Thursday, December 4, 2008

Accolade Fashion Best Dressed

The Accolade of 2008 was a commendable first step towards getting Guyanese music on the road.
I wasn't there so I am relying on footage and photos and other loudmouths like LivingGuyana and Gt Keep it real for the lowdown.

Here are my best dressed list...I tried to find 10 but but but...

Whoever he is, he wore this suit ghetto fabulous flair and he looks cool and calm

Mondale looks cool in the get-up, nothing over the top but it fit to the culture and atmosphere of Guyana. Keep it real Mondale.

Without the jacket, this is a bold outfit, I like the look.

If someone had described this outfit to me, I'd imagine that FOJO look like a clown, but he looks almost debonair but still hip to the game...go Fojo.

And the best dressed person...Former Miss Guyana, Dessia Braithwaite. She's a woman's woman. It's not over the top but it's elegant, she's lovely, she poised and ready for the event. I hope to see more women dressed with such elegance at the next awards.

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