Thursday, March 5, 2009

Made in Guyana!

When asked about her one-hot wonder status:
I don’t necessarily look at anyone as “player haters”, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I try my best and just focus on what I need to do. It hasn’t just been one song, I have a number of songs out there. I have also recorded many other songs, but we have not put all out there yet. It is not just about releasing for releasing sake, it is about improving the skill whether it is writing or being in the booth. We are basically waiting to release them at the right time too.

I think you're going to do well, you still only 20. Haters leave her we own! That's right Made in Guyana!

Photo Credits:
Taken by: Xclusive Photo Studio
Outfit: Facts-n-Roses
Makeup: Andrea McAdam.
Hair:Milady’s House of Beauty Assistant Sidney

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Anonymous said...

bad karma a go follow you girl...ur just 20 yo leave the lady husband alone!!!! Him a big big man to you!!!