.

According to Kencil, EMA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Righteous Records Entertainment of Trinidad, which has agreed to help any group that comes under EMA management with its music production. He was optimistic that Christ-like Soldiers would be able to benefit from this agreement and said that they are looking for a corporate sponsor who would assist in funding for the video.

Now on board with EMA, the Christ-like Soldiers seems to have added even more ammunition to its plan to do its best.

Meanwhile, both Joshua and Sheldon are continuing pursuing their other career goals. Joshua is continuing his studies in Sociology at the University of Guyana. Sheldon is currently employed at Habit International Supply and is pursuing studies in accounting and theology. And he’s now preparing to get married later this year.

However, their dreams “to make it big” in the gospel industry are still very much alive.


To Blessed

Doing our best

Christ Like Soldiers: Too Blessed

Christ Like Soldiers: Doing our best

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is how to keep your man

I've been told that this song is making the rounds on the airwaves of Barbados. A Guyanese woman advises Bajan women how to keep their Bajan men. This is very ironic considering the current state of affairs in Barbados where our Guyanese brothers and sisters are being harassed, those who are legal, even those who are just passing through on their way to Guyana or other nations. Thanks to Lloyda for posting it. The quality is not great as it is recorded off the radio. I sure got a kick out of it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vote for StruckRoot

Struckroot needs your vote:

We need your help to keep StruckRoot at the top of the MMA Music Battle Finals on indiesolo.com! Here's how: Go to www.indiesolo.com/mma as frequently as possible over the next seven weeks and vote for StruckRoot in any of the MMA Music Battles. Your votes will help keep the band at the top of the charts. To vote just click Draw for the bands that we're not competing against until StruckRoot shows up in the battle then click on the three stars for us. Please be patient since this might take a few minutes before the band shows up in a battle. Rules For MMA Music Battles Voting for the Championship Round begins May 15, 2009 at 12:00 AM EST and ends July 31, at 11:59PM EST.
The system only allows you to vote for the same song battle only once. For example, if Band A vs Band B appears as a battle, you cannot vote for this battle again. Once you vote for all the possible battle combinations, the system will not allow you to vote anymore. The system is designed to create fair band battles by randomly creating equal song battles. The system allows you to vote for which song you like the best and by how much. Each voting scale is weighted according to the number of stars. A three star win rating is worth more than a two star win rating and so forth. The band that has the top song as of 11:59pm on July 31, 2009 will win the grand prize package. Your support makes all the difference! Every vote counts. Thanks to everyone who takes an active part in this.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Music & Politics: Jory vs the Rapist

I heard it through the grapevine that back in the day someone slapped Jory for singing about him. Turns out that man is now before the courts for allegedly raping a young woman. Jory responds:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Melanie Fiona: Sad Songs

This young woman voice raises the hairs on my skin in a good way...

Melanie Fiona: Teach Him

Featured in the recent movie "Obsessed" Starring Beyonce.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lady Guymine passes on!

Our most prominent female performers, known specifically for her "Granny Fit" number has died at 76.

Remembered as a very competitive person, cultural icon Monica Chopperfield better known as ‘Lady Guymine’ was saluted by those who knew her following her passing on Thursday at age 76.

Opposition party, the PNCR said that Chopperfield was one of the country’s outstanding citizens and cultural ambassadors.

Her fellow Calypsonian Geoffrey ‘Mighty Rebel’ Phillips recalled that he was in many contests with her and she was very competitive and always felt that her compositions were good enough to win. He recalled that they used to go around in caravans and she “used to be the granny of the team”. The calypsonian noted that Chopperfield, along with other members of the local calypso fraternity, was a member of the People’s Culture Corps, a band that was based in Sophia under the PNC government.

Philips recalled that at one point in their careers, they were at loggerheads but this was eventually resolved and they became friends again. He stated that he showed her the respect that she deserved and on a visit to the United States in 2007, he urged her to return home. “I said to her ‘grandmother, you getting old, it time for you to come home’,” he recounted.

