Saturday, July 12, 2008

Carifesta Back to Guyana

CARIFESTA stands for the Caribbean Festival of Arts. It is the region's roving, multidisciplinary, mega arts festival which attracts a wide range of creative artists from various Caribbean and Latin American Countries. CARIFESTA was the culmination of the idea that started in 1970 when participants at an Artists and Writers Convention in Guyana complained about the absence of an outlet to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Region and at the same time give recognition to its outstanding artists and art forms.

That's from the offical Carifesta X website. The events will be held from August 22nd-31st. I won't be there. Form reports around the internet, it doesn't sound well planned. Lots of artist that you read about here will not be exhibited. The major bone of contention is copyrights!! Will these artists creation be protected, will they benefit financially from it?

Here's the theme song by Ilaman, Gialiani, Celeste David and Tamika Marshall and Roger.

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