Monday, June 15, 2009

Christ-like Soldiers (CLS)

About a year ago The Scene had identified Christ-like Soldiers as an ‘up and coming’ local gospel group that was looking “to spread the message of Christ in various musical genres”.

The soldiers, Joshua Benn and Sheldon McKinnon, remain passionate about what they are doing.

During the interview last year Joshua and Sheldon disclosed that they had produced a few singles and videos with their songs “Check Your Life” and “Christ-like Soldiers Doing their Best” being two of their earliest releases.

They have since been taking steady steps, which both members hope will be the launching pad for much bigger things. They have since recorded the video for their song “Too Blessed to be Stressed” and were able to record their single “Abomination”. Preparations are now being made for them to shoot a video for this song.

New management

In their search for success, the soldiers have changed their management and are now under the watchful eye of Edge Management Association (EMA). This management group headed by Eworth Williams and Kencil Banwarie caters specifically for promoting the performing arts locally.

Kencil told The Scene that Christ-like Soldiers approached EMA for management, and the firm agreed because it sees potential in Joshua and Sheldon. “We recognise that these two guys have potential and that they can have a future in music. They are humble and genuine and they love what they do,” Kencil said.

He said that the priority right now is “trying to establish a fan base in Guyana by exposing the group to concerts”. He also identified the creation of music videos and new songs as being important. Consequently, he disclosed that the management is working with the two singers in compiling an album, which they hope to complete early next year. He also said that the group is making efforts to have its music digitized.

Meanwhile, the duo is doing a lot of promotion on the internet and has an official artiste’s page Videos are also on You-Tube.

According to Kencil, EMA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Righteous Records Entertainment of Trinidad, which has agreed to help any group that comes under EMA management with its music production. He was optimistic that Christ-like Soldiers would be able to benefit from this agreement and said that they are looking for a corporate sponsor who would assist in funding for the video.

Now on board with EMA, the Christ-like Soldiers seems to have added even more ammunition to its plan to do its best.

Meanwhile, both Joshua and Sheldon are continuing pursuing their other career goals. Joshua is continuing his studies in Sociology at the University of Guyana. Sheldon is currently employed at Habit International Supply and is pursuing studies in accounting and theology. And he’s now preparing to get married later this year.

However, their dreams “to make it big” in the gospel industry are still very much alive.


To Blessed

Doing our best

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