Chopperfield returned to Guyana last February and Philips said that he had last spoken with her last week. He recalled that recently he hosted a programme on Channel Two to honour her and the Mighty Kaieteur but she could not attend owing to ill-health. He stated that though she was very competitive, they always had a “nice” relationship.

Meantime, the PNC stated that Guyana should be grateful to Lady Guymine for, she not only extracted what was best from the world of music but she also brought those unique qualities of a Guyanese to different parts of the world and won the respect of many who crossed her path. “Death has brought to a close an outstanding musical career that began in Guyana and took her further afield to the Caribbean and North America. In her career path, Lady Guymine rubbed shoulders with some of the leading musical figures of the day, especially the great West Indian Calypsonians, the Mighty Sparrow, Lord Nelson and others. Her talent was a match for theirs,” the PNC said.

The party noted that it was only in 1966, when she participated in the Mashramani celebrations as Lady Guybau, that she entered the world of calypso. After being noticed by the legendary calypsonian, the Mighty Sparrow, she was invited to tour Trinidad and remained in his tent for two years. “As a calypsonian she entertained Guyanese, West Indians and the Diaspora. ‘Granny Fit’ was one of the most loved renditions. She was ranked fourth in the 1985 World Calypso Competition,” the PNC recalled.

The party noted that Chopperfield was not confined to any single musical genre and in her early career she was known as a ballad singer and, along with one of her contemporaries, Annie Haynes, became one of the early purveyors of innovative jazz and swing vocals. The party extended heartfelt condolences to the members of her sorrowing family.

Chopperfield was born on July 31, 1932, in Berbice and has lived in Georgetown, Linden, and New York. Her performing career started in a show produced by Zelda Martindale at the roofless Olympic Cinema on Lombard Street. For that show she was billed as “Baby Monica”. She would go on to sing across Guyana, in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Suriname, French Guiana, Brazil, and the United States.

--How come all this info is coming from the PNC, doesn't Guyana have a single archive on all our great citizens?

Lady GuyMine: Granny Fit

1994 @ Brooklyn College:

More recently:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

??Guess What:??

#1 Timeka's All Night was submitted by her Barbados-based management team to be the theme song for CSI Miami....so go choke on it!

#2 Pyramid Entertainment, you copied these lyrics from me...I should charge yall, I should be copying it off of your site. Now fix the all night lyrics, that's my best guess for some of those words.

#3 I like the remix of Shelly G and Fojo - Bolo Bolo. Go check on it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

4th Annual school concert

While I defend Shelly G's use of the word daggering in her Soca Monarch winning entry, I however condemn the fact that she will be performing at the school concert. None of Shelly G's songs are for kids, maybe with the exception of "Only love can set us free." Just imagine our little pre-teens and just smelling themselves school children singing: Touch Me, Wuk me right, Freaky Freaky, Bruk me up, Bag girl, A Want a man, Jook Jook, Never Never (in which she is fighting a woman for her man but without the class of Brandy and Monica, The Boy is Mine.

Burchmore, your judgement was wrong on this one. Shelly G is an adult entertainer.

School children are once again being given an opportunity to see some of the popular local artistes on stage for a small fee, compliments of Kross Kolor Records (KKR).

KKR hosts its fourth annual school show at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Saturday, May 23.

Among those scheduled to perform are X2, Vanilla, Shelly G - the reigning Soca Queen, X Factor, B52, Ossie O, Big Red, Tennicia, Rajesh Dubraj and HRC who are all expected to give electrifying performances. Well known television personality Basil Bradshaw is slated to be the master of ceremonies (MC).


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Timeka Marshall is #1

and # 10...read it and weep haters!

RE-TV Music Video Countdown


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Texting now comes to Guyana

Not really: The two major companies are not interconnecting when customers can text to every other country in the world. Not residing there currently, I never knew there was a barrier...

