Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spotlight: Natural Black

There's just something about Natural Black, the vibes, the melodies, the words

From his myspace bio
Mortimer Softley born March 16, 1975 in Plaisance, East Coast Demerara, started singing on the streets of Guyana before he moved to singing in bands. It seems like destiny that he should later come to reside in Jamaica, which he has been doing for the past 11 years as he actually started singing mostly songs coming out of Jamaica. He got his practice by singing some of the veteran songs such as Burning Spears, Don Carlos and Lucky Dube. He then started listening to Buju Banton and Beres Hammond so it was no surprise when people described his sound and style of writing as a blend between the two artistes and by then it was easy to make the transition of coming to Jamaica in 1995. On arrival to Jamaica he first started linking with Red Rose, Freddie McGregor and producer Gordon Lee from Sonic Sounds then entered Beres Hammond’s camp where he remained for 2 years.

‘Spiritual Food’ was his first album done for Roger Grant of Pot Hot Records in France which was followed by ‘World War’ also produced by Roger Grant. Both Albums were released in 2004. The album that introduced him as an artiste on a mission with a message and one to be reckoned with was ‘Far From Reality’. This album, produced by PG’s Music, with the hit single of the same name and ‘It Nice’ had everyone wanting to know exactly who was this Rastafarian and propelled Natural Black into the spotlight after its release in September 2004. Both songs went number one all the local charts and did extremely well on the international markets. ‘Jah Guide’ was his fourth album done by stalwart producer King Jammy’s himself, ‘Cool Nuh Black’ was the next album produced by Walter Frazer, manager of Vision Sounds. Both albums were released within one month of each other and both albums did well. The album ‘Love Gonna Conquer Evil’ was his sixth album produced by Byron Murray for In Da Streets Records released on the Conan Label out of Guyana.

His current album ‘Wise Decision’ is produced by Swansea for Brutal Tracks Label. This album is currently in negotiation with a major recording company and features the hot single ‘We don’t Play’ which also has a sensational music video that is expected to do great. Natural Black has grown from strength to strength and has been a staple on all the major shows in Jamaica. He is just coming off a tour of Europe that saw him performing at the Sundance Festival in Holland and Upsalla Festival in Sweden. Natural is an icon in his hometown Guyana where his people recognizes that he has done extremely well for his country and has represented them well in the music industry. He visits there often as his band First Born is based there. When asked about the music he strongly believes that “the foundation has already been set and it cyan change suh artiste fi jus mek use of this as it means greater things in the future. Just be creative he advises and just think about everything that you do because man defile himself over and over”. Natural Black hails from a family of one brother and two sisters all of who still reside in Guyana. He however has taken Jamaica as his second home as he resides in Jamaica and has four children.

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Anonymous said...

Natural Black
What a faker.
It's about time i highlight this guy, i've been very tight lipped on the Natural Black Issue.
Blacks went to Jamaica to purse his music career, was lying to everyone over there, telling them he's jamaican, basically pretending to be someone he isn't.
After making links in the music industry, came disagreements between him and some popular figures in the Jamaican music industry, which lead to his locks being cut off, and an abrupt return to Guyana.
He then returned to Jamaica to continue his music career, under new management.
His new management sucks, apparently earlier this year, Blacks did a show in Suriname and was advised by his management not to reference Guyana, but only Jamaica, which he did. He bigged up Jamaica all night, and not once mentioned his real home Guyana.
This fake stuff from Natural Black doesn't end there.
Blacks was recently in Guyana for some shows, where he was on television saying to the Guyanese public, that is Buxton where him born and grow, when people that know Blacks know that the guy is from Plaisance. What is wrong with the guy? The big dreads in Guyana respect his music, but don't like how the fella disowns Guyana when on the international platform, and don't respect his saying that he is from Buxton when he isn't.
Story doesn't end there, Blacks was booked for a show locally, when he and a local promoter had it out. Blacks was paid and time to perform had come, when he was busy smoking backstage, and the promoter didn't take it nicely cause it was time for him to perform and he was doing other things. The promoter actually bad up Natural Black, bad up, meaning box him up, thump him up, then he preceeded to go to the stage and perform.
Natural Black was also arrested in Guyana, on the East Coast where he is from by the military. He was in a car with his brother and another guy and they were rude to the officers, and carrying on very celeb like, but then they searched the car, and found a spliff, and they were all taken into custody, where they then saw a more sorry, begging side of Natural Black.
I personally respect his talents, but dislike his character, and believe that people should know the man for who he really is.