Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Accolade Nomination Panel targets diverse music styles

Artiste to be nominated in 35-categories

Music lovers are buzzing with excitement as Accolade- the music awards of Guyana intensifies preparations to celebrate music excellence and achievement by local artiste who have made their mark.

The Nomination Panel comprising Burchmore Simon, Music Producer, Kerwyn Bollers, Entertainer, Sean Bhola, Song Writer/Producer, Jaya Manickchand Attorney-at Law,(what doesn an attorney have to do with that this, they might as well pick little old me, is she related to Minister Priya Manickchand?) and Malcolm Ferreira, Radio Announcer/DJ is aiming to capture a diverse range of musical styles with a line up of 35 categories for which artiste will be shortlist for Awards on November 30th. The period under consideration for these awards is January 1, 2004 to December 30, 2006.

Local Disc Jockeys, Radio Announcers, Recording Studios, Record Bars and the public participation at large will feature prominently in determining who the winners will since they all play an important role in the music industry.

An eligible artiste for the purpose of these nominations is defined as:

1. A person who was either born in Guyana; or attain naturalization status and or;
2. A person who has lived in Guyana for the full eligibility period (January 1, 2004 to December 30, 2007)

The Nominations Panel comprises individuals with good standing, demonstrated expertise and knowledge of the overall industry or individual categories. The panel will forward their top five (5) suggestions in each category to the Executive Committee which will then select the top three (3) in every category to present to the public. (Internet voting, text message voting?, they might as well have created Guyana Idol)

Artiste may be eligible for any number of general categories. Where there are fewer than the minimum required amount of eligible entries the panel may use deliberate judgement, including making the entry automatically eligible in the same category for the following year.

Once again Guyana will be making its mark in the international arena by rewarding artistic excellence in the music industry through a premier event comparable to international Award shows such as the Grammy’s and the one produced by BET. --This seems like a stretch.

Indeed, the line up of fantastic performances will represent a climax for the local entertainment diehards and at the same time promote and represent a hype for the local music industry. Guyanese are asked to prepare themselves for an event which can only be billed as an excellent experience - from red carpet entrances to outstanding local and regional performances from a mind blowing awards ceremony to international celebrity endorsements.

The music industry is at a critical crossroad and deserves every effort to highlight its achievements, motivate its artistes, elevate standards, encourage artistic excellence and utilize talents that may be inclined to engage in negative endeavours. True True True!

(Email: accoladeawards@gmail.com )

Here is the complete list of categories for Accolade Awards 2008

1. Chutney artiste of the year (Male)

2. Chutney artiste of the year (Female)

3. Best Chutney Band of the year Sugar Cake Girls

4. Best Chutney Album of the year

5. Best groovy soca single (Male) -what does groovy soca mean?

6. Best groovy soca single (Female)

7. Soca single of the year My pick: No place like Home - Adrian Dutchin

8. Best soca album solo duo or group My pick: X2

9. Best reggae single There are lots to choose from; My pick FirstBorn - Headlines - does this song fall into the time period, am not sure.

10. Best soca compilation X2 feat. Gillo - Tick Tock

11. Best non soca compilation - this is a stupid category

12. Reggae artiste of the year I'd have to think about this one. Are they forgetting reggae group? Firstborn

13. Best rock alternative artiste or band StuckRoot? Brutus?

14. Best jazz album Never heard it out of Guyana. There's SOAD on myspace, but he's not living in Guyana.

15. Gospel artiste of the year (Male) Edward Neblett

16. Gospel artiste of the year (Female) I can't even think of one that has enough music out there

17. Gospel single of the year Love N Unity - Edward Neblett

18. Best RnB artiste of the year

19. Best Calypso artiste of the year (Male)

20. Best Calypso Artiste of the year (Female)

21. Best Hip Hop/Rap artiste of the year not Gialiani

22. Living legends award - Eddy Grant - do it now to bring credibilty to this awards show.

23. Cornerstone award what does this mean?

24. Band of the year BrutalJammers

25. Producer of the year

26. Media award print/internet

27. Media Award- radio/television

28. Best new artiste Ilaman for sure

29. Best music video Woman or Love you til the end - Fojo's camp did their thing here.

30. Song of the year

31. Studio of the year Brutal tracks

32. Album of the year Do artists make whole albums, the only one I've heard is Ballys new world order

33. Entertainer of the year

34. Lifetime achievement award

35. Best Dancehall artiste of the year Now this is tricky, how much of the music produced in Guyana is actually played in the dancehall?

I'll do some research and see what's up with the categories I missed.


KenDaBeatMaker said...

yes there are some bugs in there but it will be fun tho. ;) can't wait... lol next year gonna be mad trust me, cause the songs gon be fire, atleast from me lol

Anonymous said...

No categories for musicians: Keyboards, Guitar, drums, horns, etc. The frigging music must make itself! Everybody knows that is computa does do de wuk, right?

What about the people who actually do the work?....the studio engineers and tracking assistants? Maybe you think records make themselves too? That is an art in and of itself. What about the video producers, editors and camera operators who bring those half-dead songs to life?

This alone exposes the event for what it truly is...a total fraud and an insult to anyone who is even remotely musically inclined. A non-event put together by the tone deaf to big up the musical parasites and pimps who hang around the music business in GY.

Which is why I am absolutely shocked to see my I-dren Burch Simon and Sean Bhola (real musicians, producers) actually involved with this obscenity.

Oh well,