Wednesday, May 6, 2009

From the comment section: Big Hombre Views

Re: Kester D and Entertainer Rawle in the ER

What fascinated me most about Imran's comments was the fact that he never even mentioned Eddie Neblett in that very long article, but mentioned just about every other guyanese artiste.

The "disrespect" that Eddie receives from most guyanese online, in print and on the streets is astounding as far as lack of recognition is concerned...and i am speaking here mostly of guyanese in Guyana.

I have done an inordinate amount of research on guyanese's reaction to Mr Neblett.

I wrote to Imran and he acknowledged his oversight but then couched it nicely in an explanation where he said he also forgot to mention Jessica Xavier. There we go again......someone "deliberately?" missing the point that the other guyanese artistes are not in the same league as Eddie.

There is no comparison between Eddie and Jessica.........and Kester D. Kester may have been the pioneer and Jessica now starting, but there is no comparison NOW in respect of originality, lyrical content,showmanship and voice.

He should have just stopped short and acknowledged his oversight.

All one has to do is listen to Eddie's album "Prophecies" has a BODY OF WORK even coming close to that...and when you include tunes like Intensive Situation, Hope, River, New Life to the 12 on the CD, we have 16 top notch tunes there.

What guyanese artiste even comes CLOSE to matching that?? I have been listening to reggae for decades and this guy stands head and shoulders above ALL the others.

Fojo?? Kester D?? Gimme a break....maybe 2 or 3 tunes that are okay but nothing that can compare to at least 10 of Eddie's my humble opinion anyway.

And listen, Eddie's soca-style tunes like Love N Unity can match anything that X2 has put out. For that matter, Eddie should have won the accolade for Tune of the Year with Love N Unity and also the accolade for best gospel tune for Anointed......CLEARLY.

In 20 years, radio stations will be playing Love N Unity.....Tic Tac is already a tune of the past, along with will remember those in 2 years, much less 20. Love N Unity gets much more airplay and TV play today in GT.

But i will credit Imran with this.......he gave the real reason why guyanese wherever, and obviously himself too, put Eddie in a little box and marginalise him.

To them, Eddie is "GOSPEL" he is acknowledged as talented yes, but he is "gospel"........and most people are not interested in gospel. I aint saying that gospel does not have it's fans, but it's "gospel" to a wider population.

I was speaking with 4 guys all over 40 about Eddie at a jerk chicken spot in Duncan Street.
They live in Guyana but know very little of Eddie(yes, folks). They think he is only "Love N Unity"... I explained to them that Eddie had a CD with 12 big tunes on it and told them i had it in my car and could bring it for them to hear at least 5 tunes which no-one will consider "gospel" tunes.

Their response was "no man, we dont want to change our vibe". That summed it all up for me after 5 months of research.....they were listening to Shurwin Winchaster or someone and Shelley G. They were not even interested in giving Eddie's music a chance........even tho they did not know it. They just were....not......interested. Why? Because he is "gospel" to them.

But like i said, u can play at least 5 songs on his album to a secular crowd of 100 overseas peeps who never heard of him, and none will walk away thinking he is gospel.

Guyanese have marginalised Eddie Neblett in their thinking because of that gospel tag.

I can tell you honestly that i arbitrarily and at random must have asked at least 30 guyanese ranging from 30 to 55, if they knew Edward neblett andthey said no....when i asked them if they know the name from Love N Unity, they would say "AAAAH yes, i know it".

I say this because i have been seeing videos to Wrong Decision, We Can Make It, Love for Humanity, Anointed for at least 3 years on TV in Guyana. So these people never saw these videos and noticed the name?

Well, they have but it's not Sean Paul or Serani or Machel or Sherwin or some overseas artiste.sothey dont take note.

Contrarily, if u check Eddie's popularity on the international scene,you would be shocked at how he is being embraced in the UK, Holland and the USA. I have the evidence but a taste of it can be had by looking at the comments to his videos on YouTube.

Guyanese, especially in Guyana, are waiting to get word of that international recognition before they embrace'sthe sheep mentality.

In conclusion, if you can find me any guyanese artist with just 5 songs that could match Eddie's album, i would be only too willing to listen to him/her with whomever finds that artiste....except of course you bring music by the other Eddie...yes that one who also suffered the same "eyepass" from guyanese and decided to just stay away from Guyana.

Best regards to all my fellow guyanese in Guyana.


Julia said...

There are far MORE Guyanese artistes than Eddie Neblett who have produced BODIES of music that have touched many people regardless of it's tags or "labels". You are asking for respect for someone whose name barely seeps out of the genre he solidified himself in. Big Big Chunes you say? So why is it that other reggae artistes can cross over to calypso, soca, r&b and yet still be called a reggae artiste? Because my dear, that is WHAT they are. That is what they labeled themself with the day they dropped track 1. Track 1 is first impression, and gospel was his.

Bigghombre said...

Other reggae artistes?? You wrote "other" u r intimating that Eddie is a reggae artiste......correct??

Then you wrote that Track 1 is first impression.........correct?? Just re-read ur comments if u not sure of what u wrote.
Well.........if track 1 is first impression, why is he not labelled a soca artiste?? Huh?? Because Wrong Decision was his first track and it is DEFINTELY not soca.

Oh oh oh oh..yes.......u r going to say u were referring to the "gospel" tag, right??

Please try to be logical when you write and also find out the facts first. regards.

P.S: Oh, and by the way, please name these "far MORE" guyanese artistes who have produced even 12 songs that have touched many people....please REFER ME TO where i can find the music of these artistes.

Eddie Grant?? Who else?? you wrote "far MORE" i assume u would be talking of at least 10 maybe??

Bigghombre said...

Wrong Decisions is definitely NOT REGGAE is what i meant.