Monday, June 9, 2008

Lyrics - Mystic GT Girl

She's my baby she's my one and only
she's a girl she will never leave me
she's the one who will always be by my side
she's my princess she will never leave me
she's a girl she will never hurt me
She's the one who will always my number one

Beautiful, intelligent and charming for sure
You got the kind of touch that keeps you wanting for more
They will [I have no idea what he says here] strickly hardcore
That's a typical GT girl
They'll Take good care of you just be faithful to them,
They'll be your companion and your best friend
They will stick to you to the very end
And I'm lucky to have one of them

Mannerly kind and well courteous
The kind of girl who will love you up and give you their trust
the way the walk the way the talk will sure to make you lust
that's a typial GT girl
You're looking for a woman that's a virtuous one
who has what it takes to fulfill Jah plan
You found what you've been looking for so long
Well now you can sing this song

I feel so lucky to be here in GT,
To be amongst so many beauties for sure
And I have my baby she's a real cutie
A real Nubian beauty for sure

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