Friday, April 10, 2009

Spotlight: Edward Neblett

One of our most prolific artists. He moves from genre to genre with such ease...and he choose to use his talent for the Almighty

When you cut hair from your head and glue it to your face to look older, and give yourself a chance to be selected by a construction foreman who previously rejected you for a job four times, then you know how desperate Eddie Neblett was to support his family.

Eddie was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. His mother raised him in the church and put him in the choir at the age of seven. In addition, Eddie simultaneously annoyed and entertained everyone by beating incessantly on sticks and cans as he created his own rhythms. His mom would later urge him to enter and sing in various shows.One of Eddie’s greatest assets is creating lyrics on the spot to a track that he likes.

As he grew in experience, he soon recorded his first song “We can make it” followed by his breakthrough hit “Love N Unity” with it’s infectious beat, catchy lyrics, and his now famous trademark, rapid-rap [dub] style. Love N Unity has become a kind of theme song in Guyana and is the recorded music you hear if you are put on hold when you call the Office of the President. Eddie was asked by the government to sing it at the closing ceremony for the Caribbean cultural festival, Carifesta, as well as at the Rio Summit of Latin American leaders.Eddie continued to team up with his band of now eight years, Second Coming, to produce what is his favorite song, Anointed. His major musical influence has been Bob Marley, but his musical talent spans many genres, including reggae, soca and R&B. He has won numerous awards but none more prestigious than the two Accolade awards in November 2008….for Best Gospel Artist and Song.

He has performed at shows in Brazil with Second Coming and also in Barbados, Surinam, St Lucia, St Vincent and Trinidad. He was recently featured with the top gospel reggae band, Christafari, while they performed in Georgetown. Eddie has done seven videos and appears frequently on local TV as a spokesperson for the national telephone company GT&T. He is also GT&T’s spokesperson and advocate for HIV awareness.

In 2008, Eddie released his compilation album, Prophecies, which features 12 of his original compositions. He is currently working on a new album and plans to tour the East Coast of USA this summer. Eddie’s vision is to establish a global presence that will reach millions through the ministry of his music. Simply stated, Eddie defines success as being used by God.

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Track List

1. Prayer
2. No Negativity
3. Hold on
4. Humble
5. Anointed
6. Mr Musician
7. Father
8. Surrender
9. Wrong Decision
10. Love and Unity
11. We can Make it
12. Love for Humanity

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