Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pamela the Diva for Accolade Awards

Pamela the Diva, goes to Guyana!! I hope they have a special 1/2 segment just for her to perform because once she starts singing, she does not want to stop. I also hope they have a special manicurist(flown in fron China) for those nails!!!

Must go dig up video footage of PA--MEL--A.

Arrowhead Promotions, Thursday, November 6, 2008, Press Release –

As a hit artiste of the 70's whose sensational voice still resonates with thousands of music lovers, Pamela Maynard's presence at Accolade – The Music Awards of Guyana will guarantee no one is lost, lonely and helpless.

Pamela's homecoming is filled with anxiety not only because of her endorsement of the Accolade but also for those who recall her versatility in most areas of popular black music including reggae, soul r&b, jazz, calypso and soca. She await the moment almost with impatience like every other Guyanese who looks forward to this magnificent big night, bringing together celebrities in an appropriate variety of disciplines to take the audience through fever pitch, nerve-hitting excitement.

Pamela is a talented Caribbean diva with a vocal range and expression to make an immediate and lasting impression on all manners of different audiences around the world. Unlike other acts fresh to the UK and European markets, Pamela has extensive professional experience in music.

Born in Georgetown she is the daughter of Guyanese singer/songwriter Mavis Maynard, who wrote Pamela's debut hit Lost, Lonely and Helpless. She performed alongside
Eddy Grant at a memorable show in their hometown. Pamela was still attending school at that time and was already singing at parties and functions at the age of five. Since her father also ran a local sound system her knowledge and love for music was built on rock solid foundation, and her in-depth familiarity with the classics never failed to surprise the assorted bandleaders and galaxy of big name acts she would later sing within years to come.

After leaving school in 1976, she joined the army where she sang for visiting dignitaries such as Fidel Castro. She also represented Guyana at song festivals and from the age of 15 sand lead and backing vocals with Yoruba Singers and then Sid and the Slickers.

Pamela will be accompanied to Guyana by her Manager Ira Lewis who shares an amazing sense of optimism, anxiety and readiness. They are part of a larger overseas contingent of outstanding Guyanese musicians, young fresh talents, regional and international entertainment media are in the ready mode to fill the coveted slots for international participants.

Pamela promises to be the 'stunner' among those of her epoch and the fresh new line-up of contemporary talents, from her red carpet appearance to every other aspect of her involvement in sustaining a blissful mood as her tribute to the Awards Show.

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