Friday, December 5, 2008

Accolade: Worst dressed

LivingGuyana roasted Nicolette Fernandes, but he has to remember she's an athlete and athletes never dress up, from the side she actually looks decent.
No who let granny out the house with her silk nightie with her headtie tied around her waist. And why oh why is granny's hair that color, who ever told her it was a good idea shame shame shame!
Maybe it's the angle but she look like's she wearing a pink bag. Skinny people can get away with this, but when you got meat everything got to fall in the right place...
Oh Lord man, everytime I see this picture, I think of return of the Living Dead. Are our women still using baby powder on their faces. Shame Shame Shame!!
FOr a designer and THE designer of this awards what the &$%# is this?

Tsk Tsk (((shaking head)))

Some outfits were not worth mentioning because they were too skankalicious and should have been kept for the after party. Was there an after party?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Loved ur listing, ive got a few of those insane dressers on my blog ( not the same as ur picks)as well..

at least i'm NOT the only one that though Adrea Mcadam looked like a big old blob of pink candy floss!