Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adrian Dutchin, Jory and Peter Ram on O.M.G Remix

From Stabroek News:

New kid on the block Jory Hector is going international as he has now teamed up with Barbadian soca star Peter Ram and his Guyanese counterpart Adrian Dutchin to produce a racy piece.

Adrian Dutchin

Peter Ram

The original song, “OMG”, which was sung by Adrian, produced by musical-genius, Keyes and recorded at Kross Kolor Studios, has reportedly been blazing the airwaves. However, the official remix is anticipated to be a definite “chart-topper since these three amazing artistes have added their unique styles to this groovy dancehall mix”.

According to the release, Jory, who is vividly heard in the second verse articulating his appreciation for well-figured women, complements the chorus with eight bars of cunning rhymes, innuendos and slangs that are sure to thrill music lovers everywhere including his budding fan base.

Jory Hector

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