Monday, April 6, 2009

GuyanaLive is back...but old!

Man what happen to these people, I'm waiting to see the low-down from the Peace fest and GuyanaLive has gone back to the future and showing events from February...schups! GTVibes at least stay on point...


Shane said...

Well word has it that GuyanaLive has got virus problems, due to faulty webmastering trends. No clue as to when the relaunching would be, but if the the world that requires News, entertainment news, check out, I have noticed that they have the best Entertainment News in Guyana and they also provide and International Section, Lyrics and much more. Give them a try, i am sure you would like it.

P.S. GuyanaLive, has blocked access to there site from those persons owning or affiliated with other entertainment websites. Why? afraid or childish? you be the judge! said...

Hey Everyone,
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