Friday, December 12, 2008

My thoughts: Rapping up Guyana

Guyana. Rap. Rap. Guyana. It just doesn't go hand in hand. I've was a fan to early rap back in the days while I was back home, but it was always something so foreign unlike reggae and soca, something exotic an . It made you seem cool or special if you could recite one of LLs rhymes.."Mamma said knock them out".. and ever though I was a girl I loved dropping, "I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brother's can't deny.." It was a thing to enjoy and love. My love affair ended with the dead of my Machiavellian lover. Then it changed, it got harder and meaner and sorrowful and more real..the reality of the 'hood, gansta rapping.

How many in Guyana can relate to this 'hood mentality? That right there is the major problem with Guyanese rappers, not the ones who've come to America and can say they have seen or heard or experienced that 'hood mentality. The ones who never left the 83,000 square miles, just don't know what they are talking about or how to feel and phrase what they want to share with he world..

So when I listen to Don Gialiani and T-Cris and JB and who ever else is up and coming, it's with that ear that I try to decipher what they mean but it is meaningless so far..can it get better..I don't think so, unless it's somehow transformed into something more Guyanese or more Caribbean Carib-Hop and Mr. T-Cris says Dub-Hop.

I have to say thought Gialiani has definitely gotten better...

Our rappers outside of Guyana are doing better: Ray Sytes & SHRPSORD are doing much better.

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Anonymous said...

All the hip hoppers in GT need a lot of work to reach int'l standards. The recordings are also letting them down. It seems that mediocrity has become the standard with a lot of crap been posted on Youtube which is an assault on one's ears.
GT, u doing a good job bringing GT music and news to the wider world and I hope I can meet you one day when I am in New York again to talk about our common interest.
Until next time take care of yourself