Friday, May 2, 2008

Spotlight: Timeka Marshall

Not sure who wrote this, butgot it off her myspace.

I'm yet to see her perform live, but I like what I see so far. Atleast she's cuter than Rihanna :)~

For release

Who would have thought that a simple jingle for a local company would be thestart of a music career that seems destined for success? Well that isexactly how young Guyanese singer Timeka Marshall got her break. In 2006 alocal telecommunications company staged a competition for their new jingle.Timeka entered and won. This became the springboard for recording her firstR&B Single "We Should Separate", which was released and quickly followed bythe music video. Produced by Muzikmedia and shot on location in Jamaicaboth the track and the video gained popularity on the Caribbean music sceneand held their own in heavy rotation on radio and television stations acrossthe region. Yet there was much more to unearth in the way of Timeka'stalents.

After performing "We Should Separate" on the Guyanese entertainmentcircuit to appreciative audiences, Timeka was keen to cultivate hersongwriting talents and attended the Barbados Music seminar and Showcase inFebruary 2007. There she blew regional and international music executivesaway with her obvious talent and enticing sensuality. With just oneperformance of the gritty dancehall track "Nothing At All", Timeka was immediately signed to a developmental deal which would see her working withsome of Jamaica's top producers. Timeka's commitment and hard work in the months she spent in Jamaicahas paid off, with the release of two singles – "Free" and "Ice-cream Boy"(a fresh taste on a classic) produced by international reggae producer CliveHunt and his team of talented musicians. Her relationship with Jamaica andthe treasure trove of musicians, directors and producers there continues togrow. As soon as the two singles were in heavy rotation on Guyana's airwaves, Timeka returned to Jamaica to continue recording. This dedication is a clear indication of her intention to take her music throughout the region and beyond and add to the growing list of Caribbean artistes who now rank among the international superstars of the entertainment industry. But this intelligent young woman is already acutely aware of howfickle the industry can be, and as such has already landed lucrative endorsement deals. She has been chosen as a spokesperson for the DDLFritolay brand and in this role she has visited several schools in Guyanaimpressing on the students the importance of education and HIV/AIDS awareness.

When she's not in the studio, Timeka can be found gracing thecatwalk of numerous fashions shows and is one of the most sought aftermodels in the Guyanese fashion industry. Such is the diversity of hertalent.It's barely been a year since winning that jingle competition, yet TimekaMarshall has accomplished more in that short time than she could haveimagined. Following on the heels of veteran musician & producer EddieGrant, Natural Black and First Born's reggae success, Timeka has begun toreposition Guyana as a viable force on the international music scene. Andher work is far from over.

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Timeka needs to stop sleeping with the producers all over the caribbean...many young women in the business try that...she is getting a really bad rep!!