Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who wants to be a music star?


Local singers looking to be part of the GT&T Song competition (Guyana's equivalent of American Idol) to start getting their acts together.

Auditions will soon begin and that marketing staffers at GT&T are working overtime to make the competition bigger than ever before where a car is being touted as the likely first prize.

Cleon Cadogan has been the reigning Jingle and song competition winner for two years while the other past winners includes Sean English and Timeka Marshall.

Not much has been heard from English since his win but Cadogan has since released an album and a music video while the inaugural winner of the competition has gone from jingle singing to, making video's and collaborations in Jamaica.

This year the competition will only feature a song competition as it has dropped the Jingle competition.

Timeka Marshall, also a past jingle winner, is set to begin shooting two music videos today and Tuesday with Morgan heritage lead singer Peter Morgan.

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