Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The song and dance continues:

Imagine this man is leading a whole nation. He scammed us all by pretending to be married so he could be elected...Guyana is in need of new leaders with vision and moral values. President Jagdeo needs to be charged with something, how could you be legally divorced if you were never legally married? Only in Guyana...

Varshnie Singh was never legally married to President Bharrat Jagdeo, raising
suspicion about whether the Guyanese leader had indeed genuinely lost the relevant marriage registration forms at least twice.
Sources close to the President insisted that he had legally divorced from Singh but they would not go into details about how that was possible. However, a lawyer familiar with the matter corroborated Singh's account that the marriage, according to Hindu rites was never legally registered. A source familiar with the 1998 ceremony
described the wedding day as a "confusing" one, resulting in the Pandit failing to have the couple sign the relevant documents. The source told Demerara Waves that the first set of forms had been signed but Jagdeo lost them after which a second set of forms had been obtained and he lost them again.

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