Friday, September 11, 2009

New Music: Envy Riddim

New Riddim out of Brutal Tracks

Position Artist My Rank
1. Roger 7
2. Natural Black 4
3. Ilaman 3
4. Mystic 2
5. Tiffany 6
6. Lil J (our own Guyanese Sean Kingston) 2
7. Jory 1
8. Kester Gospel on this riddim is a lil weird but hey gospel taking over. 5

I really like Ilaman and Mystic is such a unique character. Good job.


Alexander said...

I'm a little confused about the ranking. The ranking numbers are the numbers on the left or the numbers right to the name of the singer?

Also I have the CD and I can't seem to find Roger's version, which one is it?


RazMami said...

the first # is the position in the video, the second # is my rank...