Thursday, May 7, 2009

Recording Studios: KrossKolor Records

Burchmore Simon
Despite back and forth arguments about the success of Mashramani 2009, outstanding achievements by local musicians, artistes and producers who have dedicated their time and energies to the development of music especially for the season.

Over the years Kross Kolor Records, like so many other local recording studios has made a sterling contribution to the development of the 'sleeping giant' of a local music and mash industry, the KKR bunch stands out from the crowd.

Looking back to 2004, Dutchin copped the third place spot at the Inaugural Carib Soca Monarch competition.

The following year, 2005, the KKR artiste with Simon's full input upped his game and was crowned king of both the Soca Monarch and the Road march competitions and remained on top of both events in 2006.

Also in 2006 KKR team member Tennicia De Freitas was crowned Children's calypso monarch.

In 2007 the KKR crew lost the Soca Monarch title to Malo but copped the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places as well as the best new comer prize through Lilman, Bonesman, Adrian Dutchin and Vanilla respectively.

That year too, the Road March title was won by Vanilla while the Junior calypso crown was won by - Tennicia Defrietas .

In 2008 Dutchin re-captured the soca monarch crown while his team member Lil-man held onto the second spot. That year team member Michelle Big Red King was crowned Raod March queen while De Freitas held on yet again to the school's Childrens' Calypso monarchy for yet another year.

The KKR crew's winning ways continued this year with Vanilla copping the soca monarch second place Lil-Man (B52) placing third and, Bones man copping the 4th spot. Vanilla also copped the road March crown while De Freitas placed 3rd in the junior calypso Monarch. The addition this year is the 2009 Chutney Monarch won by Rajesh Dubraj.

That stated it shows that Kross Kolor and its artistes have always been in the top three of the main mash music competitions for the past six years, and this some opine has to be as a result of dedication and hard work by all.

Simon has said a great part of the success at Kross Kolor records is the unique ability to get all the artistes to work on behalf and support each other.

He said the key is corporation at the artistes' level, "They help plan each other's presentations and ensure that on competition night or day they help out each other, celebrate each other's successes and encourage each other when they underperform."

He described his Kross Kolor team as "fearless and not afraid of a challenge," and stated that his group's first aim always is to focus on the development of Guyanese music.

Another reason given for the KKR successes is that "a lot of emphasis is placed on personal development and artistes and their success, failure is never an option" Simon said.

He categorically noted that whenever someone performs below par an immediate postmortem is done and remedial steps taken. "The future of each team member is planned and each one knows the plans for each other so that petty jealousies are eliminated as much as possible," Simon noted.

As the curtain is drawn on Mash 2009 activities Simon says planning has already begun to ensure that only the best is presented for Mash 2010 as Guyana observes its 40 republic anniversary. And while it has not been confirmed chances are three time monarch Adrian Dutchin will be back in the competition saddle for 2010.

I believe this came from StabroekNews

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