Monday, April 27, 2009

Merundoi: A serial Drama

I like Merundoi, I don't know how come I have not mentioned it yet but I do. I am not a fan of soap opera drama, Young and the Restless, Bold and the Beautiful, but I like Merundoi.

It's the absolute Guyanese-ness of it. The lingo, the tek-ups but most of all for me, the music. All the latest music is featured on the show. I hope the artists are getting royalties for the use of their music.

Merundoi is a fictional village somewhere in Guyana. Its residents are living normal lives and normal obstacles, but most importantly they are encountering situations in which they can be infected with an STI(sexually transmitted infection)and they have to make a choice to protect themselves. It's basically a STI mainly HIV/AIDs awareness series.

My favorite characters are Suhendranauth and Bibi Singh, the rascal James William, Rhonda (when played by Lloyda Nicholas-Garrett) and Lawrence Moore.

Check them out sometime:

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brazilian said...

Hi there. I am a Brazilian guy interested in Guyana. You say you like Merundoi and in your post you mention Rhonda (played by Lloyda Nicholas-Garrett) Do you happen to know who the other actors and actresses are and how can I have their pics. I have followed it from Brazil and I keep picturing the cast, but it sounds weired because I also follow Archers, the one from BBC, but they provide the pictures. So, any help?