Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Malika Boyd: Can she make it?

I haven't heard her in her fullness in a complete song, so I really cannot judge her talent right now.
From Kaieteur News

Cellink Malika Boyd music video for January 2010 launch

Malika Boyd on set

Malika Boyd on set

Cellink Jingle and song competition 2009 winner, Malika Boyd, has just completed her first music video for the winning song “dance love, live give and if all goes well her fans will get the first taste in early January when it is released.
The music video comprises of actors from the Mic James drama group and one also from Georgetown and the video was produced through the Deshaka Productions group that produces the GT&T We linking programme.
Michael James who wrote the song directed the music video while it was funded by GT&T Cellink.
James, Boyd’s manager said the music video will be launched in January 2010 and also informed that Malika is also working on her first album. This James guarantees “will be a hit for all Guyanese to be proud of and she is putting all her effort into making same a reality”.
Malika, speaking of the video said “I had so much fun doing my first music video and I can’t wait for Guyana to see it. I want to say special tanks to GT & T and all my family and friends for their continual support.” She also let up that she has just learnt a new song written by Michael James titled ‘Rain Drops’ and I am in love with this song and am hoping that you will too Guyana”.

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