Friday, December 11, 2009

Wine til you Drop 5 for release

From Stabroek News

Kross Kolor Records (KKR) will shortly pre-release four tracks off its just completed ‘Wine Till Yuh Drop 5’ album on the ‘Devil Doer Rhythm’.


According to a press release from (KKR) producer Burchmore Simon the album features Vanilla, Adrian Dutchin, Jumo, Compton Hodge, Big Red, B 52, G Money and Passion.

The release said that Peter Ram of Barbados is working on his track and “Qupid of St Lucia” is completing hers, while “Guyana Baboo Terry Gajraj is also excited about the Devil Doer.”

Simon has previously produced albums on the Sasparilla, Koction, Capadulla and Teasam rhythms. He said in the release that these were all names of herbs as is the current rhythm Devil Doer.

And like the previous rhythms, a video medley will compliment the release of the album, the release said.

Meanwhile, another press release from KKR said that Vanilla released a single entitled “Pressure”, which is played regularly on local radio and is receiving steady rotation in the Caribbean.

The two times Road March Queen and second place winner in this year’s Soca Monarch competition is to release three more songs as well as supporting videos for Mashramani 2010, just two months away and is reported to be eagerly looking forward to entering the Soca Monarch and Road March competitions.

Vanilla also has five songs on an album titled ‘Tropical Caribbean Party’ featuring 15 tracks by various Kross Kolor artistes and released in Amsterdam, Holland in September 2009.

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