Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Typheon Launches New Video

I haven't talked about Ms. Typheon yet. I was waiting to see/hear more work for her inorder for me to decide if she's a 1/2 hit wonder or a budding entertainer. I honestly liked the Shake it off video, although the song was almost incomprehensible. Word out there is that this vew video lacks the creativity and liveliness of Shake it off.

Shake it off singer launches new video
BY Staff
Wildfire Productions recording artist, Typheon, will launch her new music video “Not in Love” tomorrow (Sept 21) at noon on HJTV Channel 72.

A release from the entertainment company said that this video follows her first, “Shake It Off“.

The company also urged fans to be on the look out for more videos and international collaborations coming up soon from Typheon and Wildfire Productions.

The 19-year-old local singer’s passion emerged at the age of eight when she saw the Spice Girls performing on television. However it was not until age 14 that she realized her talent for singing and song writing. She concentrated on improving her vocals and material before she emerged into the public domain.

Her professional career started at the age of 17 when she recorded five songs – one released and the others unreleased. She is currently attending the University of Guyana pursuing studies in Public Management. Even though her ultimate goal is to win a Grammy Award, she believes that having an education is most important to her development as a writer and singer.

Typheon also hosted a talent exhibition show on Channel 4 for six months.
The teen is among several who have been taken under the guiding wings of Wild Fire Productions.

~~~~From the other blogs:

"Oh moma.. I read here that you want to one day win a grammy award but I don't see that happening with your latest music video. That video was as nasty as an out of control wild dumpsite fire. You have a long list of healthy demerits.. but need not worry. I will council and guide you through all your numerous faults as a living being.. Yes, I would cry too."

"...You need to call up the director of that video, and sue his mother shitless. The story within the video stunk, the sceen selections were shatty. The camera angles and effects were poor, poor, poor. You have taken a major step back with this video from the first one you did. These types of videos are reserved for Charmain Blackwoman and Terry Gajraj..."

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