Friday, June 6, 2008

Spotlight: Firstborn

First Born stands for:

F - Forever
I - Inspirational
R - Reaching
S - Souls
T - Teaching
B - Brotherhood
O - Obedience
R - Righteousness
N - Naturally

Guyanese by birth, Rastafarian (by choice) to their very core, this quintet delivers a strain of Reggae music that exuded, spirituality, culture, tremendous brotherly love and originality. Originally conceived as an accapella outfit in the 1990’s, they achieved a breakthrough in 1997 with a live showcase on the Freddy Mc Greggor concert at the Guyana National park, promoted by Vizion Sounds, Walter ‘Wally’ Fraser. The existing of the then line up Troy Azore, Shawn Williams, Trayon Garrett and Lambert Semple, so impressed ‘Wally’ and the late great Dennis Emmanuel Brown with their unique originality that Wally signed them to his label VIZION SOUNDS RECORDS and Dennis Brown offered his special vocals on their debut single ‘Repatriation Time’. This track featuring prominently on their acclaimed follow up album ‘Exodus Chapter XIII Verse 2’ which was recorded at Leggo’s Studio, Kingston, Jamaica with saxophone contribution and musical direction by the magical Dean Fraser. The album gaining two Guyana National Awards for Best New Artists and Best New Group. Rolston Richmond was now welcomed to the unit and has ever since positively added to what is FIRST BORN

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Anonymous said...

Love them love them love them!!!
Keep representing Guyana.