Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day Events

It's labor day weekend in NY. This year's parade is expected to pull nearly 2 million spectators and revellers. We I will not be on the parkway and have not been there for about 5 yrs. I can't deal with all those people, I'm patience is thin. I might pass around by the Guyanese corner. Yes, Guyanese corner, which leads me to to this, why Guyanese people can't get their sh*t together?

Come on, every year there's a big gathering at the Guyanese corner, why hasn't anyone organized this thing and make it meaningful. Ask the city for a permit and put it in the park next door. Have a lil donation going to send money to some home in Guyana or something man, geez Guyanese yall does make me feel so ashamed sometime.

What happen to Guyana Day, they organized this thing yet?

Secondly, with all our stars, why don't we have a float not a Trinidadian float with a Guyanese flag, a big Guyanese float, with out stars man, geez, do I ave to come up with some money and do this myself? Why don't we have fetes with these artists, Adrian and Jumo, Natural Black, even Timeka, wasn't she suppose to have performed in Maryland about 2 weeks ago? I just ain't even able type anymore, I vex!

Anyway there is the Guyanese folk festival this weekend. Go out and support we people.

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