Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spotlight: Gialaini

Written by him.

Born and raised in the capital city Georgetown, Guyana as Carlton Jevaun Washington referred to as "Gialaini" developed an early love for music listening to records and cassette tapes of music greats from my dad's collection. the release of Jay Z' 'Reasonable Doubt' in '96 and Mase's 'Harlem World' album in '97 completely turned my attention and focus on hip-hop music. (my rap influences are: Jay Z, Mase, Nas, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Juelz Santana and Kanye West). From there on, making beats on desk tops, freestyling and song writing was practically a regular day for me in the early years of high school. After high school, a few friends and i formed a group called 'Ragz to Richez' in around 2002, and thats when my recording career began. Our group was short lived but we did make a few hits ( After Party & V.I.P ) which were very incouraging even after we were no longer together. I then began my solo career working with popular producer, singer, song-writer 'Fojo' of 'Platinum Studio' and the song titled "Rude Boi" featuring Fojo was an instant hit. The music video premiered on every local television station simultaneouly and got great reviews in Ent. newspapers, magazines and websites. The releases of dancehall crossover 'Get Down' featuring Typheon and Malo and rock crossover 'Escape' featuring Andrew soon followed and were both recorded at the 'Brutal Tracks Studio'. Im currently working on a video for "Escape" after completing the "Mr. Universe" video which was done for a freestyle track and im also working over time to complete my album titled "Destined" as soon as possible.


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