Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's T-I-M-E-K-A!

So, Ms. Marshall's video with Busy Signal is premiering tonight on Jamaican tv, so youtube should have it in a few days or maybe by tomorrow.

Anyway, this is an interview in Kaieteur News with Busy Signal, in which he praises her talent.

The other side of Busy Signal - ‘Timeka is image and talent rolled up in one’

The name Busy Signal is taking the Caribbean reggae and dance hall music scene by storm. His music has attracted wide appeal from all ages, and the situation is not different on the local shores. While the artiste is known for some of the raunchier dancehall presentations, which he treated his Guyanese fans to during the recent Jamzone Summer Break Weeken, many fans argued that Busy Signal knows how to sing and make the ladies scream his name in wild abandon. On August 28, thanks to the Hits and Jams Entertainment group Guyanese Reggae and Dance Hall music lovers had a full dose of the artiste at the Jamzone Reggae splash and some are still talking about his performance.

Busy Signal, during a one-on-one interview with Kaieteur News Entertainment (KNE), said he is set to release a double album of Reggae and Dance Hall music in November and he promised that it will be a real collector’s item.

While he’s an energetic artiste there is another more positive side to Busy Signal the man as we discovered during a one-on-one interview.

KNE: Most people are of the opinion that youth cannot amount to much. As an artiste what have you to say to that?

Busy signal: As an artiste I can say for sure music for me is a blessing from God and I use it to uplift the youths and encourage them to keep out of trouble and to stay positive. I also encourage them to stay away from the bad side of the law and don’t get involved in the troubles and influences of the street.

KNE: What does ‘Busy’ use for inspiration in writing music?
Busy Signal: I use life and the people. I also look at the system and how people are treated.

KNE: You’ve been involved in the music industry for just about four and a half years. What have you learnt and what is the message to budding artistes?
Busy Signal: It eventually brings hype and bling but more than that, it’s a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. It is not about you; it’s about the people and giving them what they want to earn their love.

KNE: Where to from here musically?
Busy Signal: It’s just higher heights; no limits. I’m working on a double album that would feature one side reggae and another full of dance hall tracks for release in November.

KNE: You’ve worked with Guyanese artiste Timeka Marshall on the song ‘Feel fah’. What are your impressions of her as an artiste and her chances in the music industry?
Busy Signal: Image and talent rolled up in one. To me, she already got the image and not just taking for talking sake. I say she’s great, got a lot of talent and I recommend that she gets more songs out and showcase her creativity. For me, iIf she didn’t have talent I wouldn’t be on a song with her cause I don’t do joke stuff with my music and to me she’s not watered down. To me people have to really get their thing sought out for me to even listen, and when I heard her and realised her abilities as writer I say she’s one to look out for from Guyana and the Caribbean in time to come.

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