Friday, May 1, 2009

More on Hush/Secrets collab

In addition to recently working on their first project together - the music video Secrets/Hush - Timeka Marshall and Peetah Morgan, have other things in common. They both want to get their names out as solo artistes even if they're coming from opposite directions.

Twenty-year-old Marshall, a former high school beauty queen from Guyana, is in the formative stages of what is promising to be a successful career as a solo artiste. Morgan made his name as lead singer in the world-famous Morgan Heritage, comprised of the children of singer Denroy Morgan.

They stop promoting Gt&T by calling her a former beauty queen not the jingle winner?

Marshall's current focus is on producing music that will get her recognised and provide the foundation for what she hopes will be a stellar career. She is currently working with Jukebox Production house that features big names like producer Shane Brown and artiste Busy Signal.

"For me, personally, I'm just trying to get some popular singles out there, create that stir, create that name and then definitely an album will come after," said Marshall.

Morgan, also a talented singer, believes Timeka has the talent to go all the way. And when the public hears her next single, Feel For, they may be inclined to believe the same.

Feel for, I'm waiting for it.

Peetah Morgan really needs no introduction to the music world. As lead singer of Morgan Heritage, he has established himself as one of the best singers around, no matter the genre. But after seven studio albums and two live albums with the group, he and his siblings decided to take a break so that each could pursue their own individual goals.

"Everything I have done my whole life has been Morgan Heritage, so we have to create a brand for me as an individual," he said. "And that's gonna be done by doing a lot of singles right now."

Following the release of those singles and when the expected demand comes for a Peetah Morgan album, he says modestly, only then will one be produced.

Both have plans to work on other projects together but even as they do so, they have their eyes firmly set on their individual destinies.



Anonymous said...

just don't like this girl...she needs some humility for God's sake. She has couple songs going nowhere yet and her attitude and lyrical content really stink...but since she is currently seeing a married man, I guess one understands where her mind is!!!

RazMami said...

Who are you: a used to be acquaintance who she has shunned??