Monday, August 4, 2008

Ilaman - Raised in the streets

Hot new track out of Brutal Tracks camp from Ilaman. Love it!


Anonymous said...

Again GT,like I was saying, this is a good effort lyrically but again the quality of the recording is letting them down.With industry standard equipment similar to what Vizion has the recording standard should be much higher than this. I see no comparison with what is coming out of B'dos or TT. I love my GT music since the days of Gemtones,Telstars,Syncopators,Rudy and the Roosters,etc. I play mostly GT stuff in my car but one needs to be objective. My question would be are local recordings except for Vizion on par with the remainder of the Caribbean and if so how much of a market penetration do they have outside Guyana? We need to have some debate on this less as a people we settle for mediocrity as a standard.


Anonymous said...

i like it... yes it could have been better, but sir tell me which song did vision sound do??? name one. and when i say do i mean build the track, record and mix ;) i happen to know the music... the actual music scene over here. and it's not what you think.