Thursday, March 19, 2009

Timeka on the prowl!

Go Timeka, it's your time to shine girl.

This is from the Jamaican Observer.

Drop dead gorgeous, talented and charis-matic. Those are the words that best describe singer Timeka Marshall. Marshall is hunting for the big break with her hot new single, All Night, of which a sexy and steamy video directed by Jay Will, has been making the rounds.

"It's a feel-good song and it was a lot of fun making the video. Right now I'm back in Jamaica working on some stuff including some collaborations which I can't talk about right now," an excited Marshall said recently.

Marshall ... I'm really excited with the way things are looking

She heated up video screens with the video We Should Separate a few years ago and she is banking on All Night to make her the next big star out of Guyana, a country which has already produced hit-makers including Eddy Grant, First Born and Natural Black.

See how dem Jamaicans only for Reggae, how about hit maker Adrian Dutchin?

"Right now I'm working with Shane Brown and I recently did some work with Preston Onfroy on the Disturbia rhythm.

I'm really excited with the way things are looking,"
said Marshall.

For the past two years, she has been pursuing her professional musical ambitions. While in high school, she entered a jingle competition on the urging of her school teacher. She later won the competition which was promoted by the GT&T Selling Plus telephone company in Guyana. "I was practically forced to enter the competition by my school teacher and he wrote the jingle. I was surprised when I won and everything basically took off from there," Marshall recalled.

Guyanese journalists are not the only ones who don't do their research. Stealing a lil bit of MC and Living Guyana's thunder. GT&T Cellink Plus! Did Selling Plus make sense Jamakunumunu!

She now represents the company in various advertising and promotional campaigns.

Back home in Guyana, Marshall has done a bit of modeling, but music has become her first love. She even gave up two years of her studying at university to further her musical ambitions. "I started to pursue a degree in communications at the University of Guyana, but I took some time off to get into music. I hope to one day continue my studies, but I love graphics and I would also love to get into directing and go behind the camera," she said.

A recent recipient of two Guyana Music Awards, Marshall says the sky is the limit for her. "Just to be nominated for five awards was motivating enough for me. And to have won R&B Artiste of the Year and Best New Artiste, is just very rewarding. I was really shocked when I won the awards," she said.

Last year, Marshall updated Johnny Osbourne's Ice Cream Love which she retitled Ice Cream Boy. The track dented several Caribbean radio stations playlists for months.

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