Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Somebody wants their money back...

Hits and Jams give the man his money!

‘T-Pain’ Concert - A Barbecue Concept?

The organizers of the T-Pain Mash Night Mega Concert; Hits and Jams Entertainment advertised for over a month, creating a huge appetite for a T-Pain performance on the 23rd February 2009, however just over 24 hours before the show they made a national announcement that T-Pain would not in fact be coming to Guyana....

The promise of reimbursement was considered for those consumers who were able to, on a national holiday; Mash Day, submit their tickets within a four-hour period..

To offer an alternative line-up of over used artists as a compromise to an international artist such as T-Pain and expect the audience to accept this and not want their money back is ridiculous....

Following numerous attempts to contact the organizers, who were too busy to take heed to your complaints, I might add, I finally got through to a so-called ‘senior member’, who promised to reimburse my money after attempting to rationalize the fact that they weren’t paying out money because of their “barbeque concept”.
That concept was articulated that once you purchased a ticket for a barbecue and the date has passed you are no longer entitled to a refund. I also heard this concept echoed via the television show that one of the organizers usually hosts.

As an organization they hold full responsibility for providing what they have been advertising or to provide a full refund and foot the cost. A serious organizing entity would have had the insight to agree full contracts that protect themselves and the public from situations such as these...

I recommend that these organizations read carefully the conditions printed on the reverse side of the tickets which state clearly “Refunds on cancelled shows…may be obtained by presenting this ticket to the place of purchase within 60 days of the event”.

This was shortened, the full letter below.


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