Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Scene's take on Accolade's live nomination

Nothing to write home about
It was thumbs down for the live broadcast announcing the 2008 nominees for Accolade – the Music Awards of Guyana on Wednesday night last and we’re hoping that it is not a sign of things to come.

Don’t get us wrong we fully support the awards ceremony set for November. It is time the few good Guyanese musicians and other players in the music arena are recognised, but we must call a spade a spade.

Arrowhead Promotions wasted time and money to have the less than 20-minute extremely boring announcement made on two television stations simultaneously. A press release (which it did eventually) announcing the nominees would have been fine, really. There was no need for the live broadcast unless there was something else planned – apart from just the reading out of the names of the nominees. Maybe, a few of the nominees — most of them were present – could have performed? We don’t know but what was quite evident was that more was needed to make the programme interesting.

“Excitement will pitch a level higher” was what was promised during the announcement. Unfortunately there was no excitement much less for it to reach a “level higher.” The “guests” in the studio, mostly the persons who were nominated, looked totally bored and most of them squirmed every time they realised they were on camera.The nominations were announced by designer Michelle Cole-Rose and entertainer Rawle Ferguson. They looked a handsome duo, but they could have put some more life into what they were doing. Teesha Mohabeer, the host, we can hardly call her that, tried, we must give her props, but even her lively chatter did nothing to liven the atmosphere. Malcolm Ferreira, who she invited to give some insight into the awards, did a fine job in his effort to get people excited.What added insult to injury was the almost abrupt manner in which the programme ended. Read the rest here.

And a response:

didn’t see the from the start of the announcement of the nominees. while i agree it did finish akwardly, i differ with your ‘boring’ announcement of the nominess. in the announcement of awards we look forward to such as the emmys and grammys, a similar format is used in which two to three persons read the nominees with some of them finding out at the same time that they have been nominated. this undoubtedly adds some excitement and rawness to the announcement. of course we don’t have to follow tradition but don’t make it seem that bad when it actually isn’t. like you, i look forward to the awards which from information being received promises to be a rich event.
My take:

I didn't get the see it at all, and no one so far has described what exactly took place so I can't really comment. If you saw it you can comment.

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