Friday, May 9, 2008

Spotlight: Shelly G

I like Shelly G, I think she got what it takes to move to the next level...

Her latest release L.O.V.E although strained as some points sounds hauntingly like Ashanti singing the ballad. I hope that was not intended..

From her bio (edited)

Shellon Onica Garraway aka Shelly G, started singing with Talent Exclusive - a show produced to spot new talents on by Mr Dynamix in 2004. In 2005 she made my professional debut at the National Carib Soca Monarch with the song “Touch Me.” She secured the number two spot over some of the more seasoned performers. Shelly G graduated from Cotton Field Secondary School in the county of Essequibo.

In December 2006 she released her first album titled 'Shelly G Online ' and was recorded by various studios in Guyana. The album was produced by Ian Johnson of Dynamix Recording Studio. Tracks on the album include:
  • Touch Me
  • Tired
  • Come Over
  • Jook – Jook feat Xcelent(Jamaica)
  • Celebration Time feat Fire-Clann
  • Put It On Meh
  • Ooh Boy feat Fyahnese
  • Party feat JB

Other tracks feature collaboration between Dynamix and Platinum Recording Studio, "So High", and "What You Mean To Me". This Album is available on her websites or

She worked on a 15 track album recorded in Jamaica in April 2007 for the Vizion Sounds Label. This album is a mixture of Soca and Dancehall flavours and were recorded in New Creation and mixed by Bobby Digital. The musical production was done by the Fire House Band. This project is sponsored exclusively by the Vizion Sound Records Guyana. Tracks on this album includes:

  • Freaky Freaky
  • Bump and Grind
  • L.O.V.E. Me
“My music gives me a chance to bring all races together as one in a world where segregation is just a word.” . I want to take Guyanese music to the next level and bring home Guyana’s first Grammy.” - Shelly G

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