Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Re: Timeka is a video girl

From the comment section:
Anonymous said...

are you really going to make a whole article from the fact she was a video girl now even though she did not sing a note. we need to develop our own star and stop getting all excited because Timeka is trying to be a Jamaican reggae personality.

I say and read carefully:
If you were paying close attention, you will realize that this is the pre-quel to Hush/Secrets. This is how they meet and then the result.

Besides she is not just a video girl in this shoot, she is THE video girl, this is not fade in fade out shots, you can see her fully face, body everything. It's intended to give her more face time in an industry where if you aren't seen you're forgotten about. She is the spotlight in the video, there aren't any other girls vying for a booty shot. Besides As talented as Peetah is, he's isn't much of a looker.

Re: What else will she be? Guyana has no independent music genre except for the unknown Shanto, so where ever she goes, she will be falling into a mold whether it be Jamaican reggae, Trinidadian soca, American pop or RnB. Fact is she's trying and making waves doing it. Don't knock her hustle!

Come back and check for her video with Busy Signal.

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Anonymous said...

I must agree with the first post...it is incredible the big deal you are trying to make from the fact that she is a prop in Peetah's video, really!!