Monday, September 8, 2008

Adrian and Jumo slated to model for Genesis Fashion Rhythm

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Thirty-five (35) gorgeous sexy HOT male and female models are in the shortlist for Guyana's one-of-a-kind star-studded event, Genesis Fashion Rhythm, On Sunday September 28, At Promenade Gardens . Those in the line-up are for further review by the panel which selected from a casts of seventy (70) aspirants.The models will share a three-dimensional catwalk with some of Guyana's most outstanding celebrities in the entertainment industry displaying clothing by top local designers. Genesis Fashion Rhythm will present numerous options to fashion fanatics craving for sassy and enticing designers clothing to wear at Accolade - the Music Awards of Guyana.Making impressions at the casting among the celebrities yesterday were Guyana's Soca Monarch Adrian Dutchin, Jumo Primo, Celeste David, Michelle 'Big Red' King, Kerwyn Bollers, Burchmore Simon, Sean Bhola, Ossie Nedd, Melissa 'Vanilla' Roberts, and Wilbur 'Lilman' Levans.

These local celebrities will become vivid and bold among professional models as they demonstrate versatility, switching roles from stage performances to modeling on the catwalk.Genesis is different and daring and represents a tremendous step forward in the local entertainment sphere. The producers promise to live up to the expectations with quality by confident designers and music professionals. Definitely the evening will see stunning performances by Guyana's top entertainers defining a moment of classic entertainment.
The show will exemplify partnership as it recognizes the symbiotic relationship between business and entertainment; highlights collaboration and the fusion of fashion and music.Genesis is being produced by Michelle Cole-Rose of Facts 'N' Roses, the 2008 Official Designer of Accolade - the Music Awards Guyana. Cole-Rose is also the holder of the Best Country Designer Caribbean Fashion Award.

Check the Accolade website for photos of the casting

Taken from: LivinGuyana Blog

As hot as they are, these 2 guys are short by modeling standards...

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