Monday, June 9, 2008

Accolade - Guyana Music Awards

Saw this on Guyana is going to get a music awards show of it's own.
And the award for best male artists goes to??

The Vision

Accolade coincides with the strategic efforts to “promote Guyana”, by showcasing its rich and diverse arts and cultures. The unique exhibition of our local talent (at another level) is the continuation of the unleashing of our vast potentials in the music industry.

Once again Guyana will be making its mark in the international arena by rewarding artistic excellence in the music industry through a premier event comparable to international Award shows such as the Grammy’s and the one produced by BET.

Indeed, the line up of fantastic performances will represent a climax for the local entertainment diehards and at the same time promote and represent a hype for the local music industry. Guyanese are asked to prepare themselves for an event which can only be billed as an excellent experience - from red carpet entrances to outstanding local and regional performances from a mind blowing awards ceremony to interational celebrity endorsements.

The music industry is at a critical crossroad and deserves every effort to highlight its achievements, motivate its artistes, elevate standards, encourage artistic excellence and utilize talents that may be inclined to engage in negative endeavours.

It is both opportune and ideal that this venture, capitalizing on the positive experiences coming out of Guyana’s successful hosting of Cricket World Cup, (CWC), Rio Summit, Guyana Fashion Weekend and Commonwealth Finance Minister’s Meeting, (CFMM) all held in 2007 and CARIFESTA 2008, be staged at this time.

This celebration of achievements in the music industry will be Guyana’s most prestigous gala event.

“Arrowhead” our promotional group (registered under Business Names: Registration Act Chapter 90:05) is therefore desrious of advancing strategic partnership for high-level media coverage and public participation as part of our inclusive approach to maximize the potential of the music industry.

The Objectives

To recognise, appreciate and reward local artiste and music professionals for their contributions to the striving music industry in Guyana.
To extend motivation and provide exposure for local artistes, all relevant to the growth and development of the music industry in Guyana.
To provide an opportunity for local artistes to market and highlight their talent as a product.
To enocurage and promote qaulity as well as to increase meaningful involvement in an effort to ensure the overall development of the music industry in Guyana.
Live up to the prestige and challenge!

With an event of this magnitude, the music industry will catapult to a new level providing great benefits to be derived all for the maximum advantage of your company.

Coming fully on board will facilitate the upward climb of business by connectiing with thousands of locals, overseas-based Guyanese and non-resident visitors from North America, United Kingdom and Caribbean to more than six events during an eight-month period.

Proposed Dates and Activities

The fantasy of creative entertainment!

June 6th 2008 - Official Media Launch

July 25th 2008 - Cocktail Launch

October 4th 2008 - Accolade Fashion Event

November 30th 2008 - Pre-Show & Cocktail Party Accolade Awards & Mega Show

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