Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mouth Open, Story Jump Out

This story is too sweet to let past by. yesterday Guyana's First Lady Varshnie Jagdeo, held a press conference to finally come out to the public about her ill-treatment at the hands of our esteemed President Bharat Jagdeo.

No wonder Guyana is not progressing and we're behind in everything except proverty and criminality, our President himself is a cold and callous man. Wasting the people's time, harassing this woman when he could be doing great things for Guyana. I am so ashamed.

Some excerpts:
I have been begging our President for financial assistance so I can live, for the past ten years and have not received it. I have had to depend on my parents who are pensioners and my family to support me. It is shameful at this stage of my life to regress to having my parents support me.

I had wanted to leave many years ago and tried to get our President to co-operate with me to call it a day amicably. He refused to entertain any dialogue until after the last election. Then everything went into overdrive by his hand.

It is funny and sad to hear the politicians talk about the campaign against domestic violence, investing millions to “stamp it out” etc when what I am experiencing is hi-tech domestic violence and persecution. Our President is using his office and state resources including Ministers unprofessionally to disadvantage a woman.


For almost 2 years (2003-2004) I was denied access to the Presidential apartment at State House. If I was not home by 6pm the apartment door would be locked with the latch from the inside so my key could not open it.

Even if I was home at 6pm I would be in my room by myself, where all I could do was read and listen to music. We were two people living separately under one roof.

When I was locked out, I would have to spend the night on a sofa on the 1st floor, without a sheet, get murdered by mosquitoes, praying for the night to pass quickly so I could get into my room bathe and get to office, or to my public engagements etcI got no sleep at all during the period I was locked out. Eventually I would walk with a change of clothes, just in case and then go to my Aunt’s house nearby to bathe the next morning. Making a joke of the water tank at State House not having water.

Demerara Waves broke the story and LivinGuyana followed up by posting the full 10 page release.

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