Wednesday, May 20, 2009

4th Annual school concert

While I defend Shelly G's use of the word daggering in her Soca Monarch winning entry, I however condemn the fact that she will be performing at the school concert. None of Shelly G's songs are for kids, maybe with the exception of "Only love can set us free." Just imagine our little pre-teens and just smelling themselves school children singing: Touch Me, Wuk me right, Freaky Freaky, Bruk me up, Bag girl, A Want a man, Jook Jook, Never Never (in which she is fighting a woman for her man but without the class of Brandy and Monica, The Boy is Mine.

Burchmore, your judgement was wrong on this one. Shelly G is an adult entertainer.

School children are once again being given an opportunity to see some of the popular local artistes on stage for a small fee, compliments of Kross Kolor Records (KKR).

KKR hosts its fourth annual school show at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on Saturday, May 23.

Among those scheduled to perform are X2, Vanilla, Shelly G - the reigning Soca Queen, X Factor, B52, Ossie O, Big Red, Tennicia, Rajesh Dubraj and HRC who are all expected to give electrifying performances. Well known television personality Basil Bradshaw is slated to be the master of ceremonies (MC).


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