Digicel and Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) subscribers will finally be able to interconnect via Short Messaging Service (SMS) from next month.

A joint release issued yesterday said “Digicel and GT&T are pleased to announce that they have come to an agreement to enable cross-network mobile texting in Guyana”

“Customers of each network will from June 1st, 2009, for the first time, be able to text customers of the other network”, the brief release added.

The issue has been contentious and one which Digicel had been plugging for a long time. GT&T had indicated its willingness to facilitate the move but reportedly had some concerns it wanted to iron out. A senior official within GT&T had said that the agreement was something that the company stood to benefit significantly from but stated that there were issues that had not been properly addressed.


No more hating

I think I've had enough of all the hating on Timeka. There's a difference between a critique which is based on pros and cons and just saying negative things that have no basis in the truth. Saying her lyrics sucks is one thing, but I think some have crossed the line, who she sleeps with is her business. It's mindless, spineless(since no one had even signed their names to it), childish and unpatriotic!

I will not accept any more of those comments!
Let us give our artists a chance.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nudie Rihanna


What's all the fuss about?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recording Studios: KrossKolor Records

Burchmore Simon
Despite back and forth arguments about the success of Mashramani 2009, outstanding achievements by local musicians, artistes and producers who have dedicated their time and energies to the development of music especially for the season.

Over the years Kross Kolor Records, like so many other local recording studios has made a sterling contribution to the development of the 'sleeping giant' of a local music and mash industry, the KKR bunch stands out from the crowd.

Looking back to 2004, Dutchin copped the third place spot at the Inaugural Carib Soca Monarch competition.

The following year, 2005, the KKR artiste with Simon's full input upped his game and was crowned king of both the Soca Monarch and the Road march competitions and remained on top of both events in 2006.

Also in 2006 KKR team member Tennicia De Freitas was crowned Children's calypso monarch.

In 2007 the KKR crew lost the Soca Monarch title to Malo but copped the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places as well as the best new comer prize through Lilman, Bonesman, Adrian Dutchin and Vanilla respectively.

That year too, the Road March title was won by Vanilla while the Junior calypso crown was won by - Tennicia Defrietas .

In 2008 Dutchin re-captured the soca monarch crown while his team member Lil-man held onto the second spot. That year team member Michelle Big Red King was crowned Raod March queen while De Freitas held on yet again to the school's Childrens' Calypso monarchy for yet another year.

The KKR crew's winning ways continued this year with Vanilla copping the soca monarch second place Lil-Man (B52) placing third and, Bones man copping the 4th spot. Vanilla also copped the road March crown while De Freitas placed 3rd in the junior calypso Monarch. The addition this year is the 2009 Chutney Monarch won by Rajesh Dubraj.

That stated it shows that Kross Kolor and its artistes have always been in the top three of the main mash music competitions for the past six years, and this some opine has to be as a result of dedication and hard work by all.

Simon has said a great part of the success at Kross Kolor records is the unique ability to get all the artistes to work on behalf and support each other.

He said the key is corporation at the artistes' level, "They help plan each other's presentations and ensure that on competition night or day they help out each other, celebrate each other's successes and encourage each other when they underperform."

He described his Kross Kolor team as "fearless and not afraid of a challenge," and stated that his group's first aim always is to focus on the development of Guyanese music.

Another reason given for the KKR successes is that "a lot of emphasis is placed on personal development and artistes and their success, failure is never an option" Simon said.

He categorically noted that whenever someone performs below par an immediate postmortem is done and remedial steps taken. "The future of each team member is planned and each one knows the plans for each other so that petty jealousies are eliminated as much as possible," Simon noted.

As the curtain is drawn on Mash 2009 activities Simon says planning has already begun to ensure that only the best is presented for Mash 2010 as Guyana observes its 40 republic anniversary. And while it has not been confirmed chances are three time monarch Adrian Dutchin will be back in the competition saddle for 2010.

I believe this came from StabroekNews