Thursday, April 9, 2009

Timeka Marshall - Hush Lyrics

Every other night I wake up around 10
To get ready for my night out
Saying I'm heading with my girlfriends
Heart racing anxiety at it's highest this is the peak
We've been friends for a while now
Our meeting lately fulfillment we seek
This is weighing on my conscience
Think I'll end up breaking down
And start to spill my secrets

Should I hush,hush,hush
Or should I keep on living double lives

Should I hush,hush,hush

But eventually I get tired of all the lies

When we met I asked can you keep a secret cause I can too
No one has to know what goes on between us except us two
When I see you out I pass you by
But I always give a little smile
And look for that twinkle in your eyes

My emotions are taking over
Can't think logically
Laying with him have you on my mind
I've got so much misery

I can't stand to loose either one of you
I've gotten so greedy...

I don't like this person I'm turning into

Should I run, should I pick one,
should I just throw back and have some fun
Should I run, should I pick one,
should I, should I, should I just have some fun


Anonymous said...

I gotta say, i am not a timeka fan but i got a message from GT music on hi5 to check it out...and when i saw the video i was actually impressed with the quality and clarity. I give it 3 stars - the lyrics could be better! Timeka is trying and she's putting Guyana on the map regionally, strengthen ur lyrical skills, and live performances and bingo! Not bad at all!

Anonymous said...

I dont really care what people say about Timeka, I think she's one of Guyana's best...Okay, her singing may not be 100%,But I think with practise she's gonna take Guyana to the BET, ETC

Anonymous said...

She certainly putting GT on the map but for what? Is this how we want our young women represented?? I don't think so!!!

Unica Lyken said...

With respect to Timeka, she has done well for the time she has been on the scene. She started out with a jingle competition (whch she had to be forcefully persuaded by friends and teachers). After winning the jingle, Timeka's career sky rocketed. With fame came fans and of course rivals aka haters but that didnt stop her. Timeka's first single... Read More, "We should Separate" was an instant hit and was followed by a video recorded in Jamaica. Some Guyanese found it offensive that she went all the way to Jamaica to record her video instead of doing it in Guyana. What Guyanese people need to realise is that the only way you can market their music internationally is by going international. Networking opens doors for sucess especially as a new artise. It is because of Timeka's and her managaer, Kerwin's strategy that she is where she is today. Her video "All night' was produced by Jaw Will of Game Over Productions/ JAY WILL FILMS, the winner of Director of the year in Jamaica and also the director of videos of many famous artistes LIKE SHAGGY, MR.VEGAS, PETER RAM, AND AND MANY OTHERS.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a nation that's so negative towards their own artiste. Timeka Marshall is a young talented artiste and in her short years in the music industry, she has accpmolished what others could not have. Instead of being negative, you people should be complimenting or giving some positive criticism. Support! You'd never find a Trinidian, Bajan or Jamaican so negitive towards their own. They support!!!!!! Guyanese need to support their own insted of trying to bring them down..... As a Trinidadian, I have noticed this and it's saddening

rebecca said...

ok ppl those who r negative to my timeka r jus haterz but trust u can't keep a good girl down and i think she has done extremly well for a artist that started out as a jingle competition ...there is nothing wrong with the lyrics or her voice i think its spicy and for those who hating u jus jealous ...u ppl think guyana can't move up but let me give u a secret we r better than some of u ok we might not be rich so what? sue us and by the way we have clean hearts something many of u don't even have.. rock on timeka ..our guyanese ppl loves u girl...rebecca 4 eva

music business said...

i like its meaning...theres something about it..