Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spotlight: Adrian Dutchin

I had a dream about Adrian. I dreamt that he was performing at Madison Square Garden and I was there to see it all. So, I believe that this is a sign that he will make it BIG. I think so, he certainly have the talent for it.

This was most likely written in 2006, because in 2007 Malo was crowned Soca Monarch with "Gimme it." Adrian reclaimed the crown in 2008 with "No Place like home."

From his bio:
Dutchin is synonymous with soca in Guyana, there is no way you can talk about local soca and not include the 'king.' And he is the king, you know. In February, for the second consecutive year he was crowned Carib Soca Monarch and has been on a high since. He's already planning to continue his supremacy in the local soca world come next year. Adrian was also crowned the Mashramani 'Road March King' for his song "One", the same song that won him the crown in the soca competition. And just a week ago, Adrian released the music video for "One". But Adrian is more than just a soca king. He is a true entertainer and songwriter and at the young age of 24, has already made a name for himself not only in the local arena but overseas as well. This, coupled with his good looks - though he is a bit on the short side - has the ladies going wild especially since he has teamed up with 'Rubber Waist' Jumo under the moniker X2. Recently the 'king' took time out from his busy schedule to sit down and share with The Scene. And while we would like to say that his name is also synonymous with the words "Tick Tock", Adrian says it is more than that.

Several years ago, Adrian Dutchin entered the local music scene as part of 'Seven'. Remember them? A group of school-aged boys belting out a song called "Promises" with Adrian, maybe just around 15 years old, as the lead singer. They sang other songs but it was "Promises" that made them popular. Adrian recalled that the group was made up boys mostly from one street attending one school and it came into existence after he spoke to a friend about collaborating and singing a song with him. "That friend spoke to other friends and they all wanted to be a part, so I said 'you know what, why don't we start a group?'" But as they say all good things must come to an end and the group disintegrated after the members decided they wanted different things in life. He said that it was also because of the limited scope music has in Guyana that the parents of some of the group members were not in favour of them vigorously pursuing a music career. He recalled that they had a meeting where everyone spoke out and after some discussion it was decided that everyone would go their separate ways.